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News, Current Affairs Discussions / Re: Man Dies From Penis Ulcer
« Last post by gouki2017 on Yesterday at 11:13:23 pm »
The doctor should have checked what was the problem first instead of draining the pus-filled swelling next to his penis and prescribing antibiotics  :-\
Women's Health / Re: Menstruation Cup - Would u use one?
« Last post by Evangeline.s on Yesterday at 09:59:03 pm »
certaintly seems more environmental friendly and cost saving. but I think it has to do with habits of each individual :/
Women's Health / Re: blood pressure monitors ideal blood pressure
« Last post by Evangeline.s on Yesterday at 09:57:14 pm »
I am pretty sure those health expo or even Robinsons (maybe) sells this kind of devices at a sale during year end. but then again u should monitor your salt intake if its regarding blood pressure level so be cautious of what u eat
Motherhood, Babies and Fathers / Re: motherhood forum in singapore
« Last post by Evangeline.s on Yesterday at 09:51:41 pm »
can try facebook groups too. nowadays people are busy and update on social medias seem easier.
Candy crush
Chit Chat Corner / Re: Your Ghost Experience
« Last post by happyshar on Yesterday at 08:02:33 pm »
When I was in sec sch I had a friend who sighted those thing in her own house room. We once went to her house to stay and we didn't encounter anything however once we enter one bedroom our toes cramped unanimously. Didn't think too much of that event Coz it happened in the afternoon. Probably too stuffy is it that's y our toes all cramp at the same time.
Anyway she mentioned that when she saw that thing ,,, it was clenching and opening fists repeatedly.
Nv imagine too much about it but as I grew older I learned that there's one relaxation method that ppl use to ease their anxiety by clenching and opening palm in repeated action. That actually sets me thinking were those things actually stuck doing what they were doing before they enter into that dimension.
Regarding the toilet incident, could that place hv been a scene of crime or death  :( just wondering .. if they were stuck there, would they want replacement or accompaniment. Quite spooky. Heard that certain hotel have ppl jumping off similar dates of different years at same location.

Sometimes when the mind thinks of some haywire stuffs at certain locations, better stay far far away..
no wonder old guys are obsess with maid
Wooden is one of the archetypal  Singaporean who does well academically but is basically stupid. LKY's  public dismissal of him as "wooden" - "kayu" in Malay, a label given to a  person who is stupid, a buffoon - was not just about his stiffness but  his stupidity. LKY, being a Peranakan who was well versed in Malay, made  it very clear how he felt about Wooden.
LKY knew that anyone competent or charismatic who succeeded him could  well thwart his plan for his effeminate son's accession to the PMship.  Or worse, like Ong Teng Cheong, would have the charisma, intelligence  and potential to set up alternative power centres in the country. And so  Wooden became LKY's useful idiot, an idiot he could make use of to warm  the seat for his son.
Wooden, being the dud that he was, deluded himself that his ascension to  the PMship was because of his intelligence, performance and competence.  He got carried way, particularly as the gullible electorate initially  welcomed and celebrated his ascension to the PMship as they thought that  he would usher in a "kinder and gentler" society.

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