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I believe that many people once lost belongings like umbrella, bag or cellphone on train or bus during travel. When we realized the lose, the train or bus has already left. Most people in this trouble usually became perplexed if they are in oversea travel.
However, if we take actions to this in time, there are big chance that we can find the losing items. Now I gonna tell you that what you should do if you lost things on tramcar when traveling in Japan.

When you get off the tramcar and suddenly find that some personal effects were left on it, you would probably be restless, and don’t know what to do. At this moment, you should calm down and confirm the following information:
1.your drop-off time
2.Confirm the number and the line of the tramcar you took. For example, XX station, XX Line to XX Station. Of course, it will be perfect if you remember where you sit.
3.If possible, you can get the number of the car, which is usually in one side of the car, or its frontal bottom. The number is usually consist of English letters and three or four Arabic numbers.
After making sure all the above information, you can report it to the staffs of the station and describe the appearance of the lost items as detailed as possible (e.g. size, shape and color ).

Sometimes, you will be notified by the station staffs soon to get your things back after finishing the “Lost and Found” issue.

But some people may picked up your losing things and sent them to station staffs, which would take a lot of time to finish the registration procedure. So if you inquiry the station office about the results, and they told you the things were still unfound, you should be patient and asked them again after a while.

Generally speaking, the unclaimed items will be kept in the station for 3 or 4 days, and, if they are still unclaimed after a while, they would be transfered to police station which would contain them for 3 months.

But, what if you find that you lost things after getting off the tramcar for long time?
In Japan, the lost things are usually maintained in the station which received them, and then moved to the “Lost and Found” window in the terminal station to be kept for 3 or 7 days.

When you found that you lost some thing, you can search “lost items ” and the name of the company which runs the tramcar online, and you will get the info of hotline.

The lost things which are still unclaimed for days will be removed to “Lost and Found” window of police station. Therefore, if you didn’t find your lost items in the “Lost and Found” window of tramcar stations, please don’t be upset, and you can consult the staffs of “Lost and Found” window in police station.

What kind of questions you will be ask when consult police staffs?

To find your lost things as soon as possible, you should tell the staffs the following information detailedly:

1.When and where you lost them.
2.The characteristics and appearance of the lost items( like color, size, shape and what is in the bag).
3.If your lost things include items involving personal information like driving license, you must emphatically point out it.

When staffs notify you to pick up your things

When getting your things back, you need to be confirmed about identity by staffs. There fore, you need to bring some credentials like passport and driving license to prove you are the owner of lost property.

Anyway, if you lost some thing during traveling in Japan, don’t get panic, you have big chance to get them back. What you need is to calm down and remember important info like when and where you lost things, by which the station staffs can help you find them quickly.

Of course, the most important thing is taking care of your belongings to avoid such accident. If you are addicted to playing cellphone, you would probably forget things on the tramcar as you hurriedly get off the car. So you shall pay attention on the drop-off information when taking tramcar.

The things easy to lost include umbrella, mobile phone, bags ,etc. So you should be take care of them when taking tramcar in Japan.

Refer to some travel tips on Tourank:



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I wonder if posting on stomp.com.sg works? ???

people managed to recover all sorts of stuff ....

never under-estimate the power of stomp...
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