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A CPF member who would be turning 65 in May this year, recently received a mail from the CPF Board. It informed him that he would be eligible to receive S$250 per month for about the next 8 years when he hit 65.

It also enticed him saying that he can get higher payouts if he delays the start of his payouts after age 65. In fact, if the member does nothing, by default, he would only start getting his payouts at age 70.

And if he still wants to get his payouts starting at 65, he must inform the CPF Board.

How to survive $250 in Singapore for 1 month, let alone 8 years?

In any case, at $250 per month, it's not known how the CPF member is going to survive in Singapore for one month, let alone 8 years.

And even if he is able to survive and scrape through by cleaning tables at hawker centers, it's not known if he can continue to do so after 80+ years old.

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Chit Chat Corner / NSFW: sick graphic child abuse posters
« on: January 16, 2019, 03:47:01 pm »

Stomp contributor Johnson Ang's wife was left injured after falling off her bicycle on Saturday morning (Jan 12) -- no thanks to a bus who went too close towards her.

The incident occurred along Choa Chu Kang Road, towards Bukit Batok, at around 8.11am.

Johnson, who was cycling in front of his wife, captured the incident on video.

The 52-year-old recounted: "The coach was travelling beside my wife.

"As it approached my wife, it drove closer and closer, causing her to react instinctively and ride closer to the kerb to avoid the coach."

"As a result, she hit the kerb and fell towards the grass verge," he added.

Johnson said that his wife, 49-year-old Grace Tan, hit her head and sustained abrasions on her left leg as a result.

Chit Chat Corner / GrabHitch Implements Number Masking - EPIC FAILURE
« on: January 15, 2019, 03:05:10 pm »
Dear Grab Team,

I refer to your recent implementation of number masking for GrabHitch rides. I’m presently writing in as a GrabHitch driver.

The recent masking of cellphone numbers has resulted in a plethora of failures for both Hitch Drivers and passengers. Please refer to the Singapore GrabHitch Community Page on FB to understand what is happening. My SMS text messages are being severely delayed and I’m also not receiving prompt confirmation for Hitch bookings. In addition, passengers are not ready for pickup because they aren’t receiving messages instantaneously, despite being sent ahead of time. Please bear in mind that GrabHitch is a service catered primarily to private car drivers travelling through a defined route. We are not obligated to spend wasted time waiting for passengers because of such problems. As cancellations will inevitably increase because of this unfortunate problem, it will cast a negative perspective of the GrabHitch service and ultimately of Grab in itself.

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The recent tension between Malaysia and Singapore resulted in several day tours to Johor for Chinese New Year shopping to be cancelled, reported Sin Chew Daily.

Groups of Singapore residents communities who organised these trips expressed concern over the strained relationship between both countries, and had decided to cancel the day trips to avoid any unexpected complications.

The annual day trips to Johor to shop for Chinese New Year goods and enjoy local delights had been advertised since November and seats were taken up quickly.

Fees paid by participants were fully refunded. Some Singaporean residents also said they refused to shop in Malaysia due to the recent tension of both countries.

Questioning Malaysia's sincerity in resolving the bilateral disputes, several Members of Parliament (MPs) on Monday (Jan 14) wanted to know how much Singapore is willing to tolerate, in the face of continued provocation by its neighbour despite repeated warnings from the Republic.

In response, Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan made it clear that Singapore has “sharp elbows” and was not afraid to use them when necessary.

 “Any country dealing with Singapore must not assume that it is cost-free to embark on any adventures or antics against us. There will be consequences,” he said. 

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Absent from the recent efforts to increase the diversity of students at Singapore’s independent schools – through which students from low- or middle-income families will enjoy fee subsidies and could qualify for a scholarship for out-of-pocket expenses (ST, Dec. 29) – is a focus on access as well as broadened definitions of success. Put otherwise: In addition to improving the affordability of these schools for academically gifted students from low- or middle-income families, there are outstanding questions on the proportion of students who gain access to these schools in the first place, and on students from these families who may not demonstrate the same scholastic aptitudes, and yet have other talents or abilities which ought to be nurtured.

Any attempt to boost diversity, furthermore, ought to be anchored by baseline figures on the present state of diversity in these top schools, and thereafter the extent to which the policy is expected to improve the status quo. In other words, what is the proportion of students from low- or middle-income households – especially since the Ministry of Education collects data on monthly gross household income and per capita income for administration of the fee subsidies and the financial assistance scheme, which should allow it to provide aggregated statistics at the level of the schools – and how is it expected to increase?

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Chit Chat Corner / [shih tzu] Furry babies having Oatmeal - Very Cute!
« on: January 12, 2019, 03:47:34 pm »

A massage parlour owner in Singapore alleges that he engaged a service from SingPost that prints and distributes flyers, getting them to print and deliver 65,000 copies for S$7,000, only for the mail company to fail to fulfil their end of the commercial agreement.
To make matters worse, 32-year-old Chen Rong Sheng claims that SingPost tried to dupe him into thinking that the task had indeed been carried out.
The incident was reported by Lianhe Wanbao on Jan. 10, 2019.

................The police confirmed with Wanbao that they did indeed receive Chen’s report.

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The Lee Family Saga continues with LHY’s latest Facebook post, from Thursday night, January 10.

It was a very eventful week in the lives of Singapore’s so-called first family, that included legal troubles with the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) for Lee Hsien Yang’s wife and son, Dr. Lee Wei Ling weighed in, saying that she had debunked allegations made by PM Lee back in 2017, and the Prime Minister himself staying mum on social media concerning family matters, but coming up against blogger Leong Sze Hian, against whom he brought a lawsuit for defamation.

It has gotten to the point that netizens are either asking the Lees to solve their family matters in private, or asking Lee Hsien Yang to join the opposition in order to defeat the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) in the next General Election.
Interesting times indeed.

In his latest salvo, the Prime Minister’s younger brother said that if Lee Hsien Loong took issue with the late Lee Kwan Yew’s will, he “should have lodged a complaint as a private citizen.”

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green and white......looks like my former JC in bishan

There’s never been much love lost between AMD and Nvidia when it comes to GPUs, but Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang’s recent comments about AMD’s just-announced Radeon VIIare rather cutting.

Huang blasted the GPU as “underwhelming,” according to PCWorld, noting “The performance is lousy and there’s nothing new…[There’s] no ray tracing, no AI. It’s 7nm with HBM memory that barely keeps up with a 2080. And if we turn on DLSS we’ll crush it. And if we turn on ray tracing we’ll crush it.”

As for FreeSync, according to Jen-Hsun, it’s not even in competition with AMD. “We never competed,” Huang told PCWorld concerning FreeSync support. “(FreeSync) was never proven to work. As you know, we invented the area of adaptive sync. The truth is most of the FreeSync monitors do not work. They do not even work with AMD’s graphics cards.”

Huang went on to brag that the RTX 2080 is sold by every vendor before saying “It’s a weird launch, maybe they thought of it this morning.” Huang didn’t confine himself to insulting AMD; he also went after Intel, saying: “Intel’s graphics team is basically AMD, right?” Huang asked. “I’m trying to figure out AMD’s graphics team.”

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