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I don't know about Heavenly King but can confirm is Bodoh King to give up Shu Qi the sex goddess of teenage boys for his asst manager ....

Travel / Re: Beware of booking room at MBS via "middleman"
« on: Yesterday at 10:43:37 pm »
I think it's a guy :-X

Highly suspect the keywords of the essay are naked, bikini, and sauna ...
Instead of the crux of the matter ...

Hen's party got kok-kok-kay join meh? ???

It'll be like asking my fiancee to join my stag party .... which isn't going to be very fun at all ... :-[

Doing opposite???  ???
Detached Will leap into relation?

Just saying that you should be doing the opposite of your instinct and character  ...

Can i still eat indian rojak in singapore?  :-[

Travel / Re: Beware of booking room at MBS via "middleman"
« on: Yesterday at 06:18:43 pm »
I like the naked sauna part .... so did she strip down to her birthday suit or not?  ???

Yea I agree. He or she has to bear full responsibility for the choice that he or she made even despite having sound advice or warnings from family or friends whom can foresee that the other party may not be suited for the person.
Sometimes people think that once they enter into their lover's life, they would be able to "change" them. But sadly it takes two hands to clap.

as they say,  man marry woman and expect her not to change while woman marry man and expect him to change .... never the twain shalt meet ...

Actually I don't believe in fall in love. I only choose to be with someone logically. And there are some simple criteria lah.
When someone actually gives me the heart skipping feeling n vulnerability feeling of losing my Mind I actually go the opposite direction because it is "dangerous" when one is illogical in the presence of another. I have actually tested this type of feelings out and it passed in 3 months as in the feelings faded.

Also sometimes it's a matter of lack. If one has abundance of security and comfort and lack of scumbags in  one's life. one is attracted to a scummy guy which makes their heart skip beats it's better to run far far

please loh ..... yours is a unique detached personality trait and so it is a subconscious choice.  so if you are talking about doing the opposite, it would be to abandon caution and leap into the relationship ....

I know you how long liao .....

Chit Chat Corner / Ah Lians in Disco Van
« on: Yesterday at 01:56:15 pm »
ah-lians in disco van ..... I likey ! I likey ! :-*

I google search for her name and  :-X

it is like buying used undies from Rebecca Kam .....

Well, I am also a believer of this; like having a simple list such as what you've mentioned above, but, when you really meet someone that felt like your soulmate that kind of things, whatever the person's character is will just override your list of criteria. Trust me. Love; is indeed blind. So blind that you might just lose your soul to the person that you fell in love with in the very first instance.

it is still a choice ultimately and poor excuse if you ask me for anyone to stick with an inveterate gambler, womanizer, abuser etc.


I knew this girl Grace Heng Cheng Yong from mIRC, she had a wordpress to sell her used panties

Is she pretty? ???

Why pay when u can get them free? ???

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