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Well frankly it isn't that Math intensive, rather you will be deeply engaged in statistical-related tasks. From my 1st year in that specialization track (just completed year 2 fyi), I gathered it’s really about being able to derive meaningful insights from data gleaned.

From the modules that are currently made available for enrollment, I’d say analytics comprises 2 main aspects (as defined by NTU and not me):

1. Operations management (service operations, lean operations, supply chain analytics)

These are largely related to the optimization of queuing systems, which include being able to properly determine the best location for setting up your plant(or shop) and linear programming (how to best achieve a particular objective eg maximizing profits given a set of constraints or limited resources)

2. Analytics (predictive techniques - both basic and advanced, designing and developing databases)

Analytics typically deal with statistical modelling (linear /logistic / multiple/ quantile regression, text mining, neural networks etc). Other stuff may involve data visualization (Tableau, Power BI etc - note though one is expected to acquire competency in using these tools through self learning)

More at https://www.domainofexperts.com/2018/05/ntu-business-degree-undergraduate.html