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Hong Kong's consumer watchdog has asked bakeries to change the ingredients used to make cookies and biscuits, after at least 50 types sold in the city were found to contain carcinogenic substances.
On Tuesday, the Consumer Council said it had found traces of glycidol and acrylamide - chemical by-products of the manufacturing process that increase the risk of cancer - in almost 90 per cent of the 58 samples tested between August and October last year.

Meanwhile, 35 types of cookie were found to contain 3-MCPD, another chemical by-product that can harm the kidneys and male fertility.

"Those elements were generated because of the heating of the oil at certain temperatures," said Clement Chan Kam-wing, chairman of the council's publicity and community relations committee.

"We recommend manufacturers study the production process and try to replace the cooking oil."

The watchdog has given the test results to the Centre for Food Safety for further action.
Shortening, margarine and refined vegetable oil were the main types of oil used in making cookies, the council's CEO, Gilly Wong Fung-han, said.
A study by the watchdog last year found glycidol and 3-MCPD in almost 20 types of margarine sold in Hong Kong.
Wong also said the government should source healthy ingredients at a lower cost so consumers can continue to enjoy their favourite snacks, particularly over the upcoming Lunar New Year festivities.
The World Health Organisation does not set a limit for the consumption of glycidol and acrylamide, but the council said members of the public should eat "as little as possible".
Based on standards set by the European Food Safety Authority, an adult weighing 60kg should only consume 120 micrograms of 3-MCPD per day, the council said.
Egg rolls made by Hong Kong company Yuen Long Wing Wah were found to have the highest traces of glycidol at 1,900 mcg/kg, followed by butter egg rolls by Yu Pin King at 1,700mcg/kg.
Of the 48 types found to contain acrylamide, the Quadruple Belgian Chocolate Cookie by British supermarket chain Sainsbury's contained the highest traces at 340mcg/kg. The egg rolls made by Yuen Long Wing Wah were also found to contain 580mcg/kg of 3-MCPD.
In response, the distributor for Yu Pin King, and Sainsbury's, said it had discontinued the egg rolls, but the Sainsbury's product met the standards set by the Hong Kong government.


they should also probe how many contracts awarded benefitted own people around Singapore


Replying to a question by Mr Faisal Manap (Aljunied GRC), Mr Wong said that the land cost for HDB home projects awarded in 2016 and 2017 was about 60 per cent of total development cost.

Other costs included construction, consultancy fees, financing and other project-related costs.

Mr Wong said that HDB's total development cost cannot be fully covered from the sale price of flats because the pricing of new flats follows the objective of keeping public housing affordable.

In the last three years, HDB has incurred an average annual deficit of about $1.14 billion per year for its Home Ownership Programme, he added.

I don't understand why taxpayers have to subsidize all these BTO flats

we should increase the price of flats to at least cover the cost ..... stupid government

Send in our NDU teams to disable those ships' engines and severe their anchors.  Cast them adrift ....

Only silly twits will go north across the causeway to enrich our neighbour when that recalcitrant Tun Mahathir tries his best to screw you at every turn.


The Ministry of Education (MOE) has said it will take action against an Instagram account which targets girls from junior colleges.

The account in question, SgJCBabes, was created last year and posts pictures of female students in uniform, accompanied by lewd captions.

Followers of the private page are encouraged to make inappropriate comments, which are then highlighted on its Instagram Stories.

At time of writing, the page has almost 2,000 followers and 13 posts.

Last December, the page moved to a new account with a similar handle.


What started out as a brief relationship with a man she met at a parenting workshop turned into a nightmare for a woman who was stalked and harassed for months after she had left him.

Tay Ling Choon, 47, pleaded guilty on Monday (Jan 14) to stalking his ex-lover, whose identity is protected by a gag order.

He sent her hundreds of abusive messages, threatened to harm himself and posted graphic advertisements for sex which listed the victim's contact number.

Tay met the 40-year-old divorcee in November 2015 and the pair later started a sexual relationship, Deputy Public Prosecutor Lim Shin Hui told the court.

The victim ended the relationship in January 2016. Trouble began a month later, when Tay started sending her messages about committing suicide to "end his pain", the prosecutor said.

The woman blocked him on various messaging platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Line, but she could not block him from sending her SMSes or MMSes (multimedia messaging services).

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maybe they are broke, her husband has to sell the car

I think it is more practical to invest in a home than a car ... ;)


Because of stupid brainless twits like these that cause fewer IG photos avail for public consumption  >:(

Castrate the owners of these sites .... may they rot in hell ....  >:( >:( >:(

Speak of the devil!   :o 8)

CapitaLand to buy Temasek unit Ascendas-Singbridge in S$11b deal

All my counters including REITs halted this morning

sgx.c31 - capitaland
sgx.A17U - ascendas REIT
sgx.Q1P - ascendas hospitality REIT
sgx.C38U - CMT
sgx.C61U - CCT
sgx.A68U - Ascott Hospitality Trust

Hope there is value creation here ....

Maybe i'll hoot 10 lots of sgx.es3 to tikum tikum ...

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