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Is it because low level of difficulty AKA easy?  ???

What are the biggest challenge of running a small business in Singapore?

Beside our small local size, there are other challenges maybe other business owners can share.

For one, the lack of support from Singaporeans. I find Singaporeans feels that if this product is overseas, it stands for higher quality.
If its Singapore.. ahem, can trust or not?

Every small business owner needs to be the accountant/salesman/operating manager/cleaner/etc etc...

-Missing parcels from singpost.. this one beyond anyone's crtl haha
-Not really lack of support from Singaporeans actually majority of ppl who buy have foreign names I think it doesn't really matter which nationality support lol.
-Haggling from locals sometimes

Yeah tired but fun.

Actually ur right made in Singapore kinda less quality based on experience of buying.

Coz overseas got machines for mass production with few years experience production line worker, their monthly volume might be 5 digit number of transaction that's y they already know which exact materials work, how to calibrate the machine, how to maintain and upkeep the machine and skilled technicians too. This local won't be able to fight.
Like I buy some $30 bucks local handmade charm, it burst open and spill in 2months... while the $3 one from overseas can chuck everywhere but can't be damaged lol.

you got idolize until you want to have his baby meh? ???

I hv never idolize anyone before but ard me there are many kpop fans... oso got an uncle fetch his 50 yr old wifey go kpop concerts everytime.

Sry I think to idolize someone obsessively is sign of lower iq :(

I believe what he's saying.
When ppl idolize another that's what happen ... v scary ...
Best to treat all as normal people and not idolize anyone ...
Yes it's not because they love him it's because they want social media attention that they're close to someone popular ... because if they love him they wouldn't want him to be distressed
I believe when he choose someone, he would choose someone not attracted nor intimidated by his fame

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Telegram
« on: February 18, 2019, 11:54:34 pm »
Yes! Yes! And donch forget to invite unker okies? Muacks  :-*

Not I set up wor.. Lol.
Someone go set up n paste link


Interesting video

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Telegram
« on: February 18, 2019, 11:24:11 pm »
Yes,set up one lo.  :P

I think some women have too high expectations like expecting the guy to have a car, the guy must earn more than them and the guy cannot have lower educational background etc.

If the gap is not that big why see it too much an issue?

Find one that don't hv such expectations lo. Prob solved.

Last time got 1 friend, always work less than a year in each job,  change job like change underwear  :-[ .... sometimes never even work past probation period...

I try to lend her a listening ear and offer some constructive advice....

Salary no enough? .... ok. I advise her change job
Environment no good? .... ok. I advise her change job
No career prospect? .... ok. I advise her change job
Unreasonable boss? .... ok. I advise her change job
Workplace too far from home? .... ok. I advise her change job
Too many bitchy people in office? .... ok. I advise her change job.
Office feng-shui no good? .... ok. I advise her change job.
Plus many other instances where I advise her to change job.

I'm wondering if I am giving her the wrong advice? Or is she the problem?  :-[

Maybe u gave her good advice le,,, if she ends up the employer,,, all the abv prob solve hurhur

Wow so he got to know her through instagram explore tab  ???

Chit Chat Corner / Re: [AMA] I am a Hypnotist
« on: February 15, 2019, 06:07:51 pm »
So the other day I was interviewed with the topic of mindset and I kind of realized not a lot of people know what a mindset really is

So go ahead, pause here and think about what makes a mindset and what your mindset is

Comment below before you continue reading 🙂

I’ll wait!

If there's ppl with highly self-entitled mindset is it possible to drag them into therapy and get them cured if they think there's nth wrong with their thinking?

The girl is cute, y so nervous during date  ???

The story so juicy ... kinda sad it's fake  :-[

They hack these users to Do marketing?

Sometimes  don't understand the proclivity of these deviants like LGBTQ+ peoples....

Give me a proper woman with real boobs and vijayjay anytime ....

So if the proper woman has manly features + muscular, u will choose over decepticon with feminine features?

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