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Ms Regina jump to conclusion too fast. She thought she is heroine? Lol. It might not even be about race. Sometimes some workers in public transport (dunno what's their race) are sweaty and have some smell from their shirts. Therefore ppl tend to stand a distance away. It is not wrong at all not to sit down. But it takes a racist to immediately pinpoint that it has sth to do with race.
where got every trip? Come on please......

Dunno nv drive cab before.
But looking at news seems like alot 不三不四 de passengers
Singapore – On July 17 (Wednesday), a member of the public shared “a very saddening moment” of a Chinese aunty refusing to take an empty MRT seat beside a foreign worker and only sat down after he gave up her seat.

Regina Yqh went to Facebook to share the incident she witnessed at the MRT a few days ago.

“Initially the Indian man was seated opposite me, with one empty seat beside [him],” wrote Ms Regina.

A few moments passed, and an elderly Chinese aunty boarded the train, she wrote. “She appeared reluctant to sit down and exchanged eye contact with him (I think he’s a construction worker) as if he needs to stand up before she agrees to sit down.”

Ms Regina’s suspicions proved to be accurate because the man stood up from his seat.

What’s more, is that “the aunty gave him a look as if he did something wrong,” wrote Ms Regina.

She went on to say how disheartening it was to witness discrimination.

“Mind you, I’m a true-blue Chinese, and feel sad when people of different races appear to discriminate one another,” she wrote.

Ms Regina noted that the man seemed fine giving up his seat, but things were awkward.

“He is nice enough to give up the seats (sic) and let the aunty sit on that two empty seats.”

Fortunately, Ms Regina was not someone who would let something like this pass her by.

“Seeing that, I immediately stood up and offered to change my seat with him,” wrote the kind woman.

“Because come on, why doesn’t he deserve a seat?”

“We are all paying transport fare, isn’t it,” wondered Ms Regina, standing up for justice.

She went on to urge everyone to practice some empathy and to be considerate of other people.

“Treat others as how you wish to be treated,” she wrote. “Hope this message will reach out to as many possible.

“Let’s do a small favour to make this stressful world a better place, be it a construction worker or whatsoever, they don’t rob,” wrote Ms Regina wisely.

The online community promptly applauded her actions and thanked Ms Regina for doing something about the discrimination she experienced.

Netizen Pter YP Lim shared a similar experience he witnessed via a comment:

“Last year, I was aboard an MRT train, I observed and witnessed one peculiar old lady, who was carrying a bag of groceries. One foreign Bangladeshi worker was sitting next to an empty foreign seat. After this old lady got into the train, she immediately demanded that he give up his seat for her. She could just sit down and put her bag on her lap, but she did not. Her remarks were ‘Saya kaki sakit’ meaning her leg is painful. What a selfish and demanding old lady. After that, the foreign worker gave up the seat for her. She then placed her bag onto the seat and put up one leg onto the other empty seat. Thus, she occupied two seats and the poor worker, who after a tiring day’s work, had to stand all the way.”

How sad. -/TISG
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News, Current Affairs Discussions / Re: Old video of Natalie Siow........
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chey time warp, what time wrap
lol I spelt wrongly :P sorry man
News, Current Affairs Discussions / Re: Old video of Natalie Siow........
« Last post by jessuptime on July 22, 2019, 11:39:31 pm »  ;) or maybe I should use "temporal anomalies"  :-\

chey time warp, what time wrap
Haha didn't know is part of the role of driver to go to ppl house request for money. If happen every trip how?

where got every trip? Come on please......
Chit Chat Corner / Re: Your favorite dreams that you had during sleep time
« Last post by gouki2017 on July 22, 2019, 11:31:13 pm »
Here is another of my best favorite:

Around the mid of last month, I attended to my grandfather's funeral (my mum's dad) where he resided in oversea. When he was alive, he stayed with my youngest uncle's house which majorities of my family dislike my youngest uncle, so I have only seen him and his family in year 2016 once when my family visited my grandfather. My grandfather stayed in my youngest uncle's motel. My youngest uncle and his family were there when we arrived to visit my grandfather. After visiting him, we went down and my youngest uncle and his family disappeared all of a sudden. All I could recalled briefly was he has got several children, most of them are female.

When I attended my grandfather's funeral, I saw my youngest uncle's family clearly for the first time. That guy has got seven children because this guy has got several wives and mistresses. I heard plenty of notorious stories about him from several relatives. Two of his daughters are pretty and I am sort of in love with the two of them :-* but a pity that we are cousin :( When I returned back to my country, I keep on thinking about them and I pestered my sibling to send most of our trip's photos into my whatapp. I opened up their photos and kept on looking at the two cute girls till I fell asleep.

During my dream, I dreamed of my oversea relatives and my two cousins, the two sisters whom I fell in love with. :P I have dream about them quite a few amount of times :-* I went back on the April for Qing Ming Festival to pay visit to my grandfather and saw them again :-* but it was just for a few hours, not as long as on the February :(

btw, one of them has got boyfriend :( (If let me see that brat in person, I am gonna jackknife powerbomb him right through the solid steel tables  >:( nah just kidding  :P )
I passed out from SMRT training school and started working as a bus captain on 20th October last year. Barely a month into the job I was already contemplating quitting after being paid a pro-rated quantum of my annual wage supplement (AWS). Back then I was assigned service no.965, a route which involved ferrying passengers between Woodlands and Sengkang bus interchanges. Each off-peak hour trip must be completed within 119 min, whilst around 130 min is designated for each peak hour trip. Suffice to say, this frenetic pace of affairs day in day out leaves one extremely exhausted.

Only a 10-minute layover was granted: after passengers have alighted at the interchange and the bus gets parked, it's checking in at the time keeper's office followed by a quick toilet break.....then you gotta tap out once more prior to departure, collect bus keys and commence the next trip shortly. As far as meals were concerned we had to gobble down our food in under 35 minutes.

One thing that severely pissed me off was the $6k joining bonus. The amount awarded to moi suffered a 50% haircut ( yes I collected just $3k!!!!!), on top of this I had to be bonded for 2 years. Reason proferred? Owing to a headcount freeze, LTA wouldn't pay out the remaining $3k. Yet when I signed my appointment letter, SMRT had the gall to continue advertising the $6k joining bonus. Badgered HR personnel, they simply shoved me aside. And then the final confirmation arrived: $3k it was, not a cent more. Fyi, I graduated as part of the 31st batch; folks from the 30th batch had 6000 reasons to smile because they were among the last to be fully compensated. Lucky bastards.

More at
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