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A HORRIFIC racist attack at a seafood buffet restaurant in New York City on Tuesday has left a Malaysian man brain dead.

Johor-native Ng Thang Kheong, 60, proprietor of the popular Seaport Buffet restaurant on Emmons Avenue in Brooklyn, was badly wounded in the unprovoked attack and pronounced brain dead by the NYU Langone Medical Centre where he was being treated, Says reported.

One of Ng’s employees – chef Fufai Pun, 34 – died from his injuries, while restaurant manager Tsz Mat Pun, 50, is listed in critical condition.

The New York Post reported that the attack occurred at 5.15pm on Jan 15 when the eatery was full of customers.

According to witnesses, a man – later identified as construction worker Arthur Martunovich, 34 – burst into the restaurant and began bashing several of the staff members on their heads with a hammer.

As patrons scrambled for the exits, Martunovich could be heard screaming “bizarre things”.

One traumatised diner said blood was spattered throughout the restaurant.

According to the New York Post, Martunovich later fled into the food outlet’s parking lot, but police managed to track him down shortly after.

While under incarceration, Martunovich, an Estonian immigrant, reportedly told police officers that he was inspired to carry out the attack by a Chinese movie he had watched in which “men were mistreating women”.

Based on his rambling rant at a local police station, a law enforcement officer said: “(Martunovich) had problems with Asian men.”

Martunovich has been charged with murder, attempted murder, and criminal possession of a weapon, and is expected to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

Meanwhile, the Seaport Buffet restaurant has remained shuttered as investigators search for clues.

As for Ng, the China Press reported that doctors at the NYU Langone Medical Centre are at a loss as to whether to continue his life support system, as he has no family in the United States.

Chit Chat Corner / CNY reopens painful old wounds
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With CNY arriving shortly, many would probably dread the impending questions posed by nosey relatives about one's personal affairs, such as whether he/she has found a girl/boyfriend and if not, on and so forth.

Yet this is seriously nothing next to my own set of circumstances. For me, CNY is a time when my extremely dark and sad past returns to haunt, to reopen painful old wounds.

I came from a dysfunctional family and really hated everyone in it, from my parents to my dad's many brothers and sisters (aka my uncles and aunts).

For a start, my dad was never around, almost always absent from my life. My only existing memories as far as he is concerned were those of me getting beaten up by him when I misbehaved.

My mom loved me, but she detested my brother (and very openly too). She would inform him outright that food on the table was meant for me, not for him. And that she loved me and not him because she breastfed me but not him, so she had no emotional 'connection' with him whatsoever (I mean wtf right????).

My parents are divorced. Those moments when my dad packed his suitcase and literally walked out on the family are forever seared in my mind, especially the bit involving my mom begging me to ask my dad to stay. I had to sleep with her on their matrimonial bed that night, fearful that she would take her own life.

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Chit Chat Corner / super drunk female......
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Netizens are taking to the Internet to urge Dr Tan Cheng Bock to “make Singapore great again”, after the former People’s Action Party (PAP) politician announced on Friday (18th Jan) that he and 11 “like-minded Singaporeans”, including former PAP cadres have made an application to the Registrar of Societies to register a new political party.

Explaining his decision to register Progress Singapore Party, the former PAP politician and would-have-been President said on his Facebook page that it was due to a sense of duty he felt towards Singapore, after hearing fellow ordinary Singaporeans voice their concerns and fears during his interactions with them on the ground.

Over the years, a group of us have been walking the ground, meeting many Singaporeans from all walks of life. In my conversations with them, I listened to their concerns, heard their fears and felt their pain. I felt a sense of duty to come forward and represent them in Parliament. So I decided to form a political party to add another voice in Parliament.

On why form a new political party instead of joining an established opposition banner, leading an opposition coalition, or running as an independent, Dr Tan said it was a difficult decision but it was the “right” route.

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Attending a polytechnic was the best decision ever made in my life.


I aced my subjects with little effort, got to know many girls (really regretted not dating any since some seemed genuinely interested in moi) and had lots of time to pursue other interests, such as joining the choir.


Prior to this, I spent one year in a junior college; I couldn't stand the academic rigour and intense obsession with grades.... not to mention the boring school uniforms, teachers still treating you like kids and folks having to sing Majulah Singapura during daily morning assembly. To be frank I lost a fair bit of will to live back then, but got it all back in polytechnic and more.


I subsequently transferred to Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and took up a course in information technology. It was way more practical and imparted an abundance of relevant work-related skills as compared to thoroughly useless theoretical science/math crap one had to regurgitate for the 'O'/'A' Levels.


You are being treated as an adult in a polytechnic. If you desire to graduate, then secure minimum attendance at lectures and tutorials, complete your assignments and needless to say, pass your examinations. There ain't no more stupid CCA points to accumulate which IMO hinders your overall personal growth. No more teachers hounding you to submit homework - if you don't get your act together, expect to be slapped with a bad or fail grade, plain and simple. No more worrying about having to tuck in your shirt all the time, or keeping your hair short, or wearing 90% white shoes.

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On the banks of the Thames river  stands — the headquarters of the United Kingdom’s foreign intelligence  agency, MI6. Built in 1994, the glass and aluminium clad mammoth quickly  became synonymous with British espionage and spies. So much so, that it featured in several James Bond films. In fact, when a special premiere of Skyfall was held at Vauxhall Cross for MI6 staff, they cheered when their headquarters were destroyed in the film.

Back home in Singapore however, things are a bit different. Somewhere in the maze that is the Ministry Of  Defence’s Bukit Gombak camp, stands an inconspicuous white building. Nothing, apart from the four layers of security protection, tells of its importance.

Welcome to Singapore’s best kept secret: The Security and Intelligence Department (SID). The Little Red  Dot’s very own spy agency. From tapping undersea fibre optic telecommunications cables to spying on the  Malaysian and Australian governments, the SID allegedly has a fascinating and rich history. One that might even warrant a movie treatment of its own.

The Security and Intelligence Division is virtually non-existent to the public. This means no websites, no  points of contact and no addresses. It’s so secretive that most of its personnel are known only to Singapore’s highest ranking government  officials. Even the organisation’s current director is unknown and a secret. This is because SID officers are rarely given public recognition because of security and political concerns. A set of intelligence medals, the covert equivalent of National Day medals, are awarded to SID officers and operatives, but no names are ever made public.

The little that we do know about the organisation comes from a 2001 Straits Times interview with a former SID agent. According to the article, the agency specialises in three things. One, collecting information and knowledge on our neighbouring countries – through human agents or technology. Two, analysing information and providing the government with policy briefings. And three, forming informal diplomatic channels with friendly counties.

While the organisation has not publicly accepted responsibility for any operation, alleged stories  about the agency have seeped through the wall of secrecy. These stories take us around the world, to different continents and eras.

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wonder if they are singaporeans

why don't you do one yourself uncle beaver? :P

SINGAPORE - Opposition politician and lawyer Lim Tean, who owes US$150,000 (S$203,000) to a Shanghai businessman, sent in two cheques to settle the debt on Wednesday (Jan 16), ahead of a bankruptcy hearing on Thursday.

The bankruptcy hearing has now been adjourned for two weeks and if the cheques clear, Mr Lim will avoid bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy could cast doubts on whether Mr Lim is able to contest in the next general election, due by April 2021. Undischarged bankrupts are not eligible to stand for election.

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On Friday I sacked 6 Pinoy nationals and 1 Indian national at the MNC I work for. Main reason for doing so? Fraud.

One of the Pinoys who was sacked was a HR personnel (Pinoy), another was an IT personnel (Indian National).

What happened was that these two clowns had colluded in allowing only their own countrymen (mostly Pinoys) to get into the company.

Long story short, we had put up job adverts seeking fresh hires, however every Singaporean applicant who sent in his/her resume was deleted, while the foreigners (Pinoys) were retained.

The IT fella was basically bribed by the Pinoy HR dude to delete the log files on our SMTP server as well, making it seem as if no Singaporeans applied for the jobs. What the IT personnel didn't know was that I kept another log file separately (disguised as a system file) sent to another server.

When I saw the log files did not match and confronted the IT fella, he still had the gall to concoct some bullshit story; it was only after I threatened to report him to the police did he confess.

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2 years ago, like any noob samster, I stumbled onto this forum and started reading up on spas and MLs.

In the beginning, I tried various spas which offered mainly HJs. Then explored a few that provided CBJs and even FJs. For a start, I did not want to go for FJs thinking that I could draw the line. Then, lust took over and I had my first protected FJ in one of the spas. 1 month after the deed I felt guilty and started panicking over the possibility of contracting HIV. I went for anonymous testing and was given the all-clear. Decided to stop as I got scared.

Months after that my dark side returned and I started going for HJs again. This time I only looked up ladies offering HJ with good FRs. Again, lust got the better of me and I started seeking MLs and FLs once more. Without thinking much, I went on to book a ML for a HJ masaage and subsequently a FL, my second protected FJ experience.

This is where things took a turn for the worse. A few days after the deed, my little bro started feeling pain and became swollen. Red spots appeared on my shaft and I freaked out. I thought to myself, what if I caught anything nasty from the FL? I went to the clinic to consult a doctor. He advised me to wait for the window period to pass before undergoing any testing. Gave me some topical cream for the rash.

At that point I felt like my life is over. I have a nice family with 2 kids and I could possibly lose all of them and because I caught this death sentence of a disease. My world suddenly came crashing down on me. During this widow period, I have already made holiday plans with my family for both Christmas and the New Year. How was I suppose to spend it without telling them??

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