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I thought they were selling cheap buns? ???

Luckily I have no shares in SPH apart from its REIT .... even so a very small position which I will eventually divest  :-\

Wow ...  :o ... if true then Natalie has been a very naughty girl indeed  >:(

If you’re a Huawei user and have been waiting for the release of the HongMeng OS, we have disappointing news: Huawei will not be doing so.

As per Forbes report,  Liang Hua, Huawei’s Chairman made it clear that HongMeng was never developed for Smartphones and Huawei has not decided the fate of Hongmeng till now.

More at

Huawei jin stupid.

There is already a hand phone OS that has communications built as its core that they can port .....

How much insurance agents make? ??? .... need to spend so much effort to recover lost business men?  :P

The outcome is the same, never pay and time wasted

She got drunk at CQ and her friend chucked her into the taxi without making sure her handbag is with her.  :-\

She should pay the taxi fare ...

I think she genuinely wanted to pay but cannot find her handbag....  :-\

Chit Chat Corner / Re: This bathtub costs nearly $25K!!!!!
« on: July 16, 2019, 06:36:34 pm »
New wife?  :-X

 :o how did you leap to that conclusion ???

天高皇帝远 .....


What an idiot ... he could have any girl he wants but chose someone else's wife .... some would have gotten killed for such a slight....  ::)

I like these cool story bro NUS Whispers.... got EDMW de 感覺 .... :-*

I call Dr Lee Pinoy doctor and I also poke and laugh at him. No, I didn't get him fired. He probably was too direct and make some people upset. Life is short, I do what I like. I buy what I like, I eat what I like. But I will not hurt people like that. Btw, I am uncle is 40s. I was once young and  now I still feel and think like I am when I was in teenager, young adult and now 40s uncle. I believe I will still think the same except I am slower only.

I think in some ways his defiance and irreverence sort of encouraged some of them to take him down.

Hey you are 40's only... 40's is the new 30's ...!!!!

Unkers jin steady huan  8) .... unkers FTW!

I am a very regular guy from HWZ, what is your problem?

Luckily you are a regular guy  ;) .... that makes you outside the continuous probability distribution exhibited by most of the vocal siao-langs expressing extreme misogynist views in HWZ forum.

Did you get Dr. Christopher Lee fired from his job? ???

Btw,  your problem is with Herr Commandant - a moderator on another forum.  Not this one ;) so take it up with her there. 

Petalbytes is like Hard Rock Cafe - "Love All, Serve All" .... :-*

I got permanent ban from that forum because some adhd insulted my girl

Seriously?!!! ..... good to know that you stood up for your galfren  8) .... she should appreciate you for that gesture  ;)

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