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PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia's debt has reached an alarming one trillion ringgit, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said. He said important measures must be taken for the nation to quickly recover from the situation. He pointed out that the country only used to have debts of around RM300 billion when he was the prime minister previously. "But now, our debts have reached more than one trillion and we need to solve this," he said at the monthly assembly with the civil servants under the Prime Minister's Department.

Dr Mahathir said many changes needed to be made but he was confident that it could be done with the help of civil servants. "We are confident that we can overcome the challenged but we need civil servants who are efficient and trustworthy to achieve this changes. "As administrators, one must put the rule of law above all else and those tasked to carry out their duties must help to clean things up so that Malaysia can be on the road of recovery. All of us must work together to achieve this,” he said.

He said possible changes were being thoroughly studied but it was too soon to disclose what they were. Dr Mahathir said he wanted undivided support of the civil servants to get Malaysia back on the right track of economic recovery. "It won't take too long for the country to recover and be respected once again, if all of us work together,” he said.

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 - We are Teachers. Yes. I repeat. We are Teachers. (Well, supposedly an honourable profession)

- We would save YOUR children if a bomb threat happens at school or the school is on fire. Yes, its no surprise, we would die to protect YOUR children. (No, not drama at all, unexpected things happen all the time, nothing is impossible anymore.)

- No we are not perfect, but we try to be every single day.

- You have 1, okay no, maybe a maximum of 5 children at home. We attend to more than 10, up to 25 or 30 within each class at school. Yet, when you tell us your child fell at home, we are there to advise you on how you can better manage things and avoid future incidents. When your child falls in school, we quietly acknowledge your shouts, your screams, lower our heads and apologise. We apologise while our hearts ache for YOUR child because we love them. (Yes. You heard me. We love YOUR children with all our heart and soul.)

- Some of us, who are mothers, spend more time with YOUR children than our own flesh and blood.

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He was fully naked in his living room and left his front door wide open while watching television when a female neighbour came over to tell him to lower the volume of his television set.

A day later, he threw a shared bicycle down 15 storeys from his block. He committed both offences while intoxicated.

Philip Sudhan Dhanaraj, 54, was jailed 24 weeks by the State Courts on Friday (18 May) after pleading guilty to four charges – appearing nude in a private place exposed to public view, committing a rash act, theft and committing an obscene act in public. Two other charges of theft and intentionally causing alarm were taken into consideration for sentencing.

On 23 February 2018, after he was spotted being naked, Dhanaraj went over to his neighbour’s flat with a towel wrapped around his lower body and argued with her. The neighbour then called the police.

A day later, he threw a bicycle belonging to shared rental bicycle company Ofo down from his block. A neighbour living on the 13th floor heard something crashing onto the ground and went out of his flat to investigate. He looked up and spotted Dhanaraj, who was intending to throw another bicycle over the ledge.

The neighbour shouted at Dhanaraj and told him not to throw the bicycle down the block. Dhanaraj put the bicycle down and returned to his flat. The neighbour then called the police.

Last November, Dhanaraj was at a Starbucks outlet in Bedok Point when he rubbed his genital area in front of a female patron. He persisted with the act despite being told by the patron to stop.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Zhou Wenzhao sought a total jail term of 24 weeks to be imposed on Dhanaraj, who has previous convictions for committing obscene acts in public, theft and committing rash acts.

Dhanaraj’s lawyer Melvin Loh asked for leniency, saying that his client intends to seek help to deal with his alcohol dependency problems.

Addressing Dhanaraj, District Judge Eddy Tham said drinking was the source of his problems and advised him to get counselling and training. The judge pointed out that Dhanaraj’s act of throwing the bicycle down from the HDB block posed a danger to others while his indecent acts were an “assault on people’s senses”.

Chit Chat Corner / Another Scam at carousel again!
« on: May 20, 2018, 11:48:27 am »
Our carousell shop "einashop" has just been scammed and really hope that by sharing this, others will be aware and will not be cheated.

Please share this if you think it is relevant.

Thank you. 💪💪💪

More screenshots at


A 17-year-old student armed with a shotgun and pistol has opened fire in a Texas high school, killing nine fellow students and a teacher, authorities say, in an attack similar to the massacre at a Florida high school in February.

Students said the gunman, identified by authorities as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, first opened fire in an art class at Santa Fe High School shortly before 8:00am on Friday.


The suspected shooter also had explosive devices that were found in the school and nearby, said Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who called the assault "one of the most heinous attacks that we've ever seen in the history of Texas schools".

Photos and much much more at:

SYDNEY: A former policeman who fled Malaysia after being sentenced to hang for the killing of a Mongolian model, in a scandal linked to his country's ousted government, should face a new trial, political leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim reportedly said on Thursday (May 17).

Sirul Azhar Umar, who is now in Australian custody, has claimed he was ordered by "important people" to murder Altantuya Shaariibuu in 2006.

Altantuya was the lover of Abdul Razak Baginda - a former close associate of now deposed Malaysian premier Datuk Seri Najib Razak - who was accused of arranging kickbacks for the purchase of French submarines in 2002.

Opponents of Najib's government have long alleged that Sirul and accomplice Azilah Hadri, members of an elite unit that guards top Malaysian ministers, were scapegoats in the killing to hide the involvement of their masters at the highest levels of government.

Reformist politician Anwar, who was released from prison on Wednesday after his sodomy conviction was quashed by the king following Najib being toppled, suggested Sirul should be brought back to Malaysia for a fresh trial.

He told The Australian newspaper the original trial and the judges' ruling was "compromised" and the reluctance of the judges to call relevant witnesses "made a mockery of the law".

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I believe that taking a gap year can be a great thing, as long as you do it with a purpose in mind. Whatever the purpose might be strongly depends on your personal goals. Perhaps it's about creating music as far as you are concerned, for others it might be securing a temporary job, travel, raising a child, or many other things.

Personally, I've taken a 2-year sabbatical after 3 years in my first job. I spent that time traveling around China and neighboring countries. I've improved my language skills tremendously, went through a great deal of cultural immersion, met tons of very diverse people, grew much tougher mentally and a whole lot more confident.

I reckon the acquisition of such soft skills (cross-cultural competencies, proficiency in languages, organizational abilities and grooming suitable mental fortitude from dealing with unfamiliar, constantly changing environments) can still be highly valuable both to yourself and your future employer. At this point, 6 years later, I've started my own business and have been self-employed for 3 years, something I doubt I could have done without going through that set of experiences.

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The Gifted Education Programme may have produced top leaders, but it has nothing on the Straits Times Forum, a platform for some of our nation’s most brilliant minds.

For example, there is Ms Tan Lay Hoon who once expressed concern for the safety of other commuters after she saw someone sewing on a train, Mr Joe Teo Kok Seah who wanted to stem the rise of tattooing, and Ms Amy Loh Chee Seen who recently called for fried rice to be removed from cooked food stalls.

Of course, not every forum letter writer is equally successful at riling up typically apathetic netizens.

The truth is, getting published in the forum is hard enough, but I notice it takes a specific combination of banality, absurdity, and earnestness in a letter to also make it go viral. All within 400 words.

In other words, challenge accepted.

To see if I could count myself among the nation’s elite, I decided to put my theory to the test. For 14 consecutive days, I submitted one letter daily to the ST Forum.

With the help of two colleagues, I created new email accounts and pseudonyms for this experiment: Yang Wen Yi, Michelle Lee Wei Yit, and Jacob Lau Wei Jun.

My objectives were straightforward: first, get published; second, go viral.

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Chit Chat Corner / What to do about suicidal mother?
« on: May 17, 2018, 07:41:39 pm »
Mom tried killing herself today (has been threatening to for a while over dissolving marriage). She has been previously diagnosed with anxiety but hasn’t seen the psychiatrist in ~4 years.

Recently, marriage issues surfaced again and my mom booked an appointment with the psychiatrist @ IMH for the 21st, but that still seems so far away, especially since today she tried to trick me out of her room so she could grab scissors to slash her wrists.

I’ve removed and hidden all the sharp objects in her room and the bathroom, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do here. Really quite afraid since I’ve never seen my mom like this before.

I keep finding results about SOS but I don’t think that would be very helpful here, doubt she would be open to calling a hotline when she keeps telling me to take care of myself, that she’ll leave me money before she goes, etc.

edit: dad just sent her to imh emergency, still not sure what to expect but thanks guys, let me know any short/long term advice if you’ve been through something similar too, thanks so much again

A male teenager was arrested at Bedok Mall on Thursday (17 May) afternoon after he was spotted wandering about the mall while carrying a pair of kitchen scissors.

According to an eyewitness, 34-year-old freelance copywriter Andrea Heng, the incident took place at around 2pm on the mall’s ground floor.

Heng had been at the mall’s Starbucks outlet when she heard shouting from the other end of the mall. Soon after, she saw the teenager walking slowly past the eatery while carrying a pair of kitchen scissors.

Chit Chat Corner / An Insightful Guide to Choosing Tuition Classes
« on: May 17, 2018, 07:17:16 pm »
 The ongoing debate about whether tuition is necessary or not will never conclude. Some embrace it as a regular part of their life, while others express concern that excessive tuition is counterproductive for the nation. Still, securing good grades is widely considered as one possible vehicle for a fulfilling career. With over 600 tuition centres in Singapore, choosing among the vast selection requires some thorough research. Nevertheless, these are 4 aspects you should consider when deciding on which tuition centre to go for.

1. Search for an inspiring tutor

It is never enough to just find a tutor who is knowledgeable and good in lesson delivery. Beyond poor grades, it is likely that a child’s morale is low and is apprehensive towards that subject. Thus, you are not looking for just someone who can tutor them, but a teacher who can inspire them and spark their interest in that subject. A truly great teacher will find ways to make lessons come alive, and one will look forward to attending his/her class every week.

2. Go for the tried and tested

If you are new to tuition, you may find it helpful to consider the past track record of a tutor. It’s good to shortlist a few tuition centres and find out more details before committing. For example, call up the centre and have an in-depth discussion with the tutors about your needs and how the lessons can help you achieve your objectives. Request to speak directly to the tutor. If the tutor can make you feel comfortable over the phone, chances are that he/she will be able to achieve a positive impact on your learning in class.

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