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Pets & Animals / Re: Dog shampoo
« on: Yesterday at 07:00:12 pm »
yeah.. got some ingredients not meant for our furry friends.

in fact, i say humans don't really need harsh shampoo that damage our natural oils.
i say dog shampoo is more gentle :P

@SarahPB  - you use dog shampoo?  :o

Business & Entrepreneurship / Re: Recurring income business idea
« on: Yesterday at 06:58:39 pm »
this needs capital.
i think TS trying to use effort to get cash flow

Posting clickbaits?
Be a youtube blogger?

Temasek Bonds pay 2.7%
much better than this HL fixed deposit.

risk is very low, given that temasek is government-linked.
If temasek collapse, no point holding singapore dollars also

Close today right?

You got apply mah? ???

Health, Exercise, Diet, Spa & Massage / Re: Any Dancers Here?
« on: Yesterday at 06:50:26 pm »

Wow KPOP !  My zui-ai .... :-*

Anything with water-snake dancing style FTW!

not big mah? quite natural wor

Ok. Later i go scrutinize ....

All About Love / Re: HeartWareZone
« on: Yesterday at 06:48:11 pm »
My relationship goal is to love her when she's least lovable  :-*

Yupz.... score on the dessert part ... jiayous okies ....

Shameless plug for @kyith

TS please stop putting out fake news lei !!!   >:( ::)

becoming a Grab driver nao !  :-X

@red_balloon .... donch so direct shoot ... one needle see blood ... wait EDMW BBFA angwieee you .... :-\

I don't think so. ???

so SBB better izziiiiit? ???

I think can consider SGX.MBH  (corporate bond quasi-investment grade - ie. ungraded by rating agencies)   or the new Temasek Bond .... 2.7% for 5 years ......

jin chio .... :-*

uncle, next time u can just delete such posts... or like me, when I have too much time to spare, i modify her post by removing all the URLs, made them write for nothing like that. hahaha

just delete them. don't patronise such spammers with 0 value added

tee hee hee ..... @RenaPB jin notti ....

are you the ShinyThing from hardwarezone's money mind?

ermmm .... no .... ShinyThing is Joshua Giersch ... author of:
"Rich By Retirement: How Singaporeans Can Invest Smart and Retire Wealthy"

i'm not him for sure ....  ;-)

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