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Chit Chat Corner / Ah Lians in Disco Van
« on: April 23, 2018, 01:56:15 pm »
ah-lians in disco van ..... I likey ! I likey ! :-*

I google search for her name and  :-X

it is like buying used undies from Rebecca Kam .....

Well, I am also a believer of this; like having a simple list such as what you've mentioned above, but, when you really meet someone that felt like your soulmate that kind of things, whatever the person's character is will just override your list of criteria. Trust me. Love; is indeed blind. So blind that you might just lose your soul to the person that you fell in love with in the very first instance.

it is still a choice ultimately and poor excuse if you ask me for anyone to stick with an inveterate gambler, womanizer, abuser etc.


I knew this girl Grace Heng Cheng Yong from mIRC, she had a wordpress to sell her used panties

Is she pretty? ???

Why pay when u can get them free? ???

Interest Groups / Re: Hot Babes
« on: April 22, 2018, 05:21:39 pm »

Dazzle in the dark teeth is unnatural .... just saying ....

Even Christians struggle with predestination not to mention unbelievers  :-[

Romans 8:29-30

Interest Groups / Re: Hot Babes
« on: April 22, 2018, 04:42:44 pm »

If SARS out of control, i will order army to shoot the infected and burn down their houses .... that's the only away to save Singapore from the zombie apocalyse ....

got interpret my one?
Ppl in crisis asking for help

Izziiiit look like this one your dream?

It was not just once, but it occurred quite a few times. I dreamt of having the ability to fly. but the take is, I have to flap my arms so that I can fly higher and higher. I know it sounds funny. But well, it's so memorable. lol..

That's easily explained by Freud ....  :P

@happyshar  -ermmmm ... i think TS mean dreams when u are asleep not day-dreams when u are awake laaaarrrr ....   :P

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