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depends. some girls ghost the guy too. so it goes two ways.

Any way ghosting isn't impt, I just hope to get back my money  :'(

chee hong kias never say die de .....

Meaning wad ley? Horny nv say die?

I wonder y nowadays the youngsters don't check out relationship status of the girl before whacking

Like treat completely transparent? ???
Cannot be friend ?

They forbes 30 under 30 leh  :'(
They say what also correct liao  8)

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Your Ghost Experience
« on: August 16, 2018, 08:02:33 pm »
When I was in sec sch I had a friend who sighted those thing in her own house room. We once went to her house to stay and we didn't encounter anything however once we enter one bedroom our toes cramped unanimously. Didn't think too much of that event Coz it happened in the afternoon. Probably too stuffy is it that's y our toes all cramp at the same time.
Anyway she mentioned that when she saw that thing ,,, it was clenching and opening fists repeatedly.
Nv imagine too much about it but as I grew older I learned that there's one relaxation method that ppl use to ease their anxiety by clenching and opening palm in repeated action. That actually sets me thinking were those things actually stuck doing what they were doing before they enter into that dimension.
Regarding the toilet incident, could that place hv been a scene of crime or death  :( just wondering .. if they were stuck there, would they want replacement or accompaniment. Quite spooky. Heard that certain hotel have ppl jumping off similar dates of different years at same location.

Sometimes when the mind thinks of some haywire stuffs at certain locations, better stay far far away..

Yupz... isn't it wonderful how acceptance can make your life? ???  NEVER compromise !

Yeah spend on housing / Reno / more jewelries better  :-*

I saw this few days ago too.
Too pro already she should set up make up business

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Your Ghost Experience
« on: August 14, 2018, 07:15:02 pm »
My experience was when I was a kid. maybe ard 9 or so.

I was sleeping in my room, out of the sudden my cupboard starts to have sound coming from it.
it sounds like someone is knocking on a locked cupboard. well my cupboard do not have a lock at the first place. and suddenly the cupboard door suddenly opened a small gap and slamming it back to its actual position.

Well i saw nothing as I was busying hiding inside my blanket and praying.

My second experience is when I was walking home after tuition with a group of friends during night time. We stayed around the same neighborhood, on the way home we passed by a school. There are lots of trees beside the the school, and suddenly I saw a lady hanging on 1 of the trees.
I asking my friends to take a look but non saw anything. after awhile the image disappears. Years later I went to the school to study (secondary) and found out from the teachers that, there was really a lady who hanged herself many years ago at the area that I saw the lady.

Story above is base on personal experience.

Is the area in hougang? Just wondering

Chit Chat Corner / Re: [AMA] I am a Hypnotist
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:22:51 pm »
haha perhaps but @happyshar there are multiple solutions to every problem

you said earlier you lost someone good because you ran away, so a solution can be that you recognise earlier that they just want to help you so you won't have panic attack. you don't have to be dependent on them but rather just appreciate that you got someone who helps when you need it.

although my questions will go deeper into your family background and stuff, and whether you got a boyfriend/husband now etc. cause i did have client who came from an unsupportive family background and the result was she cannot find a supportive boyfriend/husband. she came to me to resolve the relationship issue in this case, although relationship and people issues are somewhat connected. so for her, it was to resolve relationship and not so much people.

anyway don't worry about "trespassing", i was just concerned that's all  :)

Actually when ppl appear dependable or pay me too much attention I will become suspicious and there's no reality checker to check, most times I think they wanna sabotage me that's y get close to Me. Which is why I run.
I can't tell which is perceived or real.

Chit Chat Corner / Re: [AMA] I am a Hypnotist
« on: August 13, 2018, 09:33:01 pm »
Actually just mainly I find it abit haunting that I face a certain scenario where I leave good ppl and it's during a farewell setting that my clouds of suspicions  lifted off n I finally can see they're genuine and can see they're baffled and hurt why this person they are so nice to left them in such a rush looking so happy n relieved. I just felt guilty n embarrassed about seeing such scenario that's all.
Like I'm happy always at the expense of others just to be safe.

Chit Chat Corner / Re: [AMA] I am a Hypnotist
« on: August 13, 2018, 05:05:00 pm »
@happyshar that's not what i meant haha

I mean, if you want to explore a solution, sure. just that i will ask you some private stuff about your family background and so, it might be better in private then haaha

Haha frankly speaking, I think the benefits of resolving it is lower than the benefits of avoiding it.

Wad value can dependable ppl bring into my life if I'm independent?
If I become dependent when I'm already independent, what kinds of risks m I exposed to.

Actually I typed here intuitively when I was thinking about it , sry for trespassing  :(

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Your Ghost Experience
« on: August 13, 2018, 02:17:50 am »
;D ;D ;D

I think she TLDR

Usually is first sentence n last sentence and some middle part la, nv tldr

Chit Chat Corner / Re: [AMA] I am a Hypnotist
« on: August 13, 2018, 12:04:40 am »
@happyshar if you find this as a problem and want to resolve it, it can be done. PM me if you want to check a few things in private and not in public?

Aww sry sry accidentally hijacked your thread.
Maybe admin can delete?


Chit Chat Corner / Re: [AMA] I am a Hypnotist
« on: August 12, 2018, 06:34:07 pm »
Maybe 'cos you have a tinge of "persecution" complex? ???

But i'm a gynae .... not a psychiatrist ...  :-[

Real gynae or hobby gynae...
I thought bus driver.

Chit Chat Corner / Re: [AMA] I am a Hypnotist
« on: August 12, 2018, 05:38:59 pm »
Sounds like detached with mild-medium bipolar personality.

Stick to virtual friends where you can define the sandbox or set boundaries whereupon to play.  Virtual friends can't harm you if you maintain anonymity or don't meet.

If you'd like to test boundaries can find those 闪友 ...

How is it bipolar, I oso suspect I got bipolar as many times I'm excited n I feel no nd to slp. And carry out too many things at one time dat once I lost this excitement my work pile like snowball n I wonder how come I got such confidence to take up so many

N many times I'm paranoid but once I leave the source of "danger" I recover like miracle pill

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