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On Friday I sacked 6 Pinoy nationals and 1 Indian national at the MNC I work for. Main reason for doing so? Fraud.

One of the Pinoys who was sacked was a HR personnel (Pinoy), another was an IT personnel (Indian National).

What happened was that these two clowns had colluded in allowing only their own countrymen (mostly Pinoys) to get into the company.

Long story short, we had put up job adverts seeking fresh hires, however every Singaporean applicant who sent in his/her resume was deleted, while the foreigners (Pinoys) were retained.

The IT fella was basically bribed by the Pinoy HR dude to delete the log files on our SMTP server as well, making it seem as if no Singaporeans applied for the jobs. What the IT personnel didn't know was that I kept another log file separately (disguised as a system file) sent to another server.

When I saw the log files did not match and confronted the IT fella, he still had the gall to concoct some bullshit story; it was only after I threatened to report him to the police did he confess.

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... Dawn Yang? Yan Kay Kay?

Okay ... here is what NOT to invest in besides ILP and Endowments from Insurance companies.

Paying dividends out of NAV is a scam by most fund managers.  You are paying yourself out of your own capital and getting creamed by the bank and fund managers. 

that can alter ur facial or physical outlook?

Maybe can hypnotize oneself to overlook those freckles? ???
I love local products too :-* :-* :-* ...... muaaacks !
What are the biggest challenge of running a small business in Singapore?

Beside our small local size, there are other challenges maybe other business owners can share.

For one, the lack of support from Singaporeans. I find Singaporeans feels that if this product is overseas, it stands for higher quality.
If its Singapore.. ahem, can trust or not?

Every small business owner needs to be the accountant/salesman/operating manager/cleaner/etc etc...
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