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Interest Groups / Re: Hot Babes
« Last post by beaverjuice on Yesterday at 10:46:58 pm »
Yes.... take personal responsibility instead of abrogating this to the FA/FC who may not always have your interests at heart ....

BTW, what do you think of Universal Life?  Can hoot or not? Good?

UL is a flexible account which can be customize to suit the client's needs.

Its good but it also depends on what are your priorities.

I will always get to know my client first before recommending them a product as what is good for one may not be so suitable for the other.

Many factors such as priorities, life stages can affect the suitability of the products for an individiual .

I would strongly recommend to get the basics like Hospitalisation plan, protection plans in place before planning for savings / investment / retirement. Can get a hybrid of both like a whole life plan as well with cash value and protection.

If budget is limited, at least have a hospitalisation and term plan in place first.
Hahahaha ..... sorry i couldn't stop laughing .... :-\

feeble-minded singaporeans using smart tools....

We'll get there faster alright .... like lemmings over the cliff  riding souped-up PMDs .... :P
I believe it was a LGBTQ libtard trying to cast SPF in a negative light ....  >:(
SINGAPORE:  Unjustified attacks made against the police must be rebutted as they are  a huge disservice to the officers who put their lives at risk every day  to make Singapore, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said on  Sunday (Dec 10), in a second post voicing his support for the police in  their raids on illegal brothels.
Earlier on Saturday, Mr Shanmugam had written about the online criticism  levelled against the police for multiple raids on brothels in the  Rowell Road area, saying sympathy for victims of syndicates should not  colour our views on what the police need to do.
His posts follow an online video made by a woman who had taken footage of the police during the raids, accusing them of excessive force, hurting the female sex workers, and having used the services of the  women.
The post has since been removed.

More at
SINGAPORE: People are not necessarily aware of how smart Singapore already is, said Minister-in-charge of the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) Janil Puthucheary as he took stock of the year's progress in advancing the country's Smart Nation ambitions.

Citing the example of the National Library Board (NLB), Dr Puthucheary highlighted how users can look at and reference the entire collection of books from the comfort of their home via their mobile devices, or that one can reserve a book and pick it up from a locker after work hours. Such features are testament to how technology has already been tapped to deliver services to people.

“The infrastructure, the connectivity, the planning and the software in order to make these happen, it’s phenomenal,” he added. “But to us, it’s just how our NLB is. It’s just like that, right?”

Dr Puthucheary, who is also Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information and Education, also pointed to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore’s (ICA) application for passport online electronic system (APPLES) as another example.

“You can apply for a new passport essentially by taking a selfie,” he pointed out.

SINGAPORE: Dakota Crescent, one of Singapore's oldest public housing estates, will be redeveloped into a  public housing site, said National Development Minister Lawrence Wong on Monday (Dec 11).

In a Facebook post, he said various options were looked at and a decision was made to build new HDB flats there.

"This will provide more public housing options near the city, and allow another generation of Singaporeans to build their own special memories of Dakota Crescent."

Mr Wong said the central cluster of buildings around the courtyard will be retained and re-purposed.

More at
News, Current Affairs Discussions / Don't Jelly Jay Park
« Last post by beaverjuice on Yesterday at 02:21:44 pm »
Wedding, Home and Family / Re: married men beware of your wives
« Last post by beaverjuice on Yesterday at 02:00:28 pm »
not paid service. mutual consent between 2 parties. ladies don't mind?! chinese slim. this post is meant to warn men

not paid service means not gigolo liao loh ...... mutual consent then of course we outsiders no need huan lor mah ....  unless got some pictures to share ....

why would ladies mind leh?  if this fella can go like tarzan all night long ..... will kenna complain meh?  maybe neighbours larrrrr

Wedding, Home and Family / Re: married men beware of your wives
« Last post by Chris on Yesterday at 01:31:12 pm »
so paid service and satisfied women ..... that's mutually beneficial mah ..... can advertise his service here loh ...... i'm sure some ladies wouldn't mind ..... maybe include some details .... ie. whether he is hairy like ape,  strong like tarzan,  honey-mouthed etc etc

not paid service. mutual consent between 2 parties. ladies don't mind?! chinese slim. this post is meant to warn men
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