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well, those inconsiderate morons from my above apartment throws human faeces out from their window to the ground floor, so it is not surprised to me that their food is contaminated with human faeces ::)

I wonder what happen nowadays, so many accidents involving cars  :(

Yes it does.

So most people know me as a hypnotist right? Not a lot of people know I know numerology as well.

Basically, I can be a fortune teller too lol.

So there was one time I was attending a fengshui workshop, and met a guy there and he was curious about it

So i did his numerology and he was amazed at the accuracy!

And then he had a question, "What if 2 people are born on the same day, same month, same year?"

I gave the same reply as i gave earlier, same destiny but choices affect the path to get there and whether you get it or not

In fact got other variables too

Anyway, one of the things I told him was if he did logistics, he will have been rich by now and the opportunity did come but he refused then

And then he recalled a friend who was born same day, same month and same year when he asked the question

And then i ask him back, "is your friend rich?" "Yes"

"Is he doing logistics?" "Yes"

"See? told you if you did logistics, you will have been rich. Your friend same day, same month, same year did logistics and he is rich. but because when the opportunity came, you refused it, you are not rich lor"

"can i still be rich if i change job now?" he asked

"er... time over liao..."

so yea, choices do play a part in shaping your future  :)
even if he is not interested into logistic, he will still become rich at that time?  ???

so many car accidents nowadays  :( here is a recent one which involved a life of a 19 years old NUS girl:  :'(

@happyshar  -ermmmm ... i think TS mean dreams when u are asleep not day-dreams when u are awake laaaarrrr ....   :P
exactly, maybe that could be happyshar's dream during her sleep?

Chit Chat Corner / Your favorite dreams that you had during sleep time
« on: April 20, 2018, 12:44:47 pm »
As far as I remember, I have two favorites and they were:

1) When I woke up, I was in my old semi-detach house and I always thought that I have moved back there from my current $hitty lousy horrible noisy ground floor HDB apartment. The peace and quiet there always makes me doesn't want to wake up and wants to stay at my old semi-detach house forever :P I have dreamed about this several times from what I could recall  :P

2) I remembered I had a dream of having fun with different girls, most of them were my female ex-classmates, my crushes, actresses, some girls I have seen and have not seen before 8)

what are yours?

older women have big appetite ..... you sure you can satisfy or not? ???
lol  :P just try my luck and see if it is possible ;D

This is also possible, wow 8) now I can try to date older woman if I am interested in her without hesitating  :P

Chit Chat Corner / Re: Time travel to the past
« on: April 18, 2018, 12:04:59 am »
It can never happen so why ponder.
Just pretend that it was invented :P I hope a great scientist will invent this awesome time machine, but the disadvantage of using this machine will be half of our life span will shorten  :-\ for both future and past life. I would say that it is worth as it will be best for my younger self to do the right things so that he would not suffer and regret in future

Chit Chat Corner / Re: How far do u agree with these statements?
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:36:23 pm »
those scenario are always shown in those long winded taiwan drama  8)

Chit Chat Corner / Time travel to the past
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:29:17 pm »
I am curious to know like which year do you wished to go back either to talk to your younger self or going back to the past since you know what has happened during that period of time?

For me, I wanted to go back to either in year 1999 or year 2003, either speaking to my younger self or going back to the period to do the right thing(s).

Heard from EDMW that guy's father got strong connection or strong backing one .... but even then cannot behave with such impunity towards our police larrrrr ...  >:(
he is too over arrogant, majorities with such strong backing are usually like that :(

girlfriend apologize liao ....
The girl looks not bad to me  :-* a pity that most of such girls always like such horrible punks  :'(

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