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A Thai restaurant located in Lubbock, Texas received a disturbing anonymous message on Thursday, demanding that the restaurant’s employees “learn to speak English.” Thai Thai Restaurant posted a photo of the message, which was handwritten on a napkin, on their Facebook page. The note read: “If you’re going to live in AMERICA learn to speak ENGLISH! Or, go back to where you came from!” The identity of the person who wrote the racist message, which was reportedly left at the …

Travel / Re: SG's first ever salt water pool @ The Capitol Kempinski
« on: November 16, 2019, 06:39:30 pm »
Go wear a bikini, take some photos and share them here.....:P

“HSK has again shown his hand that he is still an amateur at the game. I fail to understand why he  adopted this latest course of action. I wonder who was his audience? Was it the Prime Minister, the cabinet and fellow PAP MPs? Was he trying to show them that as heir to the PAP throne, he is indeed a worthy successor to LHL?

“What he should realise is LHL and GCT are not very good examples of strong and decisive PMs. The only reason GCT survived was because LKY was Senior Minister and Minister Mentor from 1990 to 2011, he provided the backbone to these two PMs.

“Well we know why LHL became PM and how he has performed. But at least LHL has pretty decent oratorical skills and is articulate.

 “HSK must now realise that being high-handed does not mean you are a good leader. Look at what people are saying on the internet of his recent spat with Sylvia. A good leader knows when to open up and when to take decisive action.”

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Travel / Re: SG's first ever salt water pool @ The Capitol Kempinski
« on: November 11, 2019, 01:25:39 pm »

On Wednesday (6 Nov), the High Court dismissed an application by Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Vice-Chairman John Tan Liang Joo to declare that he is eligible to contest in the upcoming General Election.

Under the Constitution, anyone who has been convicted of an offence and sentenced to an imprisonment term of more than a year or fined more than $2,000 cannot contest in the General Election or become a Member of Parliament unless he receives a pardon.

Tan, who was fined S$5,000 for contempt of court earlier this year, had argued through his lawyer M Ravi that the word “offence” in the Article only applied to criminal offences. As contempt of court is a quasi-criminal offence, this should not apply to his case.

Mr. Ravi had referred to a past incident during the 1988 General Elections where SDP candidate Jufrie Mahmood was allowed to run in the elections even though he had been found guilty of contempt of court and fined $3,000.

However, Justice Aedit Abdullah dismissed Tan’s application, saying he was disqualified from standing in elections under the “plain words” of the Article. In addition, there were “several difficulties” in relying on Jufrie’s case – such as a lack of details and no official record was tendered.

Speaking to the media, his lawyer Mr. Ravi said that the decision was “deeply disturbing” as this effectively meant that people who are not convicted of a criminal offence can now be disqualified from standing for elections.

Tan is currently the Vice-Chairman of the Singapore Democratic Party.

PAP is the biggest circus in town didn't you know? Clowns and jokers aplenty ......

Hi there. I am not born and bred Singaporean. I moved here at a very young age, went to primary, secondary school, JC, NS and Uni here. I obviously don't look local and has been the target of hostilities, discriminatory remarks from strangers and people i meet for the first time. When people get to know me, they will say. Oh, you are practically Singaporean! You are not one of them. What i don't understand is, why the hate from some people? Why do people feel it's ok to make someone uncomfortable just because they are non local?


I'm attempting the 'A' Levels a second time yet the struggles faced remain very real. Many of us whilst going through such a difficult period might constantly encounter thoughts and voices in our head striving their darndest to deflate spirits: "Oh, maybe I should give up", "Oh, maybe I'm not good enough" etc. - admittedly these still swirl in my consciousness despite me doing battle once more, then again I reckon it's only normal to have them.

That said, it is how you respond in the face of such self-defeating thoughts that matters. Last year, I bought into that BS and believed wholeheartedly that I was not capable enough to do well for the 'A' Levels, hence granting myself a perfect excuse to deliver much lesser than my true potential... eventually I gave up on myself in the lead-up to the exams and regretted it immensely thereafter.

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