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Depends what you looking for then :) when you get a product selling on it's own,  it's an income stream whereas tuition is still very active income. If you get paid let's say $60/h for tuition, but if a product makes you $5 per sale and you get 2 sales a day.. You will make that same amount in 6 days
You can't run 2 tuition at the same time,  but you can have multiple products selling on it's own at the same time.

can teach a few students at one time.

archery not his fault leh..
his parents apply citizenship one wad?

imagine u suddenly wake up 18 one day..
pa.. ma.. what have your done???

either nd go bk NS 2 yrs..

or cannot go bk sg anymore.

All About Love / Re: Is it ok to have an FB?
« on: January 29, 2016, 04:49:46 pm »
I wish I have a FB

maybe the experienced here can provide examples of how an FB is initiated.

 :-X :-X :-X

good ma.. sell a doll first den sell the clothes and accessories.. after that introduce doll friends and doll partners.  ???

there no such thing as 100% perfect in this world. wanting everything to be perfect and cannot see open that there will always be and might as be some small tiny defect. Will drive you crazy

yalo... cham...   :-[

you're a stickler and fastidious at that ..... it is an in-born talent .....
don't understand ... too chim ang moh  :-[

mean cannot change... cham liao.

@happyshar - maybe you have exacting standards? ???  which isn't altogether a bad thing if you aspire yourself to reach them but expecting others to reach those standards is another thing since you can control one but not the other.

how not to have exacting standards while making choices and doing thgs?
lol. I find that oso when doing thgs I become too serious as well. as though if one thg is lacking in my plan I'll break the door down just to get it bk. even if it doesn't benefit me.

wah lau got what problem just say out lah beat around the bush hard to understand what you really mean lehhhh  >:(

You like a shoe, but the shoe got a scratch. So buy or don't buy. Something like this rightttt???

nv beat ard the bush. in the past all such scenarios in different situations met b4 ma.

only recently presented with one more.. I realise I cannot be so stubborn anymore

I realised whenever such scenarios happen I tend to leave it... because I'm all or nothing.

but I find dat after long... I'm not moving at all...   :-[

I tend to leave it bcz once one criteria is not fulfilled. my interest takes a dip...

but recently I realized that's how everythg is.. there's hardly any case where all are fulfilled. and if I gonna do this everytime. I'm gg to hv nth in the long run.   :-\

so I'm wondering how does everyone do it. is it like fake acceptance until u make acceptance.
or bluff yourself that ur interested until ur relly interested.

I have this feeling that I'm badly spoilt. that's why I'm like dat.

Food Glorious Food / Re: Plans For Valentine's
« on: January 28, 2016, 02:15:28 am »
It becomes commercialised liao...
Never believe in V day. Too overhyped. To me, its just a day for couples to show off niah... Oops...
But if the bf/hubby nvr buys any flowers for their SO before, then this is the day where they can make up for it! Lol.

haha not everyone likes to receive flowers...  ???

I'm sure many of us would have been given scenarios where. Let's say if there's something you want and you have certain criteria to be met so that you accept and proceed.

but if majority of conditions are present except lacking one.. do you take it, leave it, or accept the lack and proceed? Can one actually accept a lack?

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Singles - Let's mingle
« on: January 27, 2016, 11:16:20 pm »
lol single boycott attached.

attached boycott single.



.....of course non-human laaaarrrrrr ... they can't eat and sh!t righhhht?  :o

maybe it's easier do biz in their country haha.
anythg oso believe..  :o

the fella no scare karma meh?  :-X

wah kna exploit by drug dealers den biz owners oso kna raided... so bad  :-[

see.. gain gain become loss liao.

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Angel dolls bring joy to sad people
« on: January 27, 2016, 01:23:17 pm »
easy money mah ..... make money for few years then can move on to the next fad already .....

maybe can source for inflatable dolls also  ...... production line extension .....

all sorts of weird cust will come..  :o
imagine the room is a warehouse full of those.  :o

a friend of mine doing these type had exorcist buying frm him.

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