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All About Love / Re: Girls attractiing to opposite sex is different
« on: September 05, 2019, 04:00:48 pm »
Actually everyone is different. For example, Some guys attracted to looks only, others attracted to personality. Some attracted based on religion or even occupation too. Etc etc.

In short, everyone is different. And can be attracted on multiple factors.

Which is why everyone has someone

All About Love / Re: Girls attractiing to opposite sex is different
« on: September 05, 2019, 01:15:28 pm »
Hi, I am confuse about this where for us guys, we are attracted to female by their looks and figures, but I heard for girls, they are different. They are like attracted to their looks first then by their personalities and communication skills if I am not wrong. Can anyone explain this to me? I went to google search but can't find a reliable source to this.

Different types of girls have different criteria.

For me it's usually what a person say / do that makes him stand out from the crowd and catch my attention then I will be frequently around him to see if he's attracted enough to woo.

For friends who were below 30 and looking for long term r/s most were attracted by maturity and stability and a guy who is able to treat her well / take care of her well.

For friends who are above 30 and looking for long term r/s usually the criteria lessen in terms of either looks or finance, usually anyone who looks decent and is caring will do.

Small sample size take it with pinch of salt.

Politicians always look unusually calm :-X

Help Me! / Re: calling karung guni
« on: September 05, 2019, 01:09:11 pm »
Hi, I wonder is it possible to dial a number to call karung guni to come over to my apartment to collect my junks? my parent and I keep on trying to call the karung guni over when he walks past further, but he always did not answer us, even going there to catch up with him, he just walk away fast.

Do you need the money? If not u can donate your old stuffs to salvation army. Just carry the stuffs to their drop off point.

Chit Chat Corner / Re: What do you do when you are heartbroken
« on: September 05, 2019, 12:13:16 pm »
Normally I will down half a bottle of whiskey and whack an ah-lian from the club.... immeriately chiu will feel better .... ah-lians are a salve for any broken spirit and heart.  But their tight dresses or hot pants may cause breathlessness to worsen....  :-\

I just had whiskey ytd only help for 2hours...
Hmm must drink every two hour ijjit.

Moi can't whack anyone lolzzz not related to love but friendship

*Edit: you drink half bottle neat stomach won't burn?  ??? The most I can only drink 150ml neat  :-X 

Chit Chat Corner / What do you do when you are heartbroken
« on: September 04, 2019, 11:07:26 pm »
To reduce the heartbrokenness and inability to breathe  :(

Sounds educated, but don't know why can write until so drama  :-X

Ms Regina jump to conclusion too fast. She thought she is heroine? Lol. It might not even be about race. Sometimes some workers in public transport (dunno what's their race) are sweaty and have some smell from their shirts. Therefore ppl tend to stand a distance away. It is not wrong at all not to sit down. But it takes a racist to immediately pinpoint that it has sth to do with race.

where got every trip? Come on please......

Dunno nv drive cab before.
But looking at news seems like alot 不三不四 de passengers

if time wrap occur, such as bringing the past people to 2019, poor young natalie will be super shocked of what has happened to her in 2019

Things don't happen to people unless it's accident or natural disaster, people make things happen

That I agree. If can't find handbag wait till reach her house can ask family member to help pay right????

Haha didn't know is part of the role of driver to go to ppl house request for money. If happen every trip how?

I think she genuinely wanted to pay but cannot find her handbag....  :-\

The outcome is the same, never pay and time wasted

Chit Chat Corner / Re: This bathtub costs nearly $25K!!!!!
« on: July 16, 2019, 04:49:00 am »
Looks solid. Can consider for my new house.   :-*

New wife?  :-X

We all grow old one day, it's not old ppl problem but communication problem

Just assume u buy a puppy. Also not your own blood. But who cares. Enjoy fatherhood and happy family

U r guy ah? Or girl  :-X

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