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Storeman right? ???

One of the most stressful vocation in SAF   :-[

Wow so he got to know her through instagram explore tab  ???

Creating Instagram Account nao!  :-*

The story so juicy ... kinda sad it's fake  :-[

Yup.  Gays are pathological liars  .... >:(


The couple has actually been dating for a while, Lee Teng said.

And the story of how they met unfolds like a Korean drama.

In an interview with Toggle, the 35-year-old shared that he first saw Gina's photo on Instagram's explore section and thought that "she was really cute."

So if the proper woman has manly features + muscular, u will choose over decepticon with feminine features?

Depends on whether gotch hweeeeling or not ... :-[

News, Current Affairs Discussions / Re: 54yr old writes letter to CPF
« on: February 14, 2019, 06:18:59 pm »
Without CPF he will be destitute and Pei Du MaMa will not give him the time of the day... stupid fella...see if you have "0" in your CPF, the PDMM will call you "shuai  ge" boh... ::)


....rallying call for BBFAs !!!! Jiayou !!!!

Always swipe right!  Never swipe left unless you are Andy Lau!

They probably won't be informing or bother abt getting jailed because also gonna gone soon.

Yeah.... unsurprisingly these LGBTQ+ have such cavalier attitudes to public safety ...  :-\

This underlines the seriousness of the issue at hand - that gays cannot be trusted to tell the truth.  They are congenital liars through and through .... seeking to embellish their version with alternate realities of fiction ....

MOH should be taken to task for allowing the HIV register to fall into the hands of morally bankrupt individuals.

Please screen and uphold the moral ethos of public service before it is too late. Sibgaporeans  deserve better...  :-[

I thought they got deceived, so they knew  :p

Sometimes  don't understand the proclivity of these deviants like LGBTQ+ peoples....

Give me a proper woman with real boobs and vijayjay anytime ....


Singapore government refutes .....

I think the only way to prove is to release the HIV registry bah ..... if it matches what that chow ang-moh faggot says, then he is telling the truth? ???

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