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Food Glorious Food / Re: Elemen (元素) Review!!!!
« on: Today at 07:58:05 am »
Uncle beaver welcome back!!!!!!!

Hehe .... gongxi gongxi ....  :-*


That is really disgusting... why those si chow ah qua never take "no" for an answer?

Sexy ah-lians in short skirts can be found in ITE

Greta Thunberg is an idiot.

Killing off 1/4 of humankind through global warming is the prescription that mother nature needs .... Negative feedback loops are self-correcting - driving systems towards equilibrium and balance eventually

Food Glorious Food / Re: Elemen (元素) Review!!!!
« on: Yesterday at 10:19:15 pm »
Alamak .... speak plainly... pluuuuurlease....  :-\

Canned beer for the plebs ....  ::)

When Stamford Raffles held the torch
That cast Promethean Flame
We faced the challenge of the day
To give our school a name
The eagle eye and gryphon strength
They led us to the fore
To reign supreme in ev’ry sphere
The sons of Singapore
Come heed the call Rafflesians all / And let our hearts be stirring / We’ll do our best whate’er the test
And keep our colours flying
Let comradeship and fervent hope / With one voice make us pray
Auspicium Melioris Aevi
With God to guide the way.......

That's a non sequitur seeing as how that the Republican dominated Senate is ever going to impeach one of their own ...  ::)

Interest Groups / Re: Hot Babes
« on: December 18, 2019, 04:42:21 pm »

maybe that guy only wants her assets, and once he took it, he will super kick her and run away :P

No way that'll happen larrr... this is true love...  :-*

News, Current Affairs Discussions / Re: The complex question that is POFMA
« on: December 17, 2019, 09:36:49 pm »
If we had Singaporeans with discerning minds then we wouldn't need POFMA isn't it ...  ::)

This is so fucking obvious .... right?
Except for the most obtuse .....


As EDMWers always say .... ATB girlfriends are the best .... ATBs FTW  :-*

This is a non-starter ....  ::)

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