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In This Situation you could love like perfect half manga
Alamak, clickbait leh.
Summarize pls lol

16 year old guy is like energizer bunny manz ..... so envy .... :-\

So pure n guileless somemore

Yeah I hv friend who still chase Korean oppa and wish for a handsome face who do all the housework and matured in thinking.
When ask "are you mature or not first" she will say she's not that's y need someone mature to guide.
Sometimes quite envy this type of ppl as most likely they don't face much hardships before in life aka still living in fairytale as princess.

Also envy another type who is princessy but already married, can't walk more than a hundred meter, hubby not driving cannot take mrt more than 3 stops, den simple chores need to hire maid lol.  :-X but in my greylist liao coz I no time to entertain such ppl n their demands. Want you to meet yet choose a very far location to only convenience themselves  :-X den still blame you for putting aeroplane 99% of the time lol.

Wad you call dat if mature woman 30 fall in love with young guy 16.. Hmm..  :-[

If there is no money involve I think the likely reason is younger ppl have more vitality

How come she looks like the influencer in the fake bisexual special forces chap Ass-rey Owyong case?  :o

It's the same chlowee wad lol
Some strange reason the bf always get in some trouble.. Lol. 8)

Is it use to gain popularity ah. Lol

This influencer again, v boring leh.
Ig got so many chio influencers y kip post this one  :-X

All About Love / Re: Being the other woman
« on: Yesterday at 01:21:19 am »
How about this "other woman" ... now a surrogate mom

Huh surrogate really?

Blue ocean ish simi lai de? ???

Blue ocean is a space created previously untapped which makes competition irrelevant because it is not contested.
Red ocean is another tiring space where there is competition on existing markets and they try to outperform one another.

the only thing I never tire of seeing are cleavages .... :P

they can post as many photos of the same beverage so long as it is paired with some cleavage .....

that's the secret to becoming a successful food influencer ....

Like dat the guy food influencer post wad  ??? :'( :'(

Maybe her recognizable face and personality makes her bankable for the banks? ???

Yeah probably this is wad ppl w 10 years of experience can't achieve.
Reminds me of blue ocean strategy...

All About Love / Re: Ladies of shy, introvert and quiet nature.
« on: July 17, 2018, 06:12:06 pm »
Sometimes doing simple things like eating fruit is quite watchable ....

Wow, hope they don't get flagged lol...

All About Love / Re: Ladies of shy, introvert and quiet nature.
« on: July 17, 2018, 05:38:52 pm »
I think facebook bought IG .....

IG might just allow one to post 1-hour videos in future .... I just want to gently remind all readers to look out for this feature

this will be a game-changer
1h can post wad, won't bore to death?

Surprised that lapses are reported  :-X

That one Idk Le,
There is hardly meritocracy in this world  8)

Connection works best ba, as usual. And performing well in interviews.

See how she turns from the interviewee to the interviewer here lol.

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