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Advice for Solo Female Travelers
« on: June 20, 2017, 03:08:57 pm »
Recently, many female travel friends told me that they felt very nervous before traveling alone, especially going abroad. Generally speaking, we don't need to worry about our safety too much, but being careful is always necessary for solo travel, especially a lonely lady. So I think solo female travelers shall pay attention on the following aspects before going abroad:
First, if you keep feeling nervous and lonely, you shall tell yourself that travel is not a pressure but a good chance to meet new people.
It’s normal to be afraid of being alone, but the reality is that when traveling, it’s possible to meet more amazing people than you could’ve ever imagined. Travelers are incredibly friendly people.

There are so many other solo travelers out there that you tend to find each other. It’s as easy as sitting in the common room of a guesthouse and asking the person to your right where they’re from. Even if you don’t break the ice, chances are someone more outgoing at the hostel will involve you in the conversation.

Second, you shall have some strategies for deflecting unwanted attention as a female on the road alone.
The most effective strategy for deflecting unwanted attention abroad is to learn about the modesty requirements and the meaning of gestures before you visit that country. For example, you can learn some basic social taboos of Japan.

It’s also important to avoid getting too intoxicated or going out alone after dark in certain areas — which goes for both sexes — and always remain respectful, but demand respect as well.

Third, the most important advice for solo female travelers who go abroad for the first time.
Be as prepared as possible. That doesn’t mean planning out every little thing that happens during your trip, but rather being financially secure, having things like healthcare, visas, and a strategy for earning on the road all in mind before going, and reading up on customs and scams first.

It’s all about doing everything you can to tie up loose ends at home before you go, so that you can be present when you are on your trip.

Forth, try to find other female solo travelers on networks.
Put up a Facebook post to see if your friends know anyone in new places you’re traveling to. Even if your friends aren’t the type to travel, you might be surprised by who knows whom and where.

Forums are also a great way to meet other travelers. For example, check the Tripadviser, Thorn Tree or Couchsurfing. Or some apps to find travel buddies like Wandermate and Tourlina.

Fifth, If you really really feel lonely. Then how do you deal with it?
Loneliness gets to me about as often as it used to get to me before I started traveling.I think it comes down to remembering that life is still life and there are up days and there are down days. It can’t all just be perfect all the time, and traveling won’t change the nature of being alive. It’s a great chance to get to love time spent with yourself, and that’s a benefit of solo traveling at times.

Sixth, try to learn some local phrases of your destination.
Talking to locals is one of the safest things you can do, because they are the ones that know about the area and can tell you where to visit and what to stay away from. Bonus: I almost always get really good info about where to eat or where to go next when talking to a local person. It’s the best!

That’s all my advice for solo female travelers. If being careful enough, solo travel will not be a troublesome thing, but a great experience of your life. You’ll find that the same things are true about solo travel: that it isn’t too lonely, and it won’t seem so daunting and scary as it all did at the beginning. It’s all about just taking that first step and embracing the adventure.

Note: I refer to some travel tips from Tourank Page:



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Re: Advice for Solo Female Travelers
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2017, 04:55:30 pm »
buy a door-stop alarm and jam it against the bottom gap of your room door


and a personal alarm

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