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Though the case against STR concerns criminal defamation, this article that appeared in ST last year contains some relevant discussions on the common law principle that government cannot sue on defamation.If this principle were to be true, it is certainly arguable that it should apply to s499 of the Penal Code (criminal defamation) as well when reading it with Article 14 of the Singapore constitution that guarantees freedom of expression. The article deals with the case of blogger Han Hui Hui whom I represented when she was sued by a government body:

“In Britain, Derbyshire County Council v Times Newspapers Ltd (1993) laid down the principle in common law that a public body is barred from suing a citizen for defamation because this would discourage free speech.

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Singaporeans, however, do not seem to be happy.

Hundreds of Singaporeans are up in arms over the authorities’ decision to take action against the 5 NSFs and have saluted the young man, asking why the authorities are trying to “cover” this issue up:


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Chit Chat Corner / Jobless philosophy graduate's advice to new students
« on: November 11, 2018, 12:03:54 pm »
Please don't pursue something as impractical as a degree in philosophy. Now that I'm without a job and credentials (granted, I completed 2 internship stints, but the folks in charge didn't give me much to show), I feel like I had completely wasted my university years. Probably should have studied something more useful like Economics. That stupid saying 'follow your passion' only really works if your passion is in something useful to employers; NOT F**KING PHILOSOPHY THAT'S FOR SURE.

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Restaurant chain Spize on Friday (Nov 9) had its licence for its River Valley Road outlet suspended for an unspecified period of time, after 49 people who ate its food fell ill with gastroenteritis.
Of those who fell ill, 21 people have been hospitalised, said the National Environment Agency (NEA), Ministry of Health MOH) and Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) in a joint press release late on Friday.

"The suspension will be in place until NEA is satisfied that the public health risks have been addressed," the release said.

The authorities said they were first notified of the cases on Wednesday and conducted a joint inspection of the restaurant’s premises on the same day.

"Several hygiene lapses were observed, including leaving ready-to-eat food uncovered in a chiller, not providing soap for hand-washing (soap dispenser was faulty) and slotting knives for preparing ready-to-eat food in the gap between the food preparation tables," the authorities said in the press release.

"The operator has been instructed to rectify them immediately," they said.

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SINGAPORE: The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has filed a police report against five of its full-time national servicemen (NSFs) for taking and circulating photos of an accident involving a Bionix vehicle at a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) training ground.

The photos, which have been circulating online, show the Bionix vehicle on top of a crushed Land Rover. SCDF personnel and an ambulance can be seen in the background.

Corporal First Class (CFC) Liu Kai was believed to have been driving the Land Rover. He died in the accident.

SCDF said two of its NSFs who responded to the accident at the Jalan Murai Training Area on Nov 3 took unauthorised photos of the scene. They then sent the photos to some of their fellow NSFs via a WhatsApp chatgroup.

Three of the NSFs who received these photos subsequently forwarded them to their friends, SCDF said. One of the photos subsequently appeared on social media.

"SCDF takes a serious view of the matter and has filed a police report against the five NSFs for their unauthorised actions."

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A Lion Air plane carrying 145 passengers was forced to abort its take-off from Indonesia’s Bengkulu city after its left wing crashed into a pole.

Flight JT633 was due to depart Fatmawati airport in southwestern Sumatra for Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport at 6.20pm on Wednesday.

Local media outlets reported that the left wing of the aircraft hit a pole in front of the airport’s VIP building as it was moving off.

The plane was forced to return to the departure terminal and passengers were placed on another aircraft which left for Jakarta at about 10.10pm, according to CNN Indon­esia.

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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has filed a police report over an online article that it said was false, defamatory and "impugned its integrity".

The report was filed against the author of an article published on Monday (Nov 5) on the States Times Review, an alternative news website, the  central bank said in a statement on Friday.

The Singapore Police Force confirmed that a report was lodged in case of alleged criminal defamation. Investigations are ongoing.

The article, titled "Lee Hsien Loong becomes 1MDB’s key investigation target", alleged that Malaysia had signed several unfair agreements with Singapore in exchange for Singapore banks’ assistance in laundering the funds of Malaysian state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

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Why no statistics on scholarships awarded – inequality?

I refer to the article “Public Service Commission to explore new tools to select more diverse slate of scholarship holders” (Straits Times, Oct 31).

It states that “Singapore’s Public Service Commission (PSC) will explore new tools to ensure that it awards its prestigious scholarship to a more diverse range of students.

In an open letter released on Wednesday (Oct 31), PSC chairman Lee Tzu Yang set out the importance of diversity in the public service and how the move is part of the commission’s ongoing efforts to cast its net wide for Singaporeans from all backgrounds.

For example, he said, many organisations today use game-based assessments to assess candidates for attributes such as perseverance, learning orientation and risk-avoidance.”

All these sounds very good, but shouldn’t the PSC start by giving us some statistics?

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MediShield Life coverage has  been extended in three areas to better protect Singaporeans against  large medical bills, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) in a press release on Wednesday (Nov 7).

Patients who are directly admitted to community hospitals can now claim up to S$350 a day from  MediShield Life - the basic health insurance plan for Singaporeans and permanent residents.

Previously, MediShield Life covered community hospital stays only for patients transferred from an acute hospital.
Patients with conditions such as urinary tract infections, non-surgical wound care requiring inpatient medical care, or inpatient rehabilitation to improve their ability to perform daily activities will be able to benefit from this addition, which has been in effect since Jul 15, said MOH.

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Democrats have taken back control of the House of Representatives but not won a majority in the Senate as the historic “blue wave” they hoped for failed to materialise at the midterm elections.

The achievement means that the Republicans no longer hold both wings of the US Congress, handing Donald Trump’s political opponents a stronger foothold in Washington from which to oppose his presidency.

The Democrats now have the numbers to veto Mr Trump’s proposed laws in the House and launch a string of damaging investigations into his administration through the committees they will control.
However  in the Senate it was a different story, with Republicans unseating a string of Democratic senators up for re-election in states Mr Trump won  in 2016. It indicates many of the president's supporters are still with him two years into office. 

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A Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) full-time national serviceman died on Saturday (3 November) after he was involved in a vehicular incident at the Jalan Murai training area.

Private (PTE) Liu Kai, a transport operator from the SAF’s Transport Hub West, was operating a Land Rover as part of a field training exercise when a Bionix vehicle reversed into his vehicle, said the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) in a news release.

The 22-year-old lost consciousness and was attended to immediately by the on-site medic. The SAF Emergency Ambulance Service and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) were then activated at 10.17am and were on-site at 10.30am.

PTE Liu succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead by the medical officers at around 10.35am.

“Police investigations are ongoing and an independent Committee of Inquiry will be convened to investigate the circumstances leading to the incident,” said Mindef.

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