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News, Current Affairs Discussions / No need to worry about 4G leadership
« on: January 08, 2019, 12:53:55 pm »
The process of leadership renewal in Singapore does not happen overnight. Current leaders slowly expose younger leaders to more responsibilities over time, allowing them to adapt to the heavy load of taking Singapore forward, instead of throwing them into the deep end, where any mistake made would have serious consequences.

Singapore's method of leadership renewal has already proved its worth twice, with transitions spanning four decades. Thus, one might even call it foolproof, and Singaporeans should have no reason to worry about the fourth-generation leadership.

Torance Tan Ying Liang, 14

News, Current Affairs Discussions / A retired Sinkie in jiuhooland...
« on: January 08, 2019, 12:52:10 pm »
Amidst its prohibitively high cost of living, Singapore's ministers like Khaw Boon Wan and Mah Bow Tan have openly urged their citizens to send their parents to old folks homes in JB.

One such Singaporean family obediently complies with the directive, and sends their father to an old folks home in Johore Bahru.

After six months, they don't feel good about it and decide to go and check it out. After all, it's Malaysia .....

Upon seeing their father in JB, the first question they ask the old man is, "Ah Pa, how the 'chiu hoo kia' (a derogatory term for Malaysians) here treat you?"

"I'm ok here. People here have respect for one another. I like it here."

"True or not?", the son asks in disbelief.

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Chit Chat Corner / Re: wishing all singaporeans a sad sad 2019
« on: January 07, 2019, 02:24:59 pm »
Go courts buy lamp can already will have light

Chit Chat Corner / special photo set for uncle beaver :P
« on: January 07, 2019, 02:23:45 pm »


Here are 4 things you should know about Lee Suet Fern (LSF), the wife of Lee Hsien Yang, involvement in the drafting of LKY’s will and the AGC

1 – As a daughter in-law, she drafted the Last Will overnight and her husband’s share increased. When probed, She and Hsien Yang said that LKY usual lawyer cannot be contacted. LKY was 90 years old at that point of time.

“Questions were raised about the role of his brother Hsien Yang and sister-in-law, lawyer Lee Suet Fern, in preparing the seventh and final version of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s will, in a lengthy statement issued by his lawyers on Thursday (June 15) night. The document differed markedly from its previous version, in that it gave equal shares of their father’s estate to all three of his children.

This was a reversal of a decision that the late Mr Lee had made in his second-last will, in which Dr Lee Wei Ling, his only daughter, was given an extra share of the estate.”

“Unlike all the previous wills, the final one was not prepared by their cousin, Ms Kwa Kim Li, a lawyer at Lee & Lee, the firm co-founded by the late Mr Lee and his wife Kwa Geok Choo. Instead, it had been prepared by lawyers from Mrs Lee’s law firm. This happened after Ms Kwa was removed from an email list regarding the last will on Dec 16, 2013, by Mr Lee Hsien Yang.
He told his father he could not get in touch with Ms Kwa and believed she was away.

He also said he thought it was not wise to wait for her to return and suggested having lawyers from his wife’s law firm, including a partner of the firm, prepare the will and witness the signing.

On Thursday (June 15), PM Lee questioned the decision, saying that it was unclear what efforts his brother had made to get in touch with Ms Kwa. Ms Kwa had also said to Mrs Lee that she did not receive an email sent by her immediately before being removed by her husband from the email chain.

It was not clear why his brother thought there was an urgency to the signing of the last will. “It is however interesting that he suggested that his wife, clearly an interested party, and her partners would prepare the new will,” he said.

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Tesla is breaking ground on Gigafactory 3 in China today as it moves forward with its accelerated plan to establish manufacturing capacity in the country due to the uncertain trade situation.
Earlier this summer, Tesla announced a deal with the Shanghai government to build a wholly owned local factory.

Tesla then accelerated the Gigafactory 3 plans in response to the trade war between the US and China.
In October, Tesla announced that it secured 210-acres of land for Gigafactory 3 in China and said that it is ‘on track’ with an accelerated construction plan.

Last month, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Shanghai Ying Yong stated that Tesla “basically completed land leveling and is about to start construction” at Gigafactory 3. The project is “expected to be partially put into operation in the second half of next year.”

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Bre Payton, staff writer for conservative news site The Federalist and frequent TV commentator, died Friday, one day after was found unconscious and hospitalized with the flu. She was 26.

Federalist publisher Ben Domenech confirmed Payton’s death. “Bre has  passed. We are devastated,” Domenech wrote on Twitter Friday. “Last we saw her, she was her funny, smart, vivacious self. Now lost to us so suddenly.”

Payton was admitted to a San Diego hospital Thursday after a friend  found her unconscious and barely breathing in her apartment. After a  series of tests, Payton was diagnosed with the H1N1 virus, commonly  known as swine flu, and possible meningitis, according to a CaringBridge fundraising page set up for her.
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Montessori kindergartens and preschools are popular here in Singapore. Many Singaporean (and expat) parents pay over a $1,000 a month for their toddlers to get educated under this method. For reference, preschool fees in Singapore are usually around $500-$600 a month.

Yup, as you can see, for many parents in Singapore, the spending starts during the toddler years. So are these expensive preschools worth it?

What is the Montessori method?

The Montessori Method is an educational approach developed by an Italian doctor and educator, was designed based on studies conducted on the natural behaviour of children.

It is supposed to feed children’s natural thirst for knowledge, and to provide an environment that promotes their healthy development. So rather than have children obsess over alphabets and numbers, by contrast, the Montessori method involves a lot of discovery sessions, freedom of movement and mixed age learning.

What does a Montessori school look like?

A true Montessori school tends to have larger spaces divided into different activity zones to enable children to engage in exploration, rather than your traditional crammed-with-desks layout. There should be spaces dedicated to experimentation, such as discovery areas on the floor.

You should also not see piles of textbooks or assessment books as you would in a traditional classroom. Instead, there should be an abundance of materials that promote hands-on learning, which often look like puzzles or building blocks made with natural materials.

As another hallmark of Montessori-style education is mixed-aged classes, you should see children of various ages sharing a space.

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It's Christmas in America: The President is home alone in the White House, ranting at his foes inside and outside; an administration lurching deeper into crisis; stock markets are in free fall and the government is paralyzed by a partial shutdown.

Donald Trump is spending the festive season as he did much of the year, sparking chaos and raising concerns in the capital and around the world about his impulsive behavior and boiling with frustration as he barges right up to the limits on his power.

 One reason for his fury: A favorite barometer of his own success has been stripped away by days of savage losses on the markets. In a shortened Christmas Eve session, the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled more than 600 points after a bizarre attempt by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Sunday to calm investors by consulting with the CEOs of top banks backfired. Losses were compounded by another of Trump's Twitter attacks on the Federal Reserve -- following revelations that he has asked if he can legally fire the independent central bank's chairman, Jerome Powell.

The Dow fell 2.91% and the S&P 500 dipped 2.71% in the biggest Christmas Eve declines in the two indices' history. The slump came after the stocks last week had their worst week since the Great Recession a decade ago, and the last time the market fell so far in December was in 1931, during the Great Depression.

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There's no complaint when public figure earn thru fame, there shouldn't be complaint when public figure get scrutinized or criticised by public due to fame too.
Fame is a double edged sword, u can't hv everything gd all at once.
There is one solution, don't become famous.

these shameless women are infamous, not famous. Don't mix up the two.

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