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Don't be stupid ... it is okay to out-grow a relationship ... never miss the forest for one tree ...  ;)
I met a hot spanish lady this evening ... phuiyoooooooooooooooooooh ...  :-*
Correlation does not imply causation laaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ..     ::)
Only one way to test if a gal is bergin ... :-*
All About Love / I still loved my girlfriend after what she did to me.
« Last post by Xiphos on Yesterday at 11:51:44 pm »
I worked in construction industry, usually long hours and weekends so I had little time to spend with her. I brought her travelling overseas all expenses paid, every meal is my treat, movies, and stuff as she just started working.

She one day told me that she wanted me to get her out of her house asap, my family itself also struggling abit so I also providing for my family, but I promised her I will get it but it takes time, she agreed to it.

So there I was, full speed ahead, sometimes clocking 356 hrs a month, every off day I will meet her without fail. But as I work I don't text as it's dangerous on site.

I worked like this for 3.5 yrs, recently in March I finally had enough for the downpayment for a BTO, I got promoted and I am ready to proposed to her, got her a YSL bag she always wanted, gotten a Cartier ring for proposal, on the day of my promotion I went out dinner and wanted to propose to her, ring at my pocket and bloody happy, then she told me let's break up, as she is seeing another man for a month now, had sex twice with him.

I was devastated, I wanted to married her, walk to the end with her till death due us apart. I cried for a month almost every day. Everyday I worked I only can think of is her, I didnt see or chat with other girls with any ill intentions in mind, I don't go club I worry I will do things I regret, i worked hard for the future. She told me cause I am money minded, I didnt spend time with her.

Till now, i still love her the person she my mind, things like, am I not good enough, am I ugly, am I lacking something, am I disposable....she told me she went with him out of fun and curiosity...

Recently she said she still loves me but she confused what she want in life...she wants time alone and wanted me to wait, but she didnt know how long she is going to take.

For me I don't mind waiting, 1 yr 2 yr 5 yr it doesn't matter, I am already planning to stay with you for the rest of my remaining life, those yrs are nothing.

I really dont know...
OMG! Luckily I'm not using one. Thanks for sharing this. I hope everyone be aware of this and be careful when buying online cosmetics. I tried once and I stopped because the textured feels weird compare to those sell in store.
Cosmetics & Make-up / Re: Eyeliner
« Last post by Penny Kee on Yesterday at 11:04:07 pm »
Currently using cyber color liquid eyeliner, Bought it when cheap but not waterproof which is a bad thing especially in Singapore. Hot place and sweat blur my make up.
Clothes & Shopping! / The classy bodycon and other dresses
« Last post by berrylook on Yesterday at 02:43:36 pm »
There are a number of dresses, which are very beautiful and graceful. But, such kinds of dresses are not that popular, due to unavailability in numerous stores. But, online stores like Berrylook or, and others, is an exception. You can always find beautiful dresses.

Online stores like Berrylook and other websites are always committed to provide the best dresses, and for that, you can find cheap skater dresses online, without any kind of problems. Most people think, the skater dresses, which are available at cheap and affordable prices are not that good. That is true to some extent, but not completely. On online stores, the dresses, which you can find are certified, which means, you will get maximum comfort, wearing them. But, you should choose the designs with a lot of care, such that you do not complain later on, about the quality of the dresses and the design, which you get. You can actually find a number of great designs, and they are meant for girls, having different skin tones, and the girls, having different body type.
The designs
The designs play the most important role to maintain elegance, and if you are one of them, to whom, elegance plays an important role, you should go for sober designs, instead of designs which are very heavy. Nowadays, you can find a number of models, wearing dresses, which come with simple designs, instead of those, which come with very complicated and of designs, as it will not look great at all. The simple designs include, designs, which are obstructing nature, designs, which depicts some social problem, or something else. You should not want to be in any kind of controversy, it is advisable, that you go for dresses, which come with abstract designs.

There are a number of girls, who are fond of wearing classy bodycon dresses, which come with a lot of colors. For such cases, it is very important that you go for colorful body con dresses, and they will definitely look good. It doesn’t mean, if you find bodycon dresses with a lot of colors, from online stores like, it will look bad. That is not right, as there are young girls, who love wearing colorful dresses, and in such cases, you can go for dresses, which come with horizontal or vertical colorful stripes, or something completely different. The bodycon dresses stick to the skin, and that is something to always keep in mind.
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