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Among those who have filed a police report is Jane (not her real name), a woman in her late 20s whom Mr Seah allegedly dated and took a nude video of.

Jane told TODAY they met through dating app Paktor in 2014.

She said she told Mr Seah that she had never had a boyfriend before, and the latter asked if she was willing to give it a try.

At that point, there was no mention of his forex trading courses, said Jane.

On one occasion, which Jane said was “due to pressure of (his praises) and persuasion”, she let him take a nude video of her.

“I was lost and confused, and went along with it,” she said.

The relationship went cold for a while until 2016, when Mr Seah rekindled contact with her. He told her he had been “falsely accused of molest”, and that his mother had cancer.

He then pitched the forex course to her. She said Mr Seah claimed he was “capable of making a lot of money through forex” and convinced her to join him.

Jane forked out S$3,000 for an entry-level course, before forking out another S$2,000 a few months later for an expert-level course. She claimed that she was “pressured into his demands”, despite not being fully trained to trade.

“I was (also) fearful… that he would threaten me with the naked photos,” said the woman, who has chalked up some S$15,000 in trading losses.

TODAY understands that there are also more pictures and videos of Jane taken by Mr Seah, who declined to comment on this issue when asked.

The police, in response to TODAY’s queries, confirmed that reports have been lodged, and that investigations are ongoing for Jane’s complaints of the naked videos. It is also looking into the complaints against Mr Seah’s forex classes.

I don't understand why "Jane" has to make a police report on the nekkid videos since it was consensual? ???


A polytechnic student who uploaded a video of his friend engaging in sexual activity with a woman was sentenced to 14 months' jail and fined S$8,500 on Wednesday (Dec 12).

Ng Swee Koon, 24, had received the video from his friend Yew Zhi Ying, 25, via chat application WeChat.

Yew had met the victim, aged 20, in mid-2016. They had consensual sex in Yew's home, and Yew made her wear a blindfold before she performed a sex act on him.

He then filmed the act without her knowledge, and sent the clip to Ng.

Ng later uploaded the video to micro-blogging site Tumblr under his username Happyguy1994 in the first quarter of 2017.

Before this, he sent harassing sexual messages in November and December 2016 to Yew's sex partner, whom he had met on one occasion through Yew.

Alamak .... why 20yr old XMM never learn to protect herself ? ???


A Vietnamese tourist did not expect to fall in love on her recent trip to Singapore and is now desperately looking for her mystery man.

Stomper Sunny reached out to Stomp to help her find the man who stole her heart after they met at Zouk nightclub in the early hours of Saturday (Dec 8).

She told Stomp in a WhatsApp video call that she had always wanted to visit Singapore so she decided to take leave and travel here for a holiday with friends from Dec 5 to Dec 9.

She started her trip trying frog porridge, shopping at Bugis, exploring temples and watching a light and water show at Marina Bay Sands.

However, the day that impacted her the most was when she went to Zouk on Friday night and met a man in the early hours of Saturday morning.

"My friends and I wanted to let our hair down so we went to Zouk where I met a Singaporean guy," she said.

"I saw him in the club and went to stand next to him.

"He then approached me and offered me a glass of wine before we danced together.

"The way he looked at me and held my hand made my heart beat so fast."

Sunny said they danced for two hours until about 3.30am when the man told her he needed to leave and gave her a kiss on the lips before saying goodbye.

"I was embarrassed and had little self-esteem so I did not ask him for his phone number or anything and just let him leave," said Sunny.

Sunny left Zouk after it closed at about 4am but found herself unable to stop thinking about the guy.

"I could not forget him as he was always on my mind, making me feel crazy and lonely.

"I could hardly sleep."

Sunny went back to Zouk on Saturday night hoping to see him again but could not find him.

"On Dec 9, I returned to Vietnam with regret," she said.

"Singapore is very beautiful and peaceful but when I went back to Vietnam, my heart was heavy with nostalgia.

"I'm 28 years old but this is the first time in my life I've experienced love at first sight.

"I want to find him again but I do not have any information or pictures."

Sunny shared a photo with Stomp she took from a video she had recorded at the club that night, showing the side profile of the man

She said the guy was wearing spectacles and office attire and described him as fair, tall and slim.

She also shared photos of herself wearing the same dress she wore the night she met him in hopes that he will recognise her.

"I have returned to work but I cannot concentrate on doing anything," she said.

"I do not want to bring disorder into his life but I just want to see him and will return to Singapore immediately if I can find him again.

"Please help me.

"Sincerely, thank you very much."

If you are Sunny's mystery man and want to connect with her, kindly contact Stomp


Always check with the establishment and feel free to take your business elsewhere if you are unfairly treated ...


The same author of "The Malay Delimma" - put in place the bumiputera positive affirmation economic policy 40years ago with pretty much nothing to show .... what a joke ...


It is patently obvious that Mahathir wants an "ah-bang-ah-dik" relationship between Malaysia and Singapore ... whatever he has said in the past 1year is obvious bullsh!t ....

The relationship he wants is a "big-brother-is-right-so-do-what-i-say" relationship

Dr Mahathir similarly highlighted the close relationship between Malaysia and Singapore.

Speaking during the lunch, Dr Mahathir said that Singapore and Malaysia are "like twins" who are able to live together in harmony.

"Malaysia and Singapore are like twins in a way, excepting that perhaps the elder twin is a little bit bigger than the younger twin, and a little bit older," said Dr Mahathir. "But we have been able to live together in reasonably harmonious terms."

And Dr. Thum Pin Tjin says he is no traitor for inviting Mahathir to bring "democracy" to Singapore?

Dr. Thum, what say you now? ???

Your loyalty stands with Malaysia obviously ... any pea-brain can see through you ...


Don't ever trust the malaysian government lar adoi .... only those from my generation who have lost thousands of dollars on CLOB during the Asian Financial Crises will understand ....

The right thing to do is to sue them for every penny for reneging on the HSR contract.  You give them an inch they will makan you back 1 metre ...

Don't be stupid and weak .... WTF!


Woah .... so easy let people makan .... why not just blow their ships out of the water ? ???

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