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Vince Camuto and ECCO.

None of them looks pretty but do comfy.

Money and financial discussions / Re: How to spot a Ponzi Scheme
« on: October 11, 2018, 03:09:58 pm »
True. Great pic, by the way.

Besides the Ponzi-like scheme, we are more confronted with all kinds of Internet scams these days, like Google security notice scam, PayPal text message scam (example), and Microsoft Tech Support phishing email.

All of these platforms have millions of users and malicious crooks would make their effort to rob our money.

Here's the list of some common online scam scenario that we should learn to spot:

Thanks for sharing. HIIT is more flexible in some way.

I have downloaded the app NTC and Keep that have all kinds of HIIT courses ranged in difficulty. I hated running and followed the HIIT plan and now I have decrease the body fat percentage.
Happy!!!! This kind of app works perfectly for someone like me that has less exercise before.

Don't think it will help with weight loss, because both of them contain too much sugar. :)

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