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What a loser. Anyway 354K is no biggie.

SINGAPORE — He took a samurai sword from his home to confront a neighbour whom he thought was staring at him.

Ler Hock Chye, 66, ended up poking his 63-year-old neighbour, Ong Kim Hoe, in the chest with the sword, which had a 47cm-long blade.

On Tuesday (22 October), Lee was sentenced to three months’ jail after he pleaded guilty to one count of voluntarily causing hurt with a weapon, and one count of being unlawfully armed with an offensive instrument.

The incident occurred on 14 June last year in the wee hours when Ong left his unit in Marsiling for a stroll. Ler was walking home and passed by Ong at a walkway.

Ong then walked to a corner to rest. Ler, who was nearby, thought that Ong was staring at him. He decided to take a samurai sword from his home to scare Ong.

With the sword behind his back, Ler confronted Ong at a bench. Ler claimed that Ong was following him. Ong noticed that Ler’s hands were behind his back but he did not know what Ler was holding.

Ler suddenly swung the samurai sword forward and used the tip to poke Ong once in his chest. He then swung his sword at his neighbour’s upper torso but Ong managed to avoid it.

Ong later called the police over the incident. The police arrested Ler and seized his sword. His actions were captured on CCTV.

The victim was diagnosed with a small puncture wound over his chest with redness and swelling around it. He later recovered after he was given an injection and medication.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Stephanie Koh sought three months’ jail, describing the attack as unprovoked.

Ler showed some degree of premeditation by returning home to retrieve his sword and hid his sword with the aim of surprising the victim, DPP Koh said.

Tang Gee Ni, Ler’s lawyer, said that his client obtained the sword from a well-wisher when he was the secretary of a pugilistic association. Records showed Ler previously ran the now defunct Soon Hong Art Dragon and Lion Dance.

“When the association was disbanded in 1992...the accused was given a pair of swords and he displayed the swords in own home,” said Tang.

Ler was unemployed and came from a poor background, Tang added. He pays a rental of $50 per month for his flat and also suffers from a serious lung disease.

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you are very vague leh, define good.

Reactions were split to the news a 23-year-old murder suspect who became an online sensation would face lesser charges.

While fans of  internet-infamous Natalie Siow Yu Zhen are celebrating the news that her murder charge has been reduced to assault, critics felt she was getting  off easy for her alleged role in an assault that led to a man’s death in July.

“5K fine and 2 years’ jail for helping end a human life. Seems awfully lenient for an offense. If you think about it, a teacher got eight years’ jail for sex with a minor (not that his sentence should be reduced), which I think in terms of  seriousness is far lesser than helping to end a life,” an Aaron Tan wrote on Facebook. 

The reduced charge means she won’t face the death penalty.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they all escaped the gallows at the end of the investigations. And to people who say they cannot bear seeing pretty girls getting death sentence, you guys are mental. A crime is still a crime, regardless of  who did it,” Wanie Malik said.

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SINGAPORE — Police are investigating an incident where a group of people were filmed fighting in the middle of a road.

In a video circulating online, a number of people are seen scuffling and shouting in the middle of a road at night.


Food Glorious Food / staurants opening and closing at record rates
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In a city awash with Peranakan restaurants, the newly-opened Indigo Blue Kitchen is somewhat of an anomalous situation. Not only is the head chef, Chong Jun Xiang, himself not a baba (Peranakan man), the restaurant’s Peranakan owner, Desmond Lim, is not a cook but the co-founder and director of Singapore’s foremost French fine-dining restaurant Les Amis.

Unlike at Les Amis where the head chef has free rein to dictate the menu, Indigo Blue Kitchen is Lim’s passion project where he personally curates the menu and approves the dishes, leaving the chef to execute. Trained in European gastronomy and an alum of Gattopardo, Alma and 1880, Chong, 29, is the workhorse designate who is expected to bring to fruition the hearty flavours that Lim grew up with and scales it to a bigger audience at Indigo Blue Kitchen.

And how does Chong fare?

Ayam buah keluak

Ayam buah keluak ($24), the unofficial barometer for the greatness of Peranakan restaurants, arrives with three tender pieces of chicken alongside three pieces of plump Indonesian black nut, each brimming with dark and chocolaty kernel puree that has been dug out of its shell, wok-fried with rempah and then stuffed back in. The thick gravy that the chicken pieces wade in, itself rich with savouriness and aromatic spices – as well as traces of buah keluak – that the poultry and black nuts are braised in.

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The sole woman allegedly linked to the Orchard Towers killing burst into tears when told on Friday (Oct 18) that her murder charge has been reduced to assault.

She died so young......RIP. :'( :'( :'( :'(

The State Courts charged Haridass Ramdass, a 75-year-old Singaporean doctor who operated a clinic in Chander Road in Little India at the time of the incident, with the death of a patient, Mr Savarimuthu Arul Xavier, 28. The death was allegedly caused by tablets Ramdass prescribed.

The charge was based on the patient being given a prescription of 10 tablets of methotrexate (MTX) without first arranging for him to undergo the required tests.

MTX is a chemotherapy agent and immune system suppressant. The dosage he prescribed was also not in line with established guidelines, according to the charge slapped on the doctor.

The case is apparently a first in which a doctor is charged with causing death by a rash act under Section 304A(a) of the Penal Code.

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