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ask bbcwatcher or shinythings come here and help more ladies to get started on finances!

The Moneymind forum is a whole lot livelier than the moribund state of affairs here where mostly you have a tiko uncle posting salacious news right ?  ;) :P :-[

Why would they contribute here? ???

Chit Chat Corner / Re: wishing all singaporeans a sad sad 2019
« on: January 12, 2019, 11:04:10 am »
comedian actress is only possible  :P
You mean like Koh Cheng Mun?

how did u get started? maybe u can share with us more.
because when we see your current knowledge, i am a little bit too awed stuck and not sure how to start

Actually i didn't have a plan and it was purely happenstance that i got started on my investment journey.   So maybe by sharing firstly my mistakes you will learn not to make them  ;)

My first was buying life policies and endowment plans early in life. I have policies from NTUC, AIA, Prudential  GE Life etc ... that was my first mistake thinking that "forced" insurance premiums was a good way to save.  those were the days before blogging and the internet. We didn't know better.  Fortunately i didn't buy ILPs or at least didn't know about them/weren't sold those products by my agents.

As they say Buy-Term-Invest-The-Rest - this ought to be the mantra for young folks out there.  Get the cheapest term policies when you have dependents.  Use the difference saved to buy stocks and ETFs. 

My second mistake was buying unit trusts from UOB at 5% sales charge and setting up RSP plans for those funds at 3 - 5% sales charge.  :o ::) .... i eventually sold them and switched to using DBS platform at 0% sales charge until 2 years ago when DBS increased it to 0.82%.

Still unit trust/mutual funds are not a great way to invest because of the initial sales charge and recurring sales charge if you have an RSP in place.  These costs are on top of the management fees upwards of 1% the funds charge you yearly.

These are frictional losses you can avoid by buying ETFs directly on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and SGX via SCB or IBKR advocated by Shinythings aka Joshua Gersh

The other takeaway from my unit trust fiasco is that consistent investment or dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) helps.  It is a discipline one must adopt in your financial journey.  So despite all the frictional losses from charges by the banks and fund managers, i still came up ahead because of RSP.  I could be way ahead if i had applied the same discipline to ETFs of course.

As an example my average cost over the years into First State Dividend Advantage is around $1.68 per unit, it is now at $1.77. And i have received dividends at a rate between 3.8% - 4% over the years.   Not bad as UT goes but it could have been better.

I have no doubt that if lse.vdpx or lse.idap ETFs were available back then and by investing the same amounts at the same intervals, i would have produced far superior returns than with the same efforts at First State DIVA.

I still have 200k worth of UTs. Kept them because of their dividends that help smooth out the months where no REIT dividends are paid.

Anyways, as far as your personal investment journey goes, it is important to get started and keep at it consistently.  Life is long gamma ....

Interest Groups / Re: Hot Babes
« on: January 11, 2019, 07:22:08 pm »


 :o woah.... dunno whether got CSB or not .... more than a $1 million?

I wonder old geoduck like me got LKB want or not?

do u invest in your own business or sidelines?
pure financial investment?
Assuming that you are addressing this question to me as TS?
No i don't have sideline. Purely financial investment.

wah thats a lot of REIT.

your retirement fund is bulky.  :P

i'm comfortable lar :P

I read and learnt/benefitted a lot from bloggers like @kyith

besides I got on the REITs bandwagon quite early and stuck with them.

it is important to have a financial goal and game-plan,  and review them regularly.

I don't discount circumstance as well - I wanted to buy 2nd investment property like most of you but my wifey is too kia-si so I diverted my cash into REITs purely by chance in the hopes of generating enough to reach that 20% downpayment on my own.  so in a way I was lucky.

actually my holding of ETFs are very small compared with my REITs - something which I am aiming to correct over the next few years.

what reits have you bought into?
more importantly... any REITS u will recommend now at the current market situation?

my biggest positions in descending weightage:
sgx.C38U CapitaLand Mall Trust
sgx.C61U CapitaLand Commercial Trust
sgx.ME8U Mapletree Industrial Trust
sgx.A17U Ascendas REIT
sgx.N2IU Mapletree Commercial Trust
sgx.M44U Mapletree Logistics Trust
sgx.RW0U Mapletree North Asia Trust

I can't recommend REITs with conviction at this juncture.  there has been a strong run-up recently and we're close to reporting quarter which tends to skew prices to the upside.

caveat emptor.

Chit Chat Corner / Re: wishing all singaporeans a sad sad 2019
« on: January 11, 2019, 10:58:21 am »
;D I can't stop laughing  :P

if you can find a woman to make you laugh, you will have a happy marriage :)

Not possible to be publicity stunt.
But more guys will go apply.
More women will go see.
I wonder every night 33岁富家女 hang how much flower? ???

Wow! Uncle beaver knows a lot about etf
Any more tips for new young ladies starting investing and savings

lse.vwrd - "one etf to rule them all" ... tee hee hee .... 3,100 stocks globally ....  :P

My tips?
The first $100k is the hardest but it is critical and it gets easier by $200k - $300k so keep at it and persevere.
The first $1million is where the fun stuff begins
Read "Rich by Retirement" - Joshua Gersch
Find an investment style that works for you (unker likes REITs but it may not work for everyone)
You need only 1 classy black dress
it is not about marrying right but marry the right guy and be the right person to marry

Why kill yourself over gigolo ?!!!  :'(


  :o woaahhh ... zehzeh be careful larrrrr .... donch anyhow get into.people's car leiii ... :'(

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