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SINGAPORE, March 31 (Reuters) - Singapore said on Tuesday it could force companies to suspend operations if they do not do more to ensure employees can work from home to reduce the risk of coronavirus infections, as the city state reported 47 more cases of the respiratory illness.

"If we assess that a company has not made a serious enough effort to implement telecommuting, we may have to issue a stop work order," Minister for Manpower Josephine Teo said.

She said that if the nature of their business allowed work to be done from home, firms should do their utmost to make this happen.

The Southeast Asian city-state recorded its third death from the coronavirus pandemic on Sunday. It has reported a total of 926 cases of the virus to date.

News says this Ceca husband is dependent on wife. No job of your own? Eat soft rice? Or you just want to take this opportunity to make money from Singaporean taxpayers?

I hope he loses this case. No pity for a man who can't support himself and has to depend on wife. Maybe the main objective is to chop Singaporean taxpayers for compensation.


While no total figure of damages sought was explicitly stated in court documents, the papers stated that Ms Angara was employed as a marketing director with Mastercard Asia/Pacific at the time, with an [SIZE="5"]annual income of S$252,600 per year excluding bonuses.[/SIZE]

This income was likely to increase progressively over the next 25 years, with the lawyers estimating that it would have tripled to at least S$757,800 per year over this period.

Her husband and children were dependent on her for support, said court documents, and her death meant the loss of this support on top of Mr Rouch-Sirech's bereavement.

Mr Rouch-Sirech is also claiming S$5,000 in damages for pain and suffering, about S$23,000 in legal costs for the coroner's inquiry, S$6,500 for funeral expenses and S$5,100 for administrative matters.[/I]
Taxi driver dies after cab catches fire along Seletar West Link ..

Food Glorious Food / Re: Whole Earth restaurant @ Tanjong Pagar!!!!!
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Their description of the penang rendang sure made my panties wet.
WTH!!!  :o
Did they pay income taxes on their earnings before?

Simple question but not so simple right?  :P
Why ish fake lei? ???
SGAG?   Ish who lai de?  ???
SINGAPORE — The qualifying criteria for the Government’s recently-announced support measures for the self-employed are too narrow, say some freelancers whose incomes have been reduced by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Among other things, they suggested that the criteria take into account the number of dependants. They also noted that the income earned from part-time jobs which they had to take on for sustenance during this period left them ineligible.

Manpower Minister Josephine Teo has said that her ministry will look into appeals from those who do not make the cut, but added that "a number of people have cautioned me not to go overboard using taxpayers’ monies because the criteria and payouts are already generous".

Last Thursday, the Government unveiled the Self-Employed Person Income Relief Scheme (Sirs), to help the self-employed including freelancers in the gig economy such as artistic performers, taxi drivers and real estate agents tide themselves over the financial fallout of the Covid-19 crisis.

Under the scheme, eligible self-employed workers will receive three quarterly cash payouts of S$3,000 each in May, July and October this year. About 88,000 self-employed people are expected to automatically qualify for Sirs.

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