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A pity no one helps her, everyone is busy with their working lives :(

Help Me! / Re: very annoying neighbor
« on: September 19, 2018, 05:59:47 pm »
For mine, they did not throw outside our corridor. It was at the air con area near our window. It's so annoying since we would have to keep cleaning our window.  For my case, our town council was really nice. He told us that if they were caught they will be fine and the fine isn't cheap though. Maybe should keep complaining and let them be fine until they learn a lesson.
If let say like they are aware of the NEA and they stop doing it temporary until the NEA leaves, and they continue with their inconsiderate acts, you can also try buying a pen camera. I am not sure if it is water proof and place it on top of your air conditioning. Point the camera's len upward and once you caught them, you can hand over to the authorities. Mine that old guy got caught once for throwing food to feed pigeon and now he has to work everyday to pay the fines. He kept on glaring into our kitchen window and now he keeps on glaring at me only. Whenever he saw me, he would purposely throw foods to feed the pigeon and now littering outside my house's corridor. What was ridiculous was after everytime NEA put the camera on, he would stop doing these inconsiderate actions. NEA put their camera on for like about 5 days or so, then afterwards, he continued to do those inconsiderate acts. My parents suspect that he might bribe the cleaners to help him check if the NEA is checking him because they saw he gave the cleaners monies. Some cleaners also said "Happy New Year" to him but not to us.

Help Me! / Re: very annoying neighbor
« on: September 19, 2018, 04:02:06 pm »
Just happen to see this. I am also currently experiencing something like this. My family lives on the 4th floor and the neighbors above us kept throwing food and even drinks like coffee down everyday. What we did was that we complained to our town council and they advised us that if this continues, NEA would set up a CCTV near your house. However, this will only be done if we keep bugging town council when they will actually contact the NEA for us. Hope this helps! :)
I did complaint to NEA last year for the entire months  :o but for my case, it works somehow but everytime when the inconsiderate family happens to see me either at supermarket or anywhere, they will throw litters, otherwise they would not throw. I wonder do they throw directly outside your house corridor or just throw down to the ground floor? For mine is outside my house corridor, they can attack us anywhere they like since we stayed ground floor.

Help Me! / Re: very annoying neighbor
« on: September 19, 2018, 03:38:21 pm »
Maybe he is wondering the same about you? ???
well, it is difficult for me to record his inconsiderate annoying acts unless I purchase the pen camera(s) and I must think of ways to hide the camera so that he won't notice. Staying at the ground floor level is worst as he can attack us in anywhere he likes and there is very limited places for me to record his actions. For his case, he can place his cameras any where he wants. For me, I will have already reported him to the authorities if he is caught in my camera littering outside around my house area just like when he threw his foods outside his kitchen window to feed the pigeons.

Help Me! / Re: very annoying neighbor
« on: September 18, 2018, 04:35:54 pm »
you want to get into trouble? ???
of course not, I was just wondering like since my parent and I have been complaining about him throughout in year 2017, and he might have captured me destroying his pots and throwing his litters back onto his pots, wouldn't he wants to report me to the authorities as well?  ???

Help Me! / Re: very annoying neighbor
« on: September 18, 2018, 02:06:22 pm »
aiyohhhh ....... i'm just joking lar ..... if I ask you to fill the super soaker with acid and spray him in the face, you will follow my suggestion meh? ??? .... you know that is a criminal offence right? ???

I mean .... I trust that everyone here knows how to discern between wrong and right by now ..... you how old already lei ..............  :-[
:o your are joking? I thought it was for real at first  ;D but luckily I never do that because it is a weird suggestion  :P so I believe since what is done, is already done, but still I don't understand since if he should has already recorded me destroying and throwing back the litters that he littered on my house's corridor onto his flower pots, why didn't he reports me to the authority?

Help Me! / Re: very annoying neighbor
« on: September 18, 2018, 12:11:17 pm »
if you want to seek recourse for his less than neighborly actions,  then you should not engage in actions that prove that you are no better than him mah ....  :-[
my parent did complaint him in year 2017 for the entire months to the authority and he still keep on getting his revenge on us often until they can't stand him and leave him alone. Now he is dealing with me everytime like when I go out to coffee shop or supermarket, he would throw litters around my house corridor. When my parent go out, he did not do that except for me only. That was before I destroy his flower pots, so I don't understand why he picks on me. I have also tried ignoring him, but it doesn't works because he keeps on attacking me only which is very annoying. I told my parent about it and they ask me to ignore him. I can't stand it so I went to destroy his flower pots and throwing back the litters into his flower pots. But didn't you suggested using a filled-up super-soaker and shoot him?:!/very-annoying-neighbor/msg38118/#msg38118 aren't it the same too?  ???

my opposite block was blackout last night

Help Me! / Re: very annoying neighbor
« on: September 18, 2018, 09:44:34 am »
Ermmmm .... why you engage in tit for tat moves? ???

Two wrongs doesn't make it right mah ....  ::)
maybe I was being impatient because my parent doesn't want to do anything about him. Suddenly, I thought that maybe I can go and complaint to the authority about him myself

Help Me! / Re: very annoying neighbor
« on: September 18, 2018, 12:30:46 am »
Now I have plan to take action on this guy: this week at last. I have confirmed that he was the one who kept on littering outside our house corridor and behind our outside kitchen window whenever if I walk out of my apartment to buy something, then he will do that!/report-stalker-singapore/msg44474/#msg44474 I have also planned to buy the pen camera to secretly film his annoying littering action. After capturing his acts, I am going to report him to the HDB authority about this guy.

I am pondering about something, early this year, I saw him stealing my parent's flower pot and it was recording onto my house's camera. After that, I got angry and went out to destroy and smash his flower pots where he laid it on the ground floor beside the lift as shown: and whatever litters he thrown at our house corridor and behind our below kitchen window, I would throw it back to his flower pots. If he happens to have a hidden camera spying me and all of my acts destroying and littering his plants, will I get in trouble after I complaint about him to the authority?

the day is coming where there is no need for pilots.  autonomously piloted passenger planes using A.I. is nearer than you think .....
you are right, I almost forgot about it :P

pretty disappointed for a pilot to act like that, but there is no back up pilot to take over him temporary?

King Kong Bundy and Kurt Angle? ???
;D I actually wanted to get some brock Lesnar (nah, now I am not interested in him anymore  :-X), Some dean ambrose, Hulk Hogan ;D and most women wrestlers especially A.J Lee's  :P

on a first date, probably safer not to suggest hawker centres to avoid wrong impression.
If I have my first date, I plan to take her to hawker centres, but I don't know what does it mean by wrong impression? ???

Like Ultimate Warrior figurines?
yeah  8) other countries had WWE figures sold at their Toy R Us like this one for instance:

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