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Yes. Sexual grooming comes to mind.

And never mistake "crush" for "love".

Take care my fren ...
Hello uncle.. 16 consider matured liao, they have google to teach them everything since 2 you know? Youtube is their kindergarten teacher and google is your lifelong teacher. Cannot use ur old spec to look at them..
I worked in construction industry, usually long hours and weekends so I had little time to spend with her. I brought her travelling overseas all expenses paid, every meal is my treat, movies, and stuff as she just started working.

She one day told me that she wanted me to get her out of her house asap, my family itself also struggling abit so I also providing for my family, but I promised her I will get it but it takes time, she agreed to it.

So there I was, full speed ahead, sometimes clocking 356 hrs a month, every off day I will meet her without fail. But as I work I don't text as it's dangerous on site.

I worked like this for 3.5 yrs, recently in March I finally had enough for the downpayment for a BTO, I got promoted and I am ready to proposed to her, got her a YSL bag she always wanted, gotten a Cartier ring for proposal, on the day of my promotion I went out dinner and wanted to propose to her, ring at my pocket and bloody happy, then she told me let's break up, as she is seeing another man for a month now, had sex twice with him.

I was devastated, I wanted to married her, walk to the end with her till death due us apart. I cried for a month almost every day. Everyday I worked I only can think of is her, I didnt see or chat with other girls with any ill intentions in mind, I don't go club I worry I will do things I regret, i worked hard for the future. She told me cause I am money minded, I didnt spend time with her.

Till now, i still love her the person she my mind, things like, am I not good enough, am I ugly, am I lacking something, am I disposable....she told me she went with him out of fun and curiosity...

Recently she said she still loves me but she confused what she want in life...she wants time alone and wanted me to wait, but she didnt know how long she is going to take.

For me I don't mind waiting, 1 yr 2 yr 5 yr it doesn't matter, I am already planning to stay with you for the rest of my remaining life, those yrs are nothing.

I really dont know...

Depends what you want to do with your life, easy way out is to condemn her being materialistic and move on. However, you do need to change ur style a bit.. over-pampering your woman does you no good.

The harder way? Your mentality got serious problem. Need to change else forever like this one... repeatedly self-abuse urself in a relationship.
All About Love / Re: What should I do now ?
« Last post by Seriousfreak on Today at 01:35:50 am »
Yes , you are right. When I still harp on all the why and what if . All these are all false hopes that I have been thinking abt.

I know I shld accept the situation as it is , and stop trying to fix broken pieces, and move on?

I hated myself too when I’m still hoping against all hope.
 Somehow I don’t know how to pull myself out of this vicious cycle.

Another told me not to harp over why and finding answers anymore. They no longer matter now. All these answers I’m looking for isn’t helping me to letting go.

No need to hate urself so much i guess, its just an experience. One day, ur legs are strengthen, all the "values" stop to exist. Its just gonna be, Me, myself and I. I read that, once a person die, the three portions of soul goes to the space, and the 7 portions get recycle to nature. So.. no need to hold on to too fixated thots, eventually its all going away.
All About Love / Re: What should I do now ?
« Last post by Seriousfreak on Today at 01:33:01 am »
What do u do when you realised a crush of yours is dating a married woman?
No I'm not hoping that they break up or anything.
The lady is a common friend of a group that we uses to hang out .

But I'm just puzzled why do guy fall for a married woman?

Mature mah, knows what ticks him on.
so what if yes? alot of US firms are accepting such status within SG. Don't ask me about moral values, i think moral values are a thing in the past. Just like freedom to love was new long long time ago..
All About Love / Re: Being the other woman
« Last post by Seriousfreak on Today at 01:30:26 am »
sb long letter... 2nd page and im like so gone already. Who would write such long thing manz? Anyway, good luck manz. coz somehow i feel that this girl doesn't know what she want.
How come she looks like the influencer in the fake bisexual special forces chap Ass-rey Owyong case?  :o

It's the same chlowee wad lol
Some strange reason the bf always get in some trouble.. Lol. 8)

Is it use to gain popularity ah. Lol
This influencer again, v boring leh.
Ig got so many chio influencers y kip post this one  :-X
All About Love / Re: Being the other woman
« Last post by beaverjuice on Today at 01:25:49 am »
Huh surrogate really?

As in the woman taking the place of the real mom ... :-X
All About Love / Re: Being the other woman
« Last post by happyshar on Today at 01:21:19 am »
How about this "other woman" ... now a surrogate mom

Huh surrogate really?
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