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FCT 1Q19 DPU up 0.7% year-on-year to 3.02 cents 
Revenue growth led by Changi City Point and Northpoint City North Wing which grew 12.7% and 4.5% year-on-year on higher average gross rental rate, better turnover rent and higher occupancy 
Mall occupancy improved quarter-on-quarter at all malls  
Portfolio average rental reversion of 6.9% for the 58 leases renewed during the quart

very small position in this baby for unker - 5 lots. 
seems like suburban malls continue to do quite well.

Mapletree Logistics Trust’s 3Q FY18/19 DPU  Rises 5% Year-on-Year To 2.002 cents
9-months FY18/19 DPU is 4.2% higher at 5.917 cents 
Performance driven by organic growth and accretive acquisitions 
Healthy portfolio metrics – 97.7% occupancy and positive 4.5% rental reversion

very nice .... regret not vesting more when it was knocked down to below $1.20 recently
Money and financial discussions / Re: Passive Income Ideas in Singapore
« Last post by beaverjuice on Yesterday at 05:24:52 pm »
it would also be good for anyone to share their experience with "peer-lending" platforms or whether there are any pitfalls associated with this income stream?

I know a number of Chinese ones are facing problems with redemption or keeping with payouts.

correlation data such as how long you've been with them,  payout ratio and redemption experience would be useful for others.


I don't understand why she did that? ???

unker also never fake my P5 exam results ..... my lack of PSLE certificate didn't set me back badly in life.  you just have to persevere and do your best with whatever deck of cards life has dealt you.

never cheat other people's fweeelings ....
Travel / Re: An Essay On Hanoi, Vietnam
« Last post by beaverjuice on Yesterday at 03:32:00 pm »
not to forget a visit to the artist quarters and check out the Vietnam chiobus togged up in their fashionable winter best ..... very yummy indeed
Travel / An Essay On Hanoi, Vietnam
« Last post by MariaSharpie on Yesterday at 03:10:30 pm »

Crossover bridge to Ngọc Sơn Temple © The Luxe Brigade

A new year had just barely arrived, yet 11 degree chilly winds were already engulfing the old quarter - an oddly stitched canvas of modernity, outright decrepit and historic excesses. An unscripted fashion parade of sorts unfolded as its citizenry scrambled to keep warm in style outdoors: down-filled parkas, woollen textured beanies, puffer vests, rabbit fur gloves and brogue leather boots. Apocalypse Now played at every turn where dwelling intersected asphalt, as cars and bikes alike (having scant regard for rules of the road) weaved maniacally through spluttering traffic, alongside veteran jaywalkers seen crossing streets with poise and timed precision. The warm aroma of phở  (a Vietnamese rice noodle dish) from endless rows of makeshift stalls teased rumbling tummies passing through, spiked in occasion by the distinctly strong scent of local coffee wafting from a random cafe door left slightly ajar.​

Hoàn Kiếm Lake abutting the 36 streets cluster (as the old quarter is popularly known) beckoned with a most surreal atmosphere of tranquility skirting its turquoise waters, while one storied turtle tower installed atop an islet held vigil right in the middle of everything. Aspirations of self renewal certainly heightened amidst witnessing episodic floral blooms all around the basin - a lil' nod to better fortunes, improved health and genuine spiritual fulfillment. Let's hear it for the Hope & Love sculpture as well yo.

Ngọc Sơn Temple featured prominently in the lake's northern region, made accessible by a bright red wooden arching connection named the Welcoming Morning Sunlight Bridge. Purchase of tickets at nominal prices granted free rein to explore various sites on its premises, these including the Pen Tower (Tháp Bút), the Ink-Slab (Dai Nghien), the Moon Contemplation Pavilion (Dac Nguyet) and the Pavilion Against Waves (Đình Trấn Ba).

More at

... It baffles me that in this day and age that there are kids in p1 who DO NOT KNOW HOW TO READ. Meaning, they cannot even recognize simple sight words such as "he", "she", "it", "the", "is".

I don't want to say which race is the majority lah. You know, I know can already ah.

I've always thought kids are rezeki and amanah. Wouldn't or rather SHOULDN'T you as parents want your kids to have a better life than you did?!?

You can heng sana, heng sini sampai pagi2 buta, but you CANNOT spare 30 mins every day to read to/with your child?!

Busy working but you CANNOT spend time with your kid? Then why have kids in the first place?! Buat anak tau, didik dan jaga anak tak tau.

Please, if you think you don't have the means, there are these things called condoms and birth controls. They're cheaper than raising a child.

A lot more at
Money and financial discussions / Re: Passive Income Ideas in Singapore
« Last post by beaverjuice on Yesterday at 02:52:42 pm »
contributing to SRS up to the limit of $15,300/year and using it is buy Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) can help you generate passive income indirectly by:

(1)  reducing your tax burden yearly (if you earn more than $80,000/yr and do not exceed tax relief limit)
(2)  increase your yield on the otherwise pittance 0.5% interest of SRS account

of course, one might argue that this is no passive income but a dollar saved is a dollar earned through tax relief and putting it aside to roll in SRS until you each 62 years old.

look at both sides of the equation when you are thinking about passive income - either through generating better yields on equity or by reducing your expenditure such as taxes.  And if you can do both and ensuring future retirement income, that will be a great hack.

But it was her lack of clothing, though, that proved fatal when she fell down a 65ft ravine in Taiwan’s Yushan national park, on the eighth day of a solo hike.

The conditions left rescuers unable to reach her, with the star freezing to death.

 :-X :-X :-X :'(

Taiwanese rescue teams were trying Tuesday to retrieve the body of a dead hiker who became famous on social media for taking selfies on top of mountain peaks dressed in a bikini.

Gigi Wu -- dubbed the "Bikini Climber" by fans -- used a satellite phone on Saturday to tell friends she had fallen down a ravine in Taiwan's Yushan national park and badly injured herself.

Rescue helicopters struggled to reach her because of bad weather and officials eventually located her lifeless body on Monday.

"The weather conditions in the mountains are not good, we have asked our rescuers to move the body to a more open space and after the weather clears we will make a request for a helicopter to bring the body down," Lin Cheng-yi, from the Nantou County Fire and Rescue Services, told reporters.

Officials said Wu had told friends she was unable to move the lower half of her body after a fall of some 20-30 metres (65-100 feet) but was able to give her coordinates.

She is the latest in a string of social media adventure seekers who have met an untimely end.

Last week, the bodies of an Indian couple were found at the bottom of a popular overlook in California's Yosemite National Park after hikers alerted officials to their camera equipment at the top of the cliff.

*haiz* .... so sad ...  :'( :'( :'( ... RIP TWMM .. :'( :'(
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