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singaporean ladies are great lovers too :)
i heard complains that we are expecting too much. i disagree, i have many friends who don't have expectations. if love hits, anything goes!

Don't hv expectations.  ???

All About Love / Re: Things to note when she's having menses?
« on: January 19, 2019, 12:41:34 am »
Wait till she's menopausal and see him keep the faith .... :P :P :P

He will be menopausal too den both can irritate each other  :P

Coming from a humble plebiscite background i can never understand the thinking of these fellas ... WTF is going on in their brains!??!!!!

I kinda envy wor, once they are born they got all the money and connections and funds and knowledge to build even more wealth (if they are ambitious). Even they fail or unambitious nv do work oso still hv shitloads of Money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. If I were in their place definitely can do so much better.

Their only Achilles heel is not being able to buy everything with money prolly that's y can't take such setbacks when things don't go their way.

News, Current Affairs Discussions / Re: EDMWers Fantasy Tammy NYP
« on: January 13, 2019, 10:11:30 pm »

She is still hot AF

She on public transport? Thought marry rich guy di

I will charge her less ... but really maybe i give her free 'cos i like tall girls .... 

 富二代 doesn't mean can spend papa and mama money so frivolously right .... some more jump and die ... WLE .... !!!!  :-[

Last time bigo got one atb always spend dad money in casino and always laugh at working class coz she claims she doesn't have to work in her life and why should she work lol. I can't rmb her id lol.

Maybe the duck is 高手  lei? Can trick ATB ....

I am also a cunning linguist but this fella is high level one ...

Prolly the woman abit naive also , poor thing. I think China ppl always like watch Korean drama and idolize these Korean boys one leh.
Just abit shock rich will fall for such tricks, May be 2nd gen rich ? Hmm.


 :o woah.... dunno whether got CSB or not .... more than a $1 million?

I wonder old geoduck like me got LKB want or not?

For the rich , free means std.
They prolly spend alot on such cca
Higher value less ppl contact

I think she knew him before he was a gigolo in sg

Korean singer leh...
I wonder if that money can hire small time Kpop stars
A million rmb around 200k sgd? Hmm she spent few millions rmb on this guy

I wonder every night 33岁富家女 hang how much flower? ???

Is in qty of flowers de ah? Not in value of $$$¿
Dunno nv go before

Not possible to be publicity stunt.
But more guys will go apply.
More women will go see.

All About Love / Re: Things to note when she's having menses?
« on: January 09, 2019, 12:42:11 am »
Like the general rule of thumb is that women are grumpy, tired and easily irritable during her period, so for guys, it's advisable to stay far far away and avoid unnecessary contact or conversation even for SO/gf/wife?

Show her tlc even during her off days she might appreciate you more.

Motherhood, Babies and Fathers / Re: Growth hormone injection for kids
« on: January 07, 2019, 03:08:21 pm »
I wouldn't advise anything to influence the endocrine pathways ....

Endocrine disruption is very much what i am involved in indirectly in my line of work ...

You primary school or phd one, very confused...  :-X

i learnt shogi too but admittedly, its my worse chess lol

I believe he talking abt woman u talking abt chess ..
Like dat oso can communicate

Help Me! / Re: very annoying neighbor
« on: December 31, 2018, 01:12:24 pm »
Wow .... you sure do spend an inordinate amount of time observing people outside of your home eh? ???

Long ago I hv sensed his neighbour is not outside his home but inside his head..
U move everywhere will be the same..

"if you cannot love yourself, how do others love you?"

from this, there are a few ways of interpretation

know your strengths, and be confident in them. don't think they are unworthy in other's eyes. for example, if the topic of hobbies pop up, i say I'm good in chess. and when the girl likes chess too, we get a conversation going. even if she doesn't, this particular skill could show whether I'm intelligent, and yea, some might think I'm a nerd. so be it. if she likes nerds, great, if she doesn't, I wouldn't want to pretend otherwise anyway.
So to summarise this para, ur a nerd? Hurhur :P

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