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Still preparing war chest
Dunno when to start buying

You can start small.

Don't be hamstrung by inaction and sucked into analysis paralysis

Buyer's remorse might plague you but take comfort in the time horizon before you.

News, Current Affairs Discussions / Re: EDMWers Fantasy Tammy NYP
« on: January 13, 2019, 10:56:40 pm »
She on public transport? Thought marry rich guy di

Sibeh MILFy ... my type ...  :-*

I kinda envy wor, once they are born they got all the money and connections and funds and knowledge to build even more wealth (if they are ambitious). Even they fail or unambitious nv do work oso still hv shitloads of Money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. If I were in their place definitely can do so much better.

Their only Achilles heel is not being able to buy everything with money prolly that's y can't take such setbacks when things don't go their way.

You mean like leaping off a building? ???

Weak-mindedness is a trait for such富二代 fellas? ???

Obviously some big canon fairies with no skin in the game there on moneymind , highly opinionated ones at that .....  ::) ::) ::) .... like ervino ...

PS: archcherub ... i'm a  无名小卒

Travel / Re: Winter clothes preparation shop recommendation?
« on: January 13, 2019, 08:46:20 pm »
ahhh, sorry to say but those boots don't pass the test of aesthetics.  :-X

So you are saying i have bad taste? ???  :-[

News, Current Affairs Discussions / EDMWers Fantasy Tammy NYP
« on: January 13, 2019, 06:44:31 pm »

She is still hot AF

Last time bigo got one atb always spend dad money in casino and always laugh at working class coz she claims she doesn't have to work in her life and why should she work lol. I can't rmb her id lol.

Coming from a humble plebiscite background i can never understand the thinking of these fellas ... WTF is going on in their brains!??!!!!

Prolly the woman abit naive also , poor thing. I think China ppl always like watch Korean drama and idolize these Korean boys one leh.
Just abit shock rich will fall for such tricks, May be 2nd gen rich ? Hmm.

I will charge her less ... but really maybe i give her free 'cos i like tall girls .... 

 富二代 doesn't mean can spend papa and mama money so frivolously right .... some more jump and die ... WLE .... !!!!  :-[

For the rich , free means std.
They prolly spend alot on such cca
Higher value less ppl contact

I think she knew him before he was a gigolo in sg

Korean singer leh...
I wonder if that money can hire small time Kpop stars

Maybe the duck is 高手  lei? Can trick ATB ....

I am also a cunning linguist but this fella is high level one ...

Is in qty of flowers de ah? Not in value of $$$¿
Dunno nv go before

I went once and decided it wasn't my scene.

They have value attached to those sashes or flower-rings with denominations from $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000 etc

Pay money to impress thai or china singers ... WTF?!!!  ::)

I'd rather spend money on ah-lians with a more determinate outcome .... can support local products somemore ...  :-*

Some observations from the moneymind thread debate:

In the days of GFC, a number of S-REITs had CDO loans ie banks had a lien on those properties which made financing onerous.  That contagion risk, perceived or otherwise caused a sell-off.

These days most if not all S-REITs are financed with MTN or non-CDO loans ... sequence of events risk are different

Subtle but distinct difference.

PS:   i could finance my debt with perps as well and change the risk metrics for the shareholders too. Trickieeee .... trickieee ...

archcherub who is probably someone here has cross-posted this thread on moneymind sparking another round of debate on direct property investment vs investment on REIT...  :P

Hmmm Raffles JC is it?

Fillette Melioris Aevi still at Steven's road there ...


He said that the man had been using his phone while eating, with the phone connected to the power bank in his pocket at the same time

Chances are high that the powerbank short-circuited because his ar$e sat on it and bent it ....

Darwin Award for Jan 2019

green and white......looks like my former JC in bishan
Auspicium Melioris Aevi  :-X

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