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Interest Groups / Re: Hot Babes
« Last post by beaverjuice on Yesterday at 11:46:25 pm »

I'd wish the government will stop pandering to the voice of the myopic singaporeans with xenophobic views  .... these young students and pre-youths are the best catch and our best chance at addressing our declining birth-rates .... encourage rather than to deter them from sinking roots in singapore ....

With the increasing numbers of aged singles,  this will put a strain on resources .... population dividend need to be calibrated with more immigrants rather than less ....

The alternative would be higher taxes .... who wants to pay higher taxes ???!!!  ::) ::) ::)

MOE please stop sharpening the distinction between citizens and PRs and foreign students ....

Another stupid policy formulated reactively without deeper thought ....

i'm surprised that the guy managed to smuggle a knife past the metal detectors ....
I am just curious why his wife and child are living in Philippines. Not SG citizens?

probably hooked-up with a maid on her weekends off?  or maybe met her working at Tanjong Pagar stretch of pubs?
I am just curious why his wife and child are living in Philippines. Not SG citizens?
Suspect, who was sitting in public gallery during hearing, took out weapon and shouted ‘lawless’

More than 50 police officers with shields were sweeping the High Court in Admiralty in search of a mainland Chinese man who flashed a knife in court on Tuesday morning.
The man, who was sitting in the public gallery when judge Wilson Chan was hearing a contempt of court case in Court No 13 soon after 10am, suddenly took out a knife and yelled in Mandarin: “Lawless!”

The judge did not answer the man and left the courtroom immediately.

The man then fled. A police insider said he was not related to the case the judge was hearing.

More at
If he owns his own HDB,  he could have rented out one room and slept in the other.

Here he is depriving a needy family or at least someone else who has a greater need of a subsidized rental flat.

Shame on him!  >:(

Not to mention leakage of money from our GDP when he sends money to the Philippines ... >:( >:( >:(
Health, Exercise, Diet, Spa & Massage / Re: Are you using any fitness tracker?
« Last post by SarahPB on October 16, 2017, 09:44:26 pm »
I am using Fitbit Alta HR.. so far so good. My purpose is tracking step and heartbeat.
P.S. moderators - my account still doesn't work - no confirmation sent to me.
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Please help.

your account was approved! are u still having problems? If so let me know, I will drop you an email now.
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