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Nope .... supporting such a stall will contribute to perpetrating the sexist image men have of women ... >:(

Hope this predator gets put away behind bars for a long time  >:(


Among those who have filed a police report is Jane (not her real name), a woman in her late 20s whom Mr Seah allegedly dated and took a nude video of.

Jane told TODAY they met through dating app Paktor in 2014.

She said she told Mr Seah that she had never had a boyfriend before, and the latter asked if she was willing to give it a try.

At that point, there was no mention of his forex trading courses, said Jane.

On one occasion, which Jane said was “due to pressure of (his praises) and persuasion”, she let him take a nude video of her.

“I was lost and confused, and went along with it,” she said.

The relationship went cold for a while until 2016, when Mr Seah rekindled contact with her. He told her he had been “falsely accused of molest”, and that his mother had cancer.

He then pitched the forex course to her. She said Mr Seah claimed he was “capable of making a lot of money through forex” and convinced her to join him.

Jane forked out S$3,000 for an entry-level course, before forking out another S$2,000 a few months later for an expert-level course. She claimed that she was “pressured into his demands”, despite not being fully trained to trade.

“I was (also) fearful… that he would threaten me with the naked photos,” said the woman, who has chalked up some S$15,000 in trading losses.

TODAY understands that there are also more pictures and videos of Jane taken by Mr Seah, who declined to comment on this issue when asked.

The police, in response to TODAY’s queries, confirmed that reports have been lodged, and that investigations are ongoing for Jane’s complaints of the naked videos. It is also looking into the complaints against Mr Seah’s forex classes.

I don't understand why "Jane" has to make a police report on the nekkid videos since it was consensual? ???

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Taiwan mum showers nude together with her son!
« on: December 16, 2018, 02:10:41 pm »
Quite MILFy type ... unker like ... :-*

But seriously, why she want to mess up her son's brain ... sekali kenna Oedipus complex lei ...  ::)

happy for you uncle beaver.....oh wait not you huh?  :P

I'm not a si chow ah-qua okayyyyy  >:(

Why would i want to marry a Bhutanese guide?!!!!  ::)

*haiz* settlement talks break down in kopitiam ... why am i not surprised. 

They should have gone to DTF where a more civilized atmosphere could have aided settlement .... ::)

Why didn't he raise this during parliamentary debate when he could have been shielded under parliamentary privilege .....  that is simply daft for a credible opposition member  ::)

She has a nice voice ...  :-*

what a new year eve to start  :(

Replaced by NTUC .... so no worries....

Vivocity is owned and managed by Mapletree Commercial Trust ... ticker SGX.N2IU ... stock had a strong run-up over the last couple of months.

Price is a bit high. Good entry point below $1.55.

My average price is $1.49 and i think it is a keeper

Good catchment - public library, Circle Line and NEL. And once the Tanjong Pagar stretch is completed to complete the Circle Line loop plus waterfront plans for the port area,  this REIT has legs

Besides it is the only mall and gateway to Sentosa


Better lock him up in a cold dark air-gapped cell with no internet access .... in case he tries to help more Singaporeans with fake news  ...  ::)

Oh ... goody gum drops  :) .... hope they hoot them jialat jialat from spreading fake news...  >:(

Interest Groups / Re: Hot Babes
« on: December 13, 2018, 05:36:10 pm »

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