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Women's Health / Re: Menstruation Cup - Would u use one?
« Last post by Penny Kee on Today at 06:32:10 pm »
My friend is using a menstrual cup. But I dun really dare to try it later the blood spill everywhere when taking it out. haha
Why there's no avocado and broccoli. I heard they are both great for losing weight too.
Japanese skincare brand THREE cleansing oil is very good and mild, perfectly for dry skin.  ;)
Food Glorious Food / Re: Restaurant/Cuisine Recommendations
« Last post by Loiuse on Today at 05:31:27 pm »
this place seems like a nice place to chill. I just passed by there recently.
Located at Cheng San CC. I haven't tried it yet. but they selling vouchers at Fave. Lol.
It called Bliss restaurant.

even good food hard to digest if scenery no good .....  :-[
i think tabata is quite effective
i love dark chocolate!
Trump administration officials on Tuesday said the U.S. has pulled out of the United Nations Human Rights Council, saying that the international body is "not worthy of its name."

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley announced the withdrawal alongside Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, following multiple news reports that the move was imminent.
Haley blasted the council as a "protector of human rights abusers and cesspool of political bias" and accused the body of "politicizing and scapegoating countries with positive human rights records."
Clothes & Shopping! / Different forms of Tops for ladies
« Last post by berrylook on Today at 02:09:22 pm »
When the matter is of purchasing clothes, ladies are always choosy since they wish to appear their most excellent for every occasion. Tops happen to be amongst the most comfy and fashionable ladies’ wear that complement jeans, skirt, / hot pants well. Regardless of you being a business lady seeking specialized apparels that you’re able to wear to workplace, or a fun loving gal seeking a chic top that can match the skirt, you will locate all forms of tops at online stores like

When purchasing a lady’s top you must ensure that you pick the apt style and size that is capable of highlighting your assets and take the attention of people off the not so attractive parts. Another key factor that you have to consider when purchasing tops is the body shape. If you’re shinny, you must purchase tops and short sleeve blouses that lend you a fuller look. If you’re on the weightier side, keep away from tops that lend you a fatter look.
Here, is a compilation of a number of the common forms and varieties of ladies ‘tops offered in the market. When you purchase tops, you must consider the body sort, features, and added features of the character etc, for determining the ones that is going to appear the finest on you. A number of the prevalent forms of ladies’ tops are camisoles, sweaters, tunics, blouses, and empires. The key differences are the span of necklines, sleeves, collar sorts, and cut.
Sleeve span of the tops
The span of the sleeves happens to be a key factor that has an effect on the overall appearance of the ladies’ tops. The sleeves of cute t-shirts, blouses, and pullovers are able to be short, full size, three-quarter / capped. The lengthy sleeves go till the wrist, even as the three quarter style stops amid the wrist & elbow. The short sleeves are going to finish at the bicep, even as the capped ones are going to end at one’s shoulder.

Just as the name suggests, a sleeveless top, an example being halter top/ camisole does not have any sleeves and they lend a stylish appearance. You are able to put them on with skirts, jeans, / hot pants. A number of ladies may prefer the use of straps as a replacement. A tube top comes as strapless and sleeveless, and it’s kept in one piece by the use of rigid elastic fastened to the summit of the garment.
Diverse collar types
Collars put in more character to the tops & they could either lay horizontal or stand up. A straight collar gives a more formal appearance compared to the round ones that appear more casual.
The online stores like offer concessions on them.

The authorities released this image of illegal migrants inside a large cage - reporters said they saw unaccompanied children in similar conditions

Reporters and Democratic lawmakers have been allowed inside a detention centre that lies at the heart of a growing storm over a new US policy separating migrant children from their parents.

Authorities did not allow photos or videos to be taken inside the centre, but US Customs and Border Protection later released several images. Former First Lady Laura Bush has compared it to the internment camps used for Japanese-Americans during World War Two. A Democratic congressman who visited the site said it was "nothing short of a prison".

The Texas facility is known as Ursula, though immigrants are reportedly calling it La Perrara - dog kennel in Spanish - in reference to the cages used to hold children and adults who have ended up there after crossing the border from Mexico illegally.

"One cage had 20 children inside. Scattered about are bottles of water, bags of chips [crisps] and large foil sheets intended to serve as blankets," the Associated Press reports.

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