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Almost every girl has a dream to be a princess in childhood as the lucky princesses in fairy tales who were accompanied by a Prince Charming. As we grow up, however, we usually found out that there are actually no real Prince Charming around us. Many of us may be disappointed, especially when we failed in relationships. Do we really have a chance to be a princess in our life?

Yes, we do. If we wish, we really can enjoy the life of being a princess in Japan. As we know that there are many maid cafes in Tokyo where men will be served as a master, but in recent years a kind of buster cafe became a new trend and served as the paradise for females.
The basic concept of a butler cafe is that you are extraordinarily wealthy and you're returning to your mansion for dinner/afternoon tea. The butlers great you with 「お帰りなさいませ、お嬢様!」"Welcome home, my lady!" and take your coat and carry your bag to your table and make small talk with you and serve you tea and generally make you feel like a fantastic person.
Take Butlers Cafe as an example, which is a very famous butler cafe in Shibuya of Tokyo where the “butlers” are all foreigners from western nations.

As you walk into the Butlers Cafe, you will be given a warm welcome by handsome waiters, wearing black or gray suit and white gloves stereotypically associated with European manservants, and they will escort you to your table. Then he will ask you to fill out a tiny form, writing down your first name and checking your taste from a list with several choices with several choices like”I need to relax” and “I want to drink”. The butlers will introduce themselves to you and place a bell on the table for you, the princess, to ring them if you need their attention.

As to the meals, the cuisines are mostly Italian-style: pasta, pizza, ristotto and sandwiches, while the desserts include cake, parfait, crepe, pie and pancake. Anything your orders will be deemed an “excellent choice”and your meal will even arrive with your name written on the plate with chocolate.

Butlers in this cafe are from many countries like Germany, America, Denmark, England, Italy, Sweden,etc. As princess, you can request simple conversation lessons in English, or the language spoken in the butler’s native land.

The menu lists optional extras such as a cocktail, with or without alcohol, unique to the princess who orders it. For example, if you tells the buster that you want to visit a country and your favorite season is autumn, and you will enjoy a cocktail with red color representing travel and orange color representing the autumn foliage colors.

You can also have your photograph taken being lifted up in the arms of your favourite butler. You can stay in the cafe for two hours in the afternoon or two and half hours in the evening. When you leave, the butlers will escort you to the elevator, tell you to wish you visiting here next time, and make a bow as the door closed.

Besides, you can also hold parties here as a group of 4 to 15 princesses. Come and experience a little bit of Buckingham Palace or Versailles in Shibuya. This will be a “only in Japan” experience worth a visit !
There are many kinds of butler cafes in Tokyo that can meet various demands such as Swallowtail where butlers all wear classic swallowtails, and Black Butler Funtom Cafe,Macho Cafe, Asahi Mansion,etc.
Actually, it’s not so easy to find and catch the info of butler cafes in Japan as they are so special cafes. But you can check Tourank app, who just added them travels for butler cafes in Japan and its tour map can show all the restaurants, including butler cafes of course, in your area.

We only live once, and don’t miss the chance to be a princess in our Japan travel!