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Women's Health / Re: Delayed Menses
« on: November 06, 2018, 11:43:02 am »
To ease your worries, it may be hormones imbalance issue. Can be done by blood test at KKH.

My case is that I never had menses for some years. I tried many ways but didn’t work out.
Got referred to KKH to solve menses issue. It turned out to be hormone imbalance problems and need to take oral medicine to regulate menses but need to share the history such as other health issues.

Doctor will advise you, don’t worry.

It depends on different individual. Keep us updated, yeah.


Hello all lady friends!

This is my first post here since my flowerpod days last time. I used to share a lot of gynae things last time.

I still go for private gynae checkups nowadays. I notice that the costs go up at KKH and private hospitals. I wonder why. Any debate here?

I know if there is a referral letter from polyclinic, I can get subsidies at any Govt ob/gyn Hospitals.

If I go for specialised doctor in person, they charge me the high consultant fees, e.g. $130+ at KKH. It’s almost same price as private Doctors in private hospitals.

I think because of advanced technology equipments or doctors’ qualifications becomes better?

If anyone of you know cheap private clinic rate, please let me know.

Thank you!

Hi there,

I recently did study on mental health module as part of my degree course.

I am aware of your background. I think you need a supportive environment to cope with your diagnosed condition. Yes, I agree that Singapore is a stressful place to live in regardless of studies or work. It’s rather slower to help people with mental health issues. At the end, we the people struggle hard to cope with heavy mental health conditions.

Maybe you need to move to relaxing place to do self studies first? Malaysia can be a cheap place. Or, you may consider Australia where you can enrol studies?

For the school, you may ask the external counsellor to bring awareness of mental health to staffs and the principal, e.g. giving the talk during school assembly or internal workshop for all Teachers and Principal.

As what I think, it’s like a needle in the hay to find rare Principal with compassionate heart to take you in.

Are you still going for regular sessions for your condition? If yes, you can assure the school that you still stick to external help for your condition.

Hopefully, you can find a better school where there is a heart of compassionate around you, rather than suffering under the wrong judgement.


Quick summary of myself : I am a local student both born and raised here. I was officially diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD) and generalized anxiety disorder (GDD) in the past few years. As most people will know, Singapore isn't exactly the best place to live in when you have a mental condition. The taboo associated with it exists, and remains strong. You have more than a handful who don't believe in it, or simply dismiss it as something insignificant and unimportant. Thankfully the older generation are the ones with such mindsets as they grew up in an entirely different environment, while the younger folks tend to be more tolerant and understanding of things.

Back to my story. My academic results were severely affected by the turmoils afflicting my faculties, and consequently I was expelled from school. But all wasn't lost then, as I was able to lodge an appeal. The school was kind enough to offer me a second chance, but what dismayed me was that during the interview, the principal actually said: "I don't want you to use this excuse again in subsequent appeals, if any". Oh well then I'm sorry I have depression, and it was definitely something I totally could choose not to have. ( Obviously I had to apologize to gain sympathy points.)

More at

@AlphaO58 - i hink all the girls become mothers and graduated to motherhood forums liao .... thanks to your good advice

Heehee...ok...Glad all former flowerpodders gather here to continue forums!

Hello here...I m former flowerpodder...but I cannot remember my old username but I used to share a lot of gynae stuffs before...I didn’t know flowerpod closed down! :(

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