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Resignation by BreadTalk’s group CEO

BreadTalk Group’s group CEO Henry Chu announced his resignation on Aug 15, citing personal and  health reasons. The resignation will be effective from the end of the year.

BreadTalk’s founder and executive chairman George Quek will take over as interim CEO until another candidate is found.

This would be the shortest tenure among BreadTalk’s past group CEOs. Oh Eng  Lock – whom Chu succeeded – served as group CEO from Jan 2011 to Jun  2017. Goh Tong Pak – Oh’s predecessor – served as group CEO from Jan 2008 to Jan 2011, and still remains as President of Special Projects under the Chairman’s office of BreadTalk.

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Verizon has agreed to sell Tumblr to WordPress owner Automattic Inc. for an undisclosed amount, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Verizon, which first acquired Tumblr in 2017 after it purchased Yahoo, started to explore a sale earlier this year. Automattic reportedly bought Tumblr for less than $3 million, according to Axios, a stunning drop in value from the $1.1 billion Yahoo paid for it in 2013.

“Tumblr is a marquee brand that has started movements, allowed for true identities to blossom and become home to many creative communities and fandoms,” Verizon Media CEO Guru Gowrappan said in a statement. “We are proud of what the team has accomplished and are happy to have found the perfect partner in Automattic, whose expertise and track record will unlock new and exciting possibilities for Tumblr and its users.”

Although it makes sense. Tumblr was once a hugely influential force in the blogging and social media sphere, but it become less so under Yahoo and then Verizon’s ownership. Meanwhile, platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube moved to fill the void and become much larger cultural forces as a result. Still, Tumblr does have a very active and dedicated community.

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I graduated recently and was rather fortunate to secure employment at a MNC. As part of the networking protocol initiated by current management, fresh hires were encouraged to mingle with one another - and so I did.

One particular encounter bothered me significantly: I came face to face with an individual of a different nationality who graduated from a dubious sounding university abroad; dude is apparently receiving the same wages as moi. Fyi my company requires a candidate to possess at least a minimum second upper class honours to qualify for consideration, yet the fact this foreigner "hailing" from a globally unranked private tertiary institution simply waltzed through the door STUNG big time.

Lest you start accusing me of being xenophobic, let me state for the record I am not. I just find it absolutely unacceptable that fresh graduates with credible academic qualifications from local private universities are swept aside in favour of individuals who weren't even born and bred here.

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Hong Kong International Airport, one of the world’s busiest terminals, has canceled all departures for the remainder of the day, citing serious disruption due to protests.

The airport authority said Monday it had canceled all flights not yet checked in by the afternoon. Around 5,000 anti-government protesters had been demonstrating at the airport for a fourth day on Monday.

Some activists had reportedly moved to the departure area and caused disruption, according to the Hong Kong police. The police declined to say if it would move to clear the demonstrators.

The authority said in a statement: “Airport operations at Hong Kong International Airport have been seriously disrupted as a result of the public assembly at the airport today.”

“The traffic to the airport is very congested, and the car park spaces at all car parks are already full. Members of the public are advised not to come to the airport,” it added. It later advised all passengers to leave the terminal building as soon as possible.

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While she was on the Grab, however, her body went into “active labour”.

Her water broke and she continued to push, she said.

And before the baby could drop into the space between the front and back seat, her husband “caught (their) baby and received her in his arms”.

With the baby in his arms, he also stuck a bloody hand out of the car window to request that other motorists give way to them.

Throughout all of this, Syazwani was “surprised” by how the Grab driver was still “kind and calm despite the ruckus and drama”.

She also added that the car looked like a “horrific mass murder scene”, given the blood and smells.

They did, however, get his contact number and offered to discuss compensation fees. After sending them to Thomson Medical Centre, the driver kindly told them to “settle (their) baby first”.

Food Glorious Food / Soul Alife vegan cafe review!!!!
« on: August 11, 2019, 03:02:35 pm »

Tucked inside Changi City Point shopping mall on the second floor, vegan eatery Soul Alife's modestly proportioned turf exudes imperturbable reticence as secret garden vibes reverberate throughout humbly conceived dining premises - serenity reigns amidst a sublime frondescence transpiring. From salads to rice bowls, burgers to pastas, everything served is 100% vegetarian and MSG free, folks can thus chomp away without beating themselves up over it. Soul Alife opens daily (11.30am - 9.30pm), including weekends.

............... Moving on, the Smashed Avocado left us deliriously satiated: chunky sourdough bread facialized courtesy of oh so creamy avocado spread (#foodporn ftw yo), then embellished by corn bits, raw salsa and fermented tofu cubes cleverly mimicking feta cheese. Hmm might there be a cure for dairy addiction after all?

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No Signboard closes hawker-themed burger chain as losses pile up

The company expects a $500,000 impairment loss from the closure.

No Signboard Holdings will cease operations of its Hawker QSR restaurants due to continuing losses, an announcement revealed.

The company said that it expects to report an impairment loss of up  to $500,000 related to outlet renovations resulting from the  closure.They are also reportedly looking for “replacement tenants,”  subject to further announcement.

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