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I think his implants start from $10000 which is pretty expensive. Cost only about 6k onwards in Seoul depending on the type of implants used. Am considering BKK if they have gummy bear tear drop implants, armpit insertion. They should have a lot of experience with Thai girls. Consulting next week!

gummy bear tear drop implants? ??? simi lai de?

Sliced fish soup! This is by far the most generous fish soup I ever ate so far. Got both quality and quantity.
I recommended to Beaver before. haha.
haven't try yet .... :-\

Haiz.... The only two ladies who have messaged me have 'ghosted' i.e cut off contact with me.  :(

And the other ladies that I have messaged does not reply to me.

Really need to focus more on other channels in order to find my right girl. :(

I think if you try 10 times and still receive the same results .... then maybe should consider that your technique needs to correct course? ???

it may not be the lack of channels but the want of hook in your messaging ....

I won't be purposely looking for a girlfriend but then I think I will do something to increase my chances of meeting the right ones like making more friend, enlarging my social circle etc.

Even in online dating platforms like OKC, now I changed my mindset into meeting more people instead of looking for someone to begin a relationship with.

yupz ..... I think the premise is very important ..... start on the basis of expanding your friendship circle and who knows .... someone special might just come along amongst the many that you meet in your ever expanding circle of friends.

the key is expanding your social circle .....

unker still haven't stopped expanding my circle even though unker married liao ....


I don't see anything in it for the upper middleclass .... who incidentally is bearing the bulk of taxes necessary for these ambitious housing and healthcare plans lar dey ...  ::)

haha there are decent china nationals.. don't taint all of them.
my money is safe with a singapore p2p :P

Of course i'm not saying all china nationals are scammers  for i've met some decent and chio ones.

Everyone should be wary and look after their wallets lovingly ....

Ah-tiongs will even sacrifice their kids to make a fast unethical buck ...  :-[

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