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He would chat up young women on the popular dating app Tinder, before telling them he was in Japan on a business trip and needed money.

Using this ruse, Eng How Khiang managed to cheat four women of S$33,500. He would get them to transfer money to his wife’s POSB bank account, which was under his control.

On Friday (Feb 22), the 44-year-old was jailed for one year and seven months after pleading guilty to 10 charges of cheating, with another 16 charges taken into consideration for sentencing.

The court heard that Eng befriended his victims on Tinder sometime in 2017. They cannot be named due to a court gag order to protect their identities.

I thought normally on Tinder is girl swindle guy ... :-[

DBS saved Vickers-Ballas once .... twice is a stretch ....

Women's Health / Re: Menstruation Cup - Would u use one?
« on: Yesterday at 02:21:03 pm »
sorry if someone using them but I still don't understand what they for if there are so many other comfy options

环保 .......


wow .... a woman rider on the run .....

Motorcycle plate number "FS 5555L"
Model: BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
Cost: $50,000

at first I thought was Vaugn Phan ..... got me so worried that I couldn't sleep ...  :-[

Interest Groups / Re: Hot Babes
« on: February 20, 2019, 03:49:39 am »


Never mind their shortcomings.

Singaporean men are kind, gentle, and treat women equally, and that makes them husband material, according to some Japanese ladies here.

AsiaOne spoke to several women at the launch event last Friday (Feb 15) of Destini IS - an agency which specialises in pairing Singapore men with Japanese women.

The agency was started by Japanese friends Hitomi Endo, 49, and Hiromi Kiuchi, 42, who have been in Singapore for more than a decade.

Eligible bachelorette Aya Oshima, 36, is one such lady who sees the value in our 'Lion Men'.

The entrepreneur from Fukuoka, who owns a bar and a cosmetics business in Japan, has been in several relationships but none ended up in marriage because of her busy schedule.

So why does she want to find a husband here?

Besides the positive traits mentioned, she's heartened by her impression that men here are more independent, and don't mind their wives having a career of their own.

In contrast, she says Japanese men are known to be more traditional in their mindset (especially in Kyushu province, where she's from) - where women are still expected to play the role of homemaker and prioritise the needs of her husband and kids.

She's not fazed by Singaporeans' infamous kiasu (scared to lose) attitude either, which can make us seem ungracious. "I consider myself kiasu as well, so we can support each other."

Aya is not alone in her affection for local men.

Other women like sales executive Ai Okada, 27, who has lived in Singapore for 10 years, says she likes Singaporean men because they're not shy in expressing their love for their girlfriends and wives - for example holding hands in public, which "even aunties and uncles" do.

Singaporean men are also "more affectionate", addressing their partners with terms like "my love, dear, or honey" - which are not in the vocabulary of conservative Japanese men. Another plus point according to Ai? Singaporean guys don't seem to care too much about how women are dressed (Ed's note: perhaps it's because Singaporean men are not known to be snazzy dressers themselves?)

"They are very, very gentle, and they treat women very well and see them as equals," says another Japanese lady, who only wished to be known as Aya. The 37-year-old works in IT sales and has been in Singapore for six years. "Actually, Singaporean women may be even stronger (than the men)," she cheekily added.

Japanese men are also known to be workaholics, a trait that puts off Miho Sakamoto, a 34-year-old cooking instructor.

Even when told Singaporean men have a reputation for being money-minded and, consequently, stingy, Miho has a model answer: "Being stingy usually is ok, as long as they know how to spend when it is time to spend."

So are Singaporean men equally enamoured by Japanese women? For "Mark" (not his real name), 28 and unemployed, he's attracted by the way they present themselves, and their attention to personal grooming.

Whereas "Justin", 27, who works in IT and has had three past relationships with Singaporean women, feels Japanese women have a certain charm and femininity that women here lack. Furthermore, he says Singaporean women can be a little demanding.

"They tend to be a bit fiercer and strong-minded, but it's not a bad thing." Perhaps wary of ramifications, he is quick to clarify that he doesn't want to generalise and understands that not all Singaporean women are that way. "I'm not disappointed in Singaporean girls, I just haven't met the right one yet."

Both "Mark" and "Justin" say they were at Destini IS' launch event simply out of curiosity.

The cost of the agency's basic package currently includes a sign-up fee of $288, with a monthly membership fee of $158.

Unlike what earlier media reports seem to suggest, the agency is actually open to men and women of all nationalities and age ranges. But their main focus is still in matching ladies from Japan with the men here.

So why did the founders set up an agency with such a specific goal in mind?

Hitomi feels Singaporean men may have an edge over their Japanese counterparts, in terms of their more open attitude and less "strict" expectations about women.

The agency also happens to be a partner of the Japan Marriage Agency Federation, which has a database of 60,000 singles (more than half of them women) to tap on.

Hitomi herself is still on the lookout for Mr Right. The owner of Destini IS, as well as a language school here, moved to Singapore with her two kids for a ''fresh start" more than 10 years ago after divorcing her Japanese husband.

One advice Hiromi has for Singaporean men is that Japanese women are more reserved and do not usually speak their minds. So it is best to ask them for their real thoughts directly, says the general manager for Destini IS, who's married to a Singaporean.

Lest they be judged too harshly, both sides we spoke to were quick to add that they have nothing against Singaporean women nor Japanese men, and they are just looking to expand their dating options.

But despite the glowing reviews for our men, there's still room for improvement.

Said Ai: "Singaporeans like to check their phones all the time, take pictures of food and post them online. When I eat with my friends here, their phones are always on the table. But when I eat with my Japanese friends, their phones are always in their bag, so they focus on the conversation and food. That's one aspect that I feel Japanese guys are better."

But if you ask us, we think the same rules apply whether you're Japanese or Singaporean, man or woman - it's simply good manners.

So a PSA here for guys and gals: just remember to put your phones away when you're on your dates and treat people equally and with respect. Then maybe, just maybe, regardless of nationality or culture, love can blossom naturally.

wow ...... BBFA EDMWers can date their dream Japenis ladies liao ........ wonder if "Mark" and "Justin" go by any known monikers on EDMW? ???

Chit Chat Corner / 3 Men Arrested After Brawl at Club along Orchard Road
« on: February 19, 2019, 08:37:55 pm »

wow ..... I miss those days at Dragonfly .....  flying ice buckets, stools and bottles ..... phuiyooooohhhhhh jin exciting ....

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Pervert Photographers in Singapore
« on: February 19, 2019, 08:36:21 pm »
is this the Teo En Ming fella izziiiiiiiiiiiiiit? ???

I believe what he's saying.
When ppl idolize another that's what happen ... v scary ...
Best to treat all as normal people and not idolize anyone ...
Yes it's not because they love him it's because they want social media attention that they're close to someone popular ... because if they love him they wouldn't want him to be distressed
I believe when he choose someone, he would choose someone not attracted nor intimidated by his fame

you got idolize until you want to have his baby meh? ???


Homegrown star JJ Lin admits he's never been popular with the ladies, but along with fame, he's received all kinds of twisted attention from the opposite sex.

In an interview granted to Chinese-language weekly Next magazine, the Singaporean singer-songwriter shared some horror stories involving overzealous female fans in his 16-year showbiz career.

He recounted an experience with a female fan who knocked on his door in the middle of the night, offering herself up to him, presumably for sex.

The celebrity also shared another instance where a fan requested a photo with him at a nightclub. When he complied, she took the opportunity to kiss him while taking the photo, and later shared it on her social media platforms.

"How can these women be so cheap (贱)? " he expressed in frustration.

In yet another incident, JJ shared how females whom he had just met would get touchy-feely with him, leaving him speechless.

"Does doing these things mean they like me a lot? No, they just want to show off that they're close to JJ Lin," said the vexed star, who admitted to being turned off by women for a period of time as a result.


Incidents he experienced while performing in concerts could even be even more disturbing -- according to the interview, fans would declare their desire to bear his children, send letters to him written in blood or even threaten to commit suicide.

He had stern words for those who threaten to harm themselves: "Fans who don't know how to love themselves are not my true fans.

"I wish that my music can bring everyone positivity, and encourage everyone to do what they love, just like me. Such behaviours not only causes harm to oneself and one's family, it also makes me sad and angry."

In 2016, it was reported that a 27-year-old female fan who believed that her friend was in a relationship with JJ Lin chose to end her life as a result.

When JJ found out about the incident, he put out a statement through a representative, expressing his grief and sorrow.

I think he's over thinking things..... maybe the fan just wish to give him flowers and send him her best wishes as fans do.  ::)

But again, that is absolutely no reason to turn gay laaaar.... WLE ....  :o ::)

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Telegram
« on: February 18, 2019, 11:48:33 pm »
Yes,set up one lo.  :P

Yes! Yes! And donch forget to invite unker okies? Muacks  :-*


When she realised that her boyfriend was filming them having sex, she told him to stop but he refused to.

About a month later, jealous that she went for meals with her male colleagues, he threatened to send them the videos.

She filed a police report after he told her he would “blow things up” if she did not meet him to have sex.

On Monday (Feb 18), the 36-year-old man was sentenced to eight weeks’ jail after pleading guilty to criminal intimidation and making an obscene film.

The man cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the victim’s identity.

The man was married to someone else when he and the victim were in a relationship.

They dated for five years before the 24-year-old victim broke up with him on or around June 27 last year. It was not disclosed in court if the man is still married.

About a week before the break-up, the man took a nine-minute video of them engaging in various sexual acts at his residence.

She was not aware when he began filming but one-and-a-half minutes into the video, she noticed his mobile phone recording them from a nearby stool.

“She said, ‘Why you recording me?’ and ‘Don’t. No…’ to express that she wanted him to stop recording. However, he did not do so,” Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Eugene Teh told the court.

On July 17 last year, the victim was having dinner with a male colleague at The Centrepoint mall when she noticed a missed call from him. They had broken up by then.

He went over to the mall to meet her and they went for drinks at Cuppage Terrace nearby as he was “not in a good mood”.

They ordered and drank a tower of beer. He then told her he was “angry and jealous” that she kept using her mobile phone while out with him, but did not check or reply to his messages when she was out with her male colleagues.

He threatened to send her colleagues a video of them having sex, having filmed multiple videos without her consent using his mobile phone.

When he played her one of the videos, she felt scared, pressured and disturbed.

He then sent her home, asking her to have sex with him. She was unwilling but agreed to have sex with him the following day so she could go home.

He called the next day, asking to have dinner and sex. She expressed reluctance and he got upset and threatened to “blow things up” if she did not turn up.

Fearing he would leak the explicit videos, she filed a police report that evening.

There was no evidence that the man sent the videos to the victim’s colleagues, but DPP Teh argued that he was “fully capable of materialising and fulfilling the threats”.

What a LOSER ....  ::) ....

At least Joal Ong was upfront and honest about his filming ....

You mean taking the road less travelled like this fella?

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