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Newly opened Six Senses Mawell Hotel super duper POSH!!!!!!!
« on: December 03, 2018, 06:37:53 pm »

Six Senses Maxwell which officially opened for business on 1 December 2018 is poised to seduce the sophisticated and well-heeled with its finger on the pulse of upscale accommodation. Evidently no expense was spared in giving the four storey property (comprising a cluster of heritage buildings in the prime central business district) a splashy reimagining spearheaded by revered designer Jacques Garcia, resulting in one dreamy palatial extravagance that scintillates as much as it mystifies.

Breathtaking opulence unapologetically pervades space and atmosphere upon setting foot inside, while prolific manoeuvres of timeless European luxury augmented by resolute glittery and effervescent colors fosters an energetic capacity for gleeful self aggrandizement. The sprawling ground level abounds with a slew of amenities connected by meandering hallways - Murray Terrace (brasserie with alfresco extension), Cook & Tras (social library restaurant cum bar), Garcha's (bar serving artisanal spirits), Rose (lounge cum bar serving champagne and rose wines) plus one quintessential boardroom carved out in the thick of things.

138 guestrooms across seven categories feature on level two and above, of which we were granted a preview of the merchant deluxe option - stylishly patterned bedroom brimming with French and Italian influences sited next to vintage bathroom accessorized with curated high end fixtures, freestanding clawfoot tub included.

 More at https://www.hotelsandphotos.com/six-senses-maxwell-dizzingly-ritzy