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always lost the website

Huh?!!! ... how can like that !  >:(
Dear 4th Prime Minister of Singapore,

How are you feeling? We can only wonder how it is like on your first day in the office, knowing that you have the responsibility of leading this little red dot that probably seems really big right now.

We are young people from Tembusu College and we are reaching out to you because we want only the best for our country. In fact, by this point, it matters less to us who you are than that you make the best decisions for Singapore. Your success in the upcoming years will be Singapore’s success.

We grew up in the early to late 2000s, in the days when our PSLE results were still counted to a few decimal places; when a cup of Kopi in our hawker centres was always less than a dollar; when we could never imagine using a phone application to try to get into strangers’ cars; when globalization was a holy grail and tariffs on trade were taboo; when the powers that be in our region were less assertive. Since then, we’ve seen our world and Singapore change rapidly.

Amid these changes, we’ve also been growing up – perhaps too quickly – and we’re on the verge of a new phase of life which we call ‘adulting’. We’re on the cusp of being that generation whose actions are synonymous with our country’s future. We’re at the point where we will be stepping up in different ways, big and small, to take ownership of Singapore’s future. Yet for us, this path ahead is unclear because a good part of it depends on you as well. We have three pressing questions to which your answers will provide us with much-needed clarity. These questions are: How much do you trust us? How will you unite Singapore? What is Singapore to you?

Firstly, how much do you trust us young people?

It’s a little confusing right now because we’re not always treated consistently. Do you see us as equal partners – leaders you want to empower – or as citizens you need to govern? What kind of role do you trust us to play?

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Chit Chat Corner / Re: SG Girl : I had a sugar daddy for three years
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always lost the website
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SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Global tech giants including Facebook and Twitter on Thursday expressed concern about a possible Singapore plan to bring in a new law to tackle the threat of fake news, saying sufficient rules are already in place.

Officials of Facebook, Twitter and Google attended a parliamentary hearing on how to counter the threat that Singapore said it was particularly vulnerable to due to its size, its role as a global financial hub and its ethnic and religious mix.

They were among 79 people asked to speak in parliament over the eight days set for the hearing. The wealthy city state is among the countries looking to introduce legislation, so far unspecified, to rein in fake news, a trend that has stirred concern that such laws could be used to exert government control over the media.

"We do not believe that legislation is the best approach to addressing the issue," Alvin Tan, Facebook's head of public policy for Southeast Asia, said in a written submission.

"Singapore already has a variety of existing laws and regulations which address hate speech, defamation and the spreading of false news."

Singapore ranks 151 among 180 countries rated in the World Press Freedom Index of Reporters Without Borders, a non-government group that promotes freedom of information.

Lawmakers in the United States and Europe have called for probes into how Facebook allowed Cambridge Analytica to access data on 50 million users and use it to help the election campaign of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Microblogging site Twitter also shared concerns about Singapore's plans.

"No single company, governmental or non-governmental actor, should be the arbiter of truth," Kathleen Reen, Twitter's director of Public Policy for Asia Pacific, said.

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News, Current Affairs Discussions / ====REMOVED======
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REMOVED 10 char
While not definitively saying yes, Mark Zuckerberg says he’s “open” to testifying before members of Congress regarding Facebook’s recent privacy scandal involving Cambridge Analytica. The data firm, which worked for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign before the 2016 election, is now embroiled in an ongoing controversy about how it collected user data from the social networking giant without user consent.

In a wide-ranging interview with Recode this afternoon, the Facebook CEO and co-founder said that he would appear before legislators if he was the “right’ one inside the company to give lawmakers information about what happened.

“I’m open to doing that,” he said when asked if he’d testify. “We actually do this fairly regularly ... There are lots of different topics that Congress needs and wants to know about, and the way that we approach it is that our responsibility is to make sure that they have access to all of the information that they need to have.”

“So I’m open to doing it if I’m the right [person],” he added. (Note to Mark: You are the right and onlyperson to speak for Facebook at this point in the controversy.)

The worst-case scenario for Facebook would be increased data regulation, which could cripple Facebook’s advertising business that relies on collecting lots of data from its users. Facebook already lost roughly $50 billion in market cap this week alone.

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