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Malaysian rapper Namewee has been arrested by the local police amid controversy over his dog-theme video that was released for the Chinese New Year holiday.

A post on Namewee’s Facebook page said that the rapper will continue to cooperate with the police in their investigations. Written in Mandarin, Malay and English, the post said, “Thanks for your continuous support. Let’s pray and hope that Namewee will be released tomorrow.”

The post did not mention the date of Namewee’s arrest or details of the police investigations.

A number of netizens have criticised Namewee over the video entitled “Like A Dog”, saying that it was denigrating Islam. The rapper defended himself, however, saying the video did not touch on religious or racial sensitivities.

In the video posted on YouTube, Namewee and other individuals, who wore dog masks, were seen dancing at a public space in Putrajaya. The rapper also sang about how dogs are supposed to bark in different countries including Malaysia.

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Health, Exercise, Diet, Spa & Massage / Re: Fitness First gym review
« Last post by jessuptime on Today at 01:01:21 am »
have you tried 24 hr fitness instead?

Fitness first is quite expensive right?
Hi Lena, welcome to Singapore, soon  ;)

Anyway I understand your concern as well. But do take note that weather in Germany and Singapore are very different. What suits you in Germany might break you out if you use it in Singapore, or probably doesn't work  :(

I have problematic skin as well so I understand your concern a lot. From my experience, it's best to change your skin care products probably every 3 - 6 months so your skin don't get used to it.

I think for now, probably you should start using the products you used during summer in Germany. I usually get my skin care products here since I can compare the prices and see which stores I prefer.

They also have coupons so usually I will check the available coupons when my items are finishing up or wanna try something new.

Nevertheless, the most important thing is to use sunscreen as the weather is very hot. Drinks more water as well. Hopefully you'll enjoy Singapore as much as I do  :)
Chit Chat Corner / Re: [AMA] I am a Hypnotist
« Last post by happyshar on Yesterday at 05:40:44 pm »
Just wondering what are some items people carry around to stay grounded.

And how to put accelerating thoughts on stop mode instantly.

Just had a panic attk relapse recently after 5-6 yrs of not having one. So Sian.  :( Don't wanna binge on benzo agn.

Though I know how to cope with it better, but the turmoil is no less.
Help Me! / Re: Facing politics at work, any tips?
« Last post by happyshar on Yesterday at 05:20:20 pm »
The only way to love your boss and have your boss protect you, love you, inspire you, mentor you, motivate you, is to be your own boss.

That way there'll be no politics. Unless u create one.
Cosmetics & Make-up / Re: Daily Makeup Routine
« Last post by Penny Kee on Yesterday at 04:47:42 pm »
Wah seh! You girls are all so hardworking!
I only apply sunblock after moisturiser niah.
Sometimes, only apply bb cream or loose powder niah...   ::)

Same here! After skin care just put on sunscreen or cc cream. But usually just cc cream save all the work. ;)
If ever there was a budget laden with cheap gimmicks and full of wayang, this one is it.

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced an ‘ang pow’ of up to $300 for every individual. The giveaway amounts to $700 million. This is against a collection of a surplus of $9.6 billion the previous year.
In other words, the government is giving back to taxpayers 7 cents for every excess dollar it collected in taxes and fees. For the government, this is a wonderful scheme.

The government had forecast that it would collect only a surplus of $1.9 billion but ended up collecting $9.6 billion instead – more than five times the originally estimated amount.

Such an absurdly discrepant amount reflects poorly on the Minister’s judgment, planning and execution of the country’s fiscal system. The hantam buta strategy of tax collection has resulted in the [email protected] wildly over-collecting from citizens.

To prevent an outcry of why it collected so much more revenue than it needed, the government tries to placate and distract Singaporeans by announcing the ang pow gimmick.

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Bill Gates sat down with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres for the first time this week.

Gates is the founder of Microsoft and cofounder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and is the world's second-richest person with an estimated fortune of $91.8 billion, according to Bloomberg's index.

Gates officially became a billionaire when he was 31 — the youngest billionaire in history, at the time. But the boost to his bank account didn't send him on a spending spree, Gates said during his interview with DeGeneres.

"I don't have that many things that are extravagant taste, so it didn't change too much," Gates said, adding that his primary concern at the time was being able to pay his employees, many of whom had families to care for.

"So you didn't say 'Oh I'm going to buy a Porsche?'" DeGeneres pressed.

"I did — that I did," Gates said. "That was an indulgence, and then eventually for my travel I got a plane, which is a huge indulgence, so those are my two."

"So you have a Porsche and a plane and that's it?" she asked.

"In terms of crazy things, yes," he said. Gates has previously referred to his private jet as a "guilty pleasure" and "big splurge." It has been widely reported that he owns a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express with seating for up to 19 people — and a $40 million price tag.

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