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Of the 7,251 foreign students who applied for permanent residency (PR) between the years 2000 and 2017, 5,932 were granted PR status, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Josephine Teo on Tuesday (6 February).

Speaking in Parliament, Teo added that of these permanent residents, 1,072 subsequently took up citizenship as at the end of 2017. Eighty-five of them have renounced their permanent residency.

The Minister was responding to a parliamentary question from her fellow Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC MP Saktiandi Supaat, who wanted to know the trend among foreign students applying for PR status in Singapore in the last decade.

In response to Supaat’s supplementary question on the nationalities of the students whose applications were successful, Teo said she did not have the detailed breakdown, adding that it would reflect the profile of the foreign student population in Singapore.

“I think a good majority of them would come from Asia,” said Teo.

SINGAPORE: An aircraft that was taking part  in the Singapore Airshow caught fire following an accident at Changi Airport on Tuesday (Feb 6) afternoon. 

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) said that at 1.24pm, an aircraft from the Black Eagles aerobatic team  from the Republic of Korea Air Force skidded and crashed into the grass verge at the side of Changi Airport's Runway 1 and caught fire.

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Chit Chat Corner / Education = Stratification of Labeling?
« on: February 06, 2018, 03:37:58 pm »
I was talking to some parents about education recently. They expressed hopes of wanting to send their children to international schools in Singapore but could not do so because such a move isn't permitted by our government.

Unlike Hong Kong, you could choose to send your children to an international school. In fact, in order for those international schools operating in Hong Kong to enjoy preferential treatment for land lease and such from the government, they have to make sure that a certain percentage of their enrollment are local Hong Kong students.

However, the reasons given by these parents who wanted to send their children to international schools are not exactly right. They wanted to do it because they were under the impression that the curricula in an international school was more relaxed, less pressurizing etc. These may be true but still they should not constitute the core motivation behind such desires.

Our education system, or rather most Asian education systems, are designed for only two main purposes. For Singapore, it is about "identifying" the "smarter" ones and potential "scholars", that's about it. In the GCE 'O' and 'A' Level examinations, they will introduce various less than direct questions to supposedly "test" the students, this in an attempt to "differentiate" the "intelligent" ones from the mere average.

In the end, you have a system which feeds the kids lots of funny stuff which would most probably be completely IRRELEVANT to their lives in the future!

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SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Education (MOE) will not be revisiting the names of merged Junior Colleges (JCs), its senior senior minister of state Janil Puthucheary said in Parliament on Tuesday (Feb 6).

He was responding to Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris-Punggol Zainal Sapari, who asked whether the Ministry is willing to reconsider the names of merged schools to manage "ground sensitivities".


Defending the practice of having trials in open court, Law Minister K Shanmugam rightfully said in March last year that justice must not only be done but be seen to be done.

In the case of the City Harvest Church sentencing, all the public  murmurings have been due to the fact that justice was not seen to be done. The disquiet and discontent has been vindicated because the Minister said in Parliament that the government believes the sentences are too low.

The Minister made a cogent point: that those higher up in rank and seniority should be more culpable and liable for more severe punishments, compared with ordinary employees. “That’s really common sense, and there can be no question about that,” he pointedly remarked.

The two words jumped out: common sense. This is precisely what ordinary Singaporeans applied in coming up with the notion that the church leaders got off too lightly. Examples abound, like the case of someone who stole $1,900 from a place of worship and was sentenced to 4.5 years’ jail. In comparison, we are talking about misappropriation of $50 million here and the sentences are lighter.

It just didn’t make sense to the ordinary men and women. Common sense says something is wrong.
But common sense can sometimes be misguided, like when people claim the sentences are light because PAP MP Edwin Tong acted as counsel for Pastor Kong Hee. This may be construed as common sense to some, but it is  flawed and has no basis for justification.

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SINGAPORE: Malaysia and Singapore will set up a stock market trading link between Bursa Malaysia (BM) and Singapore Exchange (SGX) by the end of this year, regulators from both countries announced on Tuesday (Feb 6).

The trading link will allow investors to trade and settle shares listed on each other's stock market more conveniently and at lower costs.

It will also cover post-trade arrangements like the clearing and settlement of the stocks traded.
The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)  and the Securities Commission Malaysia will set up cross-border supervisory and enforcement arrangements, and work together with the two exchanges to operationalise the link.

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On Feb 27, Knight Frank will be putting up for auction a terraced house at 17 Jalan Batai, just off Upper Thomson Road. The vendor is the Public Trustee’s Office (PTO), the administrator for the estates of deceased persons. The owners of the house are believed to be two elderly sisters, Pearl and Ruby Tan.

In 2015, the High Court issued an order that they be presumed dead after skeletal remains were found in the house in September that year. An unsuspecting contractor engaged by the Building and Construction Authority to clear debris from the house discovered a human skull and femur in the guest room. After the discovery, the police reportedly uncovered other skeletal remains in the same guest room, with some buried in soil. It is believed that they are the remains of one of the sisters.

 Those were not the only set of skeletal remains to be found in the house. Almost a decade earlier, when National Environmental Agency (NEA) officers checked the house for mosquito breeding, they reportedly chanced upon a human skeleton lying on top of a toilet.

As the Tan sisters neither left a will nor had legal beneficiaries, the house has been in state possession since 2015, under the Intestate Succession Act. About 1½ years ago, PTO took an unprecedented step by asking interested parties to submit a claim on the sisters’ estate.

A cousin, two nephews and a niece on the paternal side had stepped forward and expressed their interest in claiming the estate but were unsuccessful. Consequently, the PTO engaged Knight Frank to list the property for auction.

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Drug manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur has refused to pay for the used Dengvaxia vaccines procured by the Department of Health (DOH).

These vaccines are worth at least P 1.6 billion.

Sanofi Pasteur Asia Pacific Head Thomas Triomphe told the hearing of the House of Representatives today that his drug company is upholding the efficacy of the vaccine and a refund will be contradictory to the position that they maintain.

"Doing so will mean that the product is ineffective, which is not the case," he stated.

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SCDF on site! Please divert your route!

By now we have all singled out Indians as sex freaks. After all, Delhi is the rape capital of the world, Indian Army is famous for its sexual assaults on civilians and as it turns out Indian navy too doesn’t lag far behind.

Recently the divorced wife of a lieutenant in Indian navy dropped a bombshell on Indian armed forces when she revealed that not only is wife swapping a norm in the Indian navy; it is fast becoming a necessity as only those Indian naval officers liberal enough to share their wives’ get far in their careers.

When the victim, an IIT-Bombay graduate, Sumedha (name changed) quit her Morgan Stanley career to get married, she was shocked to see her dreams shattered within a few months.

Not only did she witness her Navy officer husband in a compromising position with a senior officer’s wife but was told that she too would have to be part of the “wife-swapping evenings” if she wanted her husband to keep his job.

“When I saw my husband with the other lady I started to cry and question my husband. The woman instead shouted at me, slapped me and threatened me with dire consequences if I did not keep quiet,” the 25-year-old said.

“There are parties everyday and the women wear very revealing clothes. Wife-swapping is common here,” she said.

When asked how she could substantiate her allegations, Sumedha said, “I know what I have seen. There has been a complaint filed earlier about wife-swapping in 2011 on INS Dronacharya but the officers involved were posted out and the issue was buried.”

“I was made to bend down and molested, by three of my husband’s colleagues. My husband then threw me out of the house,” she said.

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SINGAPORE: A Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight from Taipei to Singapore was delayed after a bomb threat that turned out to be a hoax.

Flight SQ879 departed Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport at 5.45pm on Friday (Feb 2) and arrived in Singapore at about 10.35pm, about half an hour later than scheduled, according to flight tracking website

An SIA spokesperson confirmed the hoax and said the “aircraft landed uneventfully at Singapore Changi Airport”. He declined to provide further details.

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A college student was found dead in his apartment after losing a lot of money due to the fall of cryptocurrency value. The 20-year-old college sophomore was found dead early in the morning in his apartment room by his mother after dying by suicide.

He was found lying on his bed with a plastic compression pack around his head. A 13L gas tank of helium was also found in his room.

The student took a leave of absence from his university and had been working as a social worker in Busan. After investigating his friends and family, it was concluded that he took his life after a failed investment in cryptocurrency.

He had as much as ₩200 million KRW ($186,000 USD) in cryptocurrency at one point from his investments. However as the Korean government began to crack down on cryptocurrency trading within the country, prices have fallen over 50% from its peak.

Bitcoin’s value peaked at over $19,000 in mid-December. It is currently worth $8,700.

The student had also reportedly been suffering from depression, frequently visited a hospital due to insomnia, where he was prescribed medication.

Chit Chat Corner / Sara Shantelle Lim of Fantasy Desserts, you disgust me.
« on: February 02, 2018, 10:52:19 pm »
One review. One unfavorable review posted by a patron of your artsy fartsy, flash in the pan wannabe cafe is all it took to make you go 360 ballistic on her ass. You raged childishly, insinuated and proceeded to skewer her to the bone. If that isn't bad enough, you actually threatened her with legal action.  Of all the bad habits floating around, you had to pick up the deplorable antics of our nincompoop leaders in government. 

Just because you hail from a privileged background does not accord you the right to treat a fellow Singaporean shabbily. I can't even begin to imagine how frightened and isolated Miss Celena Ho must have felt during this entire episode, especially when she received your letter of demand. As far as bad PR  is concerned, you have certainly written yourself into history books celebrating the worst of the worst. My heartiest congratulations.

If I may offer a honest word, STFU.  Your half -hearted attempts at apologizing are absolutely insulting, even to my grandma currently resting six feet under.  The more you speak out, the more you infuriate the general public.

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