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Good tips!  This thread should be a sticky! @Junior_Admin

envy you till death ... hahahaha

Unker adopted YOLO gen philosophy .... tee hee hee  :P

slow Wed ending soon

LoL .... i started happyhour liao at 430pm ...  :-X

Yupz... carpe diem!
Seize them with both hands ....  8) :P :-*

But yeah .... we need titillating stories to pass time this slow  Wednesday afternoon.

All About Love / Re: Being the other woman
« on: Today at 03:45:13 pm »
Can niam "ohmytoufu ... ohmytoufu ... mountain vege mountain vege .... *tok tok tok tok tok* ...." ... :-X

All About Love / Re: Being the other woman
« on: Today at 01:12:17 pm »
No S&M .. more towards swinging but with his own countrymen when he has drinking sessions at his place .. some MFM is involved ..
When I started being the other woman .. I was in my late 20s .. He was in his early 50s, non-Chinese ... demanding and never take **NO** for an answer ..
started with submitting to his demands even during my family time .. those after office activities is only peanuts to him .. whenever his wife is away he will demand weekend stayover which was difficult for me as my Sat is bringing my kids to tuition and Sun is church and brunch with family ...

Yeah,  a man needs to be a gentleman and it is a woman's perogative to say "No".   ;)

its the looking back that hurts when missing out of family events ..

"Yesterday's the past, tomorro's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present"  - Bil Keane

Regrets as mentioned is missing out of my kids birthdays and family trips ..

Maybe from a man standpoint .. it too long but for me a married woman .. hmmm I have seen my married galfriends hopping from one relationships to another .. is that good or bad? I have thought of that too when I got hit on by men and my husband's business partners ...

What I got out of the relationship is more on the sexual needs .. which was lacking after kids is out .. the 3 years+ provide me an outlet to enjoy interracial sex .. something to look forward to beside the boring 9-6 and marriage ...

Seeking validation from outside your marriage when the hubby/wifey is not giving any ....

KTV lounge gal told unker before "拿得起放得下" - so long as one has clarity of mind and purpose ...

Yeah.. haha. let's see how it goes as "friend".

 ;D 闪友 FTW  8)

YOLO and 闪玩族 are best friends  :P :-*

All About Love / Re: Being the other woman
« on: Today at 12:01:06 pm »
Am newbie here, saw your post..
I was in that similar experience but went in with my eyes open wide .. went on for 3 years++ .. until his demands started getting too out of hand..
50 shades of grey type izzziiiiit? ???

S&M? Swinging? MFM?

My job required me to work beyond 6pm .. family did not question much whenever I gave excuses not to be home for dinner or reached home late..
Initially it was tough trying Time Management as *my boss* tends to dropped last minute agenda for me to be with him.. missed my kids birthdays couple of times .. and not able to go along on family trips during their school breaks..
Sort of got into my boss demands and was addicted to the sexual plays .. guess thats why I was with him for more than 3 years

I'm usually bored after 2 weeks .... 3 years is a long time and "sacrifice" for the "boss"

To get into the long game,  there must be something missing that you're hoping to get out of the relationship.

No regrets?

Clothes & Shopping! / Re: Hi, i'm from sri lanka
« on: Yesterday at 10:47:24 pm »
Hey, understand how you feel .... i usually drink more mango lassi to cool down ...  8)

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