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well, those inconsiderate morons from my above apartment throws human faeces out from their window to the ground floor, so it is not surprised to me that their food is contaminated with human faeces ::)

Who would throw that  :-X

Travel / Re: Beware of booking room at MBS via "middleman"
« on: Today at 01:18:23 am »
Hen's party got kok-kok-kay join meh? ???

It'll be like asking my fiancee to join my stag party .... which isn't going to be very fun at all ... :-[

Hmm the paragraph on the naked and bikini was highly distracting and irrelevant to the topic this should be a guy who write bah.
Hen party got no kokokay but maybe fake hen lol

Just saying that you should be doing the opposite of your instinct and character  ...

For what if the cost outweighs the gain  ??? Leaping into unknown based on attraction which you can't quantify or put to words. If something renders me less powerful and less in control...It does not contribute positively. If one can feel that something is good but cannot state why, then it might just be the hormones.

Travel / Re: Beware of booking room at MBS via "middleman"
« on: Yesterday at 08:45:42 pm »
I like the naked sauna part .... so did she strip down to her birthday suit or not?  ???

I think it's a guy :-X

Highly suspect the keywords of the essay are naked, bikini, and sauna ...
Instead of the crux of the matter ...

please loh ..... yours is a unique detached personality trait and so it is a subconscious choice.  so if you are talking about doing the opposite, it would be to abandon caution and leap into the relationship ....

I know you how long liao .....

Doing opposite???  ???
Detached Will leap into relation?

Well, I am also a believer of this; like having a simple list such as what you've mentioned above, but, when you really meet someone that felt like your soulmate that kind of things, whatever the person's character is will just override your list of criteria. Trust me. Love; is indeed blind. So blind that you might just lose your soul to the person that you fell in love with in the very first instance.

Actually I don't believe in fall in love. I only choose to be with someone logically. And there are some simple criteria lah.
When someone actually gives me the heart skipping feeling n vulnerability feeling of losing my Mind I actually go the opposite direction because it is "dangerous" when one is illogical in the presence of another. I have actually tested this type of feelings out and it passed in 3 months as in the feelings faded.

Also sometimes it's a matter of lack. If one has abundance of security and comfort and lack of scumbags in  one's life. one is attracted to a scummy guy which makes their heart skip beats it's better to run far far

Yes it does.

So most people know me as a hypnotist right? Not a lot of people know I know numerology as well.

Basically, I can be a fortune teller too lol.

So there was one time I was attending a fengshui workshop, and met a guy there and he was curious about it

So i did his numerology and he was amazed at the accuracy!

And then he had a question, "What if 2 people are born on the same day, same month, same year?"

I gave the same reply as i gave earlier, same destiny but choices affect the path to get there and whether you get it or not

In fact got other variables too

Anyway, one of the things I told him was if he did logistics, he will have been rich by now and the opportunity did come but he refused then

And then he recalled a friend who was born same day, same month and same year when he asked the question

And then i ask him back, "is your friend rich?" "Yes"

"Is he doing logistics?" "Yes"

"See? told you if you did logistics, you will have been rich. Your friend same day, same month, same year did logistics and he is rich. but because when the opportunity came, you refused it, you are not rich lor"

"can i still be rich if i change job now?" he asked

"er... time over liao..."

so yea, choices do play a part in shaping your future  :)

Interesting ...
But so sad time over liao
I think there's also counting by birth time too..

Remind me when I was young and naive someone posted an advertisement to get old uniform for some school project and I was spring cleaning then, I contacted the person without thinking much.
So I had a load of uniform to pass the person and before that he sms if I had sch socks too as full set is better..I messaged him yes and the sch socks are spares n unworn can sell tgt... When he reached he suddenly told me no nd the socks anymore as he only nd used ones  ::)  ::) ::) it's kinda creepy Coz he looks v sheepish during the meetup for no reason. And I had thought it was some recycling project zzz ::)


This is a big question

I personally believe life has a path, however your choices and decisions can affect whether you get to your destiny and how you get to it too

Yeah I hope choice play a part lol

Hmm a chill ran down my spine when I think about it it's like we were manufactured somewhere and hv invisible barcodes on us to which ppl with ability could foretell our past and future  ???
Yeah I believe there are divine beings, but so far I haven't subscribed to any.

Used to don't believe n think it's some kinda bullcrap
Until I had my fortune read.

It hits rare occurrences when u were younger and is spot on on rare personality traits and life situations that I think it's kinda spooky. Hmm. I mean how else would anyone know things which are not common occurrences.

It's not like some horoscope stuff which talks v generally and confirm some part can overlap with you.

do you have certain gifts?  ???

I don't think so and I hope not  :-[

Eeeyer yours is much more scary..
No leh not this type usually in strange setting not in sg ppl in disaster or get assault halfway asking help..all are stranger ppl I do not know

Favourite dreams.. only those I hv before falling asleep lol  :-[

That's easily explained by Freud ....  :P

got interpret my one?
Ppl in crisis asking for help

@happyshar  -ermmmm ... i think TS mean dreams when u are asleep not day-dreams when u are awake laaaarrrr ....   :P

I think about it as I slowly fall asleep.....
So now I'm not sure it's a daydream or night dream  :'(

My night dreams are all quite scary though.. Lol. Dreams of being possessed and people who r dying asking me for help

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