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if time wrap occur, such as bringing the past people to 2019, poor young natalie will be super shocked of what has happened to her in 2019

Things don't happen to people unless it's accident or natural disaster, people make things happen

That I agree. If can't find handbag wait till reach her house can ask family member to help pay right????

Haha didn't know is part of the role of driver to go to ppl house request for money. If happen every trip how?

I think she genuinely wanted to pay but cannot find her handbag....  :-\

The outcome is the same, never pay and time wasted

Chit Chat Corner / Re: This bathtub costs nearly $25K!!!!!
« on: July 16, 2019, 04:49:00 am »
Looks solid. Can consider for my new house.   :-*

New wife?  :-X

We all grow old one day, it's not old ppl problem but communication problem

Just assume u buy a puppy. Also not your own blood. But who cares. Enjoy fatherhood and happy family

U r guy ah? Or girl  :-X

 I don't believe it's real lo, if gt such situation definitely will not marry... later the guy find out later n become murder case

She should pay the taxi fare ...

Bow 90degree then do a somersault and present with a bouquet of fresh rose

All About Love / Re: She hides her relationship status in facebook
« on: July 08, 2019, 06:07:09 pm »
Hi, I was wondering like I remember when I was in school days during the first day of class, I saw some of my female classmates were friendly as they wave hi to me and also to the others. I exchange social account like facebook with some of my friends whom I made friends with in the class. After adding some of my friends, I browse through their friend list and I saw some of the girls who wave hi to me. I notice most of them reveal their relationship status as Single. After adding them and accepting me as their friend, they hide their relationship status. Most of the girls I encountered were like that mostly towards me. I asked some of my friends about it and they said that they don't notice this at all as these girls added my friends initially. I wonder did anyone here encounter this awkward situation?  ???

U think too much.
Always do more action than thinking more likely to achieve your goal


always choose classy hotels in case you are found dead from strenuous activity …. :-[

Wow u already plan for long term  :-X

All About Love / Re: AMA - Dating Coach
« on: July 07, 2019, 07:38:48 pm »
one big problem with us men (including me) is that we tend to misunderstand friendliness for "intimacy".
its not, most of the time, women are just friendly with us.

thats the big issue with many men from EDMW too, they think that women are friendly and then not interested to be lovers, means they are being "friendzoned" or golden women too good for them.
its merely friendliness.  ;D

Men misunderstand everything and anything as intimacy la lol

The men there r v gross can even kidnap and rape neighbour's dog.

Hope won't see more of such news happening locally next time.

I personally won't step into this type of country, dunno what kind of demon possess their folks

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Why didn't you woo your college crush
« on: July 07, 2019, 11:15:40 am »
Isn't stalking creepy? ???

Logically the person won't / can't do anything ma ???

Hoh jiak both? ???

Go there jiak will know liao ma, lol

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