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Ms. Bra-less can only do so much for NEA's PR ...

Pls loh ... even Merc S-Class cannot best a tree ....
In the complaints, received between Mar 5 and Apr 25, customers reported that the massage chain's outlets in Bukit Timah, Jalan Jurong Kechil, River Valley and West Coast Plaza had closed and that the company was uncontactable.

Customers also said they had prepaid for their massage packages, with the unutilised sessions amounting to about S$23,000 in total.
True love will come and you just need to grab on the chance. Don't let it slip away. Take action if it's needed, sometimes waiting don't really work.
They said whitening of your teeth aren't good as the teeth will be more fragile.
A good teeth they said is a bit yellwish which indicates the healthy level of your teeth.
So don't worry if your teeth are just a little yellowish, it means your teeth are healthy.
Chit Chat Corner / Re: Ah Lians in Disco Van
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Don't have to wait till you grow up and get a car of your own lah.
You can actually do it now. There's a party bus rental service. lolll

does the party bus comes with the condiments? ???
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Jumpsuits are the trends of this season
This is the best season in fashion. One of the favorite trends for this season is jumpsuits. You will get casual feelings with cotton or denim jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are very popular among women as they are very easy to wear and very comfortable as well. Casual jumpsuits are always in fashion and it can give you style and comfort. At first this item was just for the men but then women started to wear this. You can find jumpsuits in different colors. You just choose the right and best one for you to get warmth, comfort along with style.

Various types of long skirts for women
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A-line skirt: This type of skirts is actually suitable for all types of body lines.
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Wrap around skirts: These types of skirts are almost suitable for all types of figures. You can get this in various styles, fabrics, and colors at a reasonable price at
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