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Top 10 Anime Places to See in Tokyo.
« on: July 10, 2017, 05:26:40 pm »
J-WORLD Tokyo, a place themed with popular works of JumpSquare, is located on the third floor of Sunshine City World Import Mart in Ikebukuro of Tokyo. This place has three theme pavilions of One Piece, Naruto and Dragon Ball. There are also food & dessert zone, playground, related product area about the characters of JumpSquare.

Opening time: 10:00-22:00

2. Sanrio Puroland

This is a indoor theme park in Tamaku District of Tokyo. Here you can enjoy entertainment show, delicious food, playground, subsidiary zones, and theme dining halls. This is really a pink world and dreamlike paradise.

3. Hello Kitty Kawai World

If you are a Hello Kitty fans, then the Hello Kitty Kawai World in the Venusfort of Koto District should be your destination. This place has fine decorated facilities, Kitty models, dining halls, exclusive stores, and play show, which will let you totally immerse into the world of Hello Kitty.

Opening time: 11:00-20:00

It is filled with toys for adults and children, where you can create anything with small building blocks. Besides many anime models built by LEGO building blocks, children can also play with the interesting building blocks. The special landmarks and city landscape made of building blocks are also worth a look.

Opening time: 10:0-21:00

5. Kochikame Theme Park

This theme park is located in the Ario Kameari Supermarket of Katsushika-ku District. It has intra-scene, character models and clothes about the police station in the play. Moreover, there are 13 bronze anime statues, attractions shops from the cartoon, which will allow you to explore the secrets of the cartoon world.

Opening time: 10:00-22:00

6. Kitaro Tea House

The building, Kitaro Tea House, which is located in Jindaijin Temple of Chofu city, has more than 40 years history with ancient outlook. There is a place selling souvenirs and an outdoor tea room in the first floor. In the second floor stands a display zone of monsters of the anime Kitaro.

Opening time: 10:00-17:00

7. Sazane-san Bronze Statue

There are bronze statues of the whole family of Sazane-san in front of Sakura-Shinmachi Station. In this cute street you can meet the world of Sazane-san where 12 statues are placed in four areas of this street.

8. Fujiko Fujio Museum

The Fujiko Fujio Museum displays many original manuscripts of the anime master, Fujiko Fujio, and reappears the scenes of his working place and creation. So, it’s not only a exhibition building of animation, but also a place recording the whole life of the cartoon master.

Opening time: 10:00-18:00

9. Anpanman Museum

The Anpanman Museum in Yokohama is really a great place for parent-children interaction, for that it is filled with various cartoon models, interesting activities, interactive game zone. Just explore the world of Anpanman here !

Opening time: 10:00-18:00

Actually, there are many more anime-themed places in Japan that are worth a visit. Many Japan travel guides like Fast Japan, Inside Tokyo, Tourank,etc, all have many detailed info about them. For example, the Tourank app has a special anime theme-travel and which allows you to find nearby anime attractions at anytime anywhere.



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Re: Top 10 Anime Places to See in Tokyo.
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2017, 06:09:47 pm »
Doraemon FTW!!!!  :-* :-* :-*
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