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What kind of bullsh!t excuse is this? "Spiritually disturbed"?? ..... possess by horny ghost?
many people always use such excuse for this kind of offense, once enter jail, future finish already

rip :'( sad to see her career and life ended like this :'( she is the same age as me  :'(

Chit Chat Corner / Re: 莫小玲 shelved by Mediacorp
« on: Today at 09:34:40 am »
didn't she left mediacorp already like in year 2012?
her best song:

Help Me! / THL Tubular Lamp
« on: March 16, 2019, 10:16:46 am »
Hi, does anyone knows where can I buy this light bulb in singapore?

sickening and disgusting, hope those three monsters will get executed immediately when they are caught  >:(

new law ah?

wow, she is so open :o if she is hotter, she might overthrow the "beach, ball, babes" casts  :P

at last someone there has learned self-defense to protect herself from these roaches

can see that he is exposing it on purpose for some hot cuties sitting infront of him

wow, unbelievable :P

That one ish cut off his kkj while he watches izzziiiit? ???
after that, he should serve as an eunuch for the waders in the jail for his entire life, that would be cool  8)

Look at how the new generations are fairly treated unlike us especially those who had encountered the EM1, EM2 and EM3 stream during primary school era

got leh but v long ago game. U can search in Google
i see, that would be fun 8)

Yeah... damn throw face... like the 4 guys who rape the girl from disco in Taipei ...
taipei people will not have a good impression on our citizens :(

this kind of monster should be locked up for his entire life  >:(

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