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Student wants firm action from NUS after man who filmed her in hostel shower goes 'scot-free'
 Student wants firm action from NUS after man who filmed her in hostel shower goes 'scot-free'
PHOTO: Instagram/Monica Baey
An undergraduate from Singapore's National University of Singapore (NUS) has taken to social media to publicise a peeping Tom incident at her hostel, asking for "real change" in how authorities tackle acts that violate women.

Monica Baey, 23, a third-year communications major, said she was taking a late-night shower in her hostel bathroom last November when she saw a mobile phone peeking from below the cubicle door.


Before she could react, the phone disappeared and she heard whoever it was filming her dash out of the bathroom at NUS' Eusoff Hall.

Baey, in a series of posts on Instagram stories that had been viewed 15,000 times as of Friday evening, said she had made a police report. The university also submitted to authorities CCTV recordings that showed a man entering the toilet that night, and the video of Baey showering that was found on the man's phone.

After an investigation, police gave the man a 12-month conditional warning, something usually meted out to first-time offenders. It means that if they commit another crime, they would be charged for that and the earlier offence.

The university suspended the male student for a semester, banned him from entering campus residences and made him send Baey an apology letter.

The man also texted Baey and admitted he was under the "alcoholic influence " when he committed the act and was "thoroughly sorry", according to messages seen by the South China Morning Post.

But Baey said she thought the sanctions were insufficient and only served to keep the student away from others and from "the drama happening back in NUS".

Monica Baey wants punitive actions....


A 54-year-old serial thief with an erotic fetish for women’s wallets had reoffended after serving multiple jail terms over a span of more than 30 years. In January, Low Ji Qing was jailed again for 10 months for committing the same crime.

However, the prosecution appealed to the High Court for the sentence to be raised to two years, pointing out that it was too light as Low was previously jailed for three years for similar offences and had reoffended immediately after his release.

However, Chief Justice (CJ) Sundaresh Menon did not agree as he dismissed the appeal on Thursday (April 18) following a spirited exchange between the highest judicial officer of the land and Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Tan Wen Hsien. CJ Menon pointed out that Low had already paid for his crimes by spending about 20 years behind bars.

The 10-month sentence was a “reflection of a good balance” the criminal justice system had struck to signal to him that he should keep trying to seek help for his fetishism, he added.

Fetish for women's wallets?!!!  :o

What does he do with them? ???


 :o .... molest epidemic happened on 14 Apr at 3 separate locations Kampong Bahru,  Temasek Boulevard and Bayfront Avenue ..... please be careful ladies....

Three men, aged between 23 and 30, were arrested for three separate cases of outrage of modesty on Sunday (Apr 14), the police said in a news release.

In the first case, the police received a report at about 2am that a 30-year-old woman was molested by an unknown man in a pub along Kampong Bahru Road.

another case on the same day at about 2.20am, the police received a report that a 31-year-old woman was molested by an unknown man at a club along Temasek Boulevard.

In the last case, the police received a report at about 2.30am that a 29-year-old woman was molested by an unknown man in a club along Bayfront Avenue.

Officers from the Central Police Division established the identities of three men and arrested them on the same day.

Investigations are ongoing.

If convicted of outrage of modesty, each man can be jailed for up to two years, fined, caned, or given any combination of the three punishments.


TLDR? ... stick with a bunch of low cost well constructed and diversified ETFs.  And most importantly stick with your plan and DCA


If anything,  please understand this like the back of your hand.  Whether you are a stock investor or property investor...


A doctor at a public hospital was found to have kept hundreds of nude photos - including shots of patients - on his phone, after being arrested for allegedly taking pictures of a male nurse in the shower, a police source said on Wednesday.

Investigators found, among the hundreds of images, nude pictures of patients from Caritas Medical Centre in Cheung Sha Wan, where the 25-year-old previously worked, according to the source. At least two patients, both in their 20s, were identified.


A religious teacher was jailed for one year and four months on Thursday (Apr 11) for molesting a woman in the classroom of a mosque where he served.

The 73-year-old man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the 36-year-old victim, was an accredited Islamic teacher under a scheme administered by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).

He conducted classes at various mosques around Singapore. He was also a family friend of the victim, whose family had known him for more than a decade.

The victim looked up to him and called him ustaz, an Arabic term meaning religious teacher.

Sometime around 2015, the elderly man began giving classes to the victim and another woman in a mosque - which was not named in court documents - as the victim wanted to improve her recitation of the Quran.

During a conversation a week before the offence, the ustaz told the victim that someone who had a grudge against her might have used black magic on her, the court heard.

He suggested that this was the reason for her inability to conceive, even though she had been married for nine years, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Muhamad Imaduddien.

The ustaz asked the woman to show him her palms, and she did so. He told her that blood was not flowing properly in her veins as it was "blocked by something", even though the victim and her classmate could not see anything unusual.

The religious teacher told the victim to bring a knife and lime with her to class the next week, saying he treated her like a daughter and wanted to cure her by chasing the "jinx" away.

A week later on Aug 26, 2017, the victim went to the mosque with the items as instructed.

In their usual classroom, the ustaz told the victim that one of her husband's relatives might have "done something" to her, as they had wanted to matchmake her husband with another woman.

To prove his point, the ustaz cut the lime and rubbed it on the victim's palms. He said there was "something" in the victim preventing her from conceiving, and that he would help to get rid of it.


At about 2pm that day, the ustaz told the victim's classmate to switch off the lights at the back of the classroom, and to keep watch outside so that nobody would enter the room.

The ustaz then took the victim to a corner, where she lifted her top and bra as directed by the teacher.

The ustaz molested the woman while muttering some words under his breath. He then asked her to perform the same actions on him, which she did.

"Subsequently, the victim came to her senses, pushed the accused away and pulled her clothing back down over her body," said the prosecutor.

She told the teacher, who remained "very calm", that what they were doing did not feel right and that her classmate should be in the room.

The ustaz cut the lime again and told her the fact that it had no seeds showed that she had been partly cured, before pointing to the veins on her hands and claiming that the blood there was now flowing properly.

He then called the other woman back into the classroom and the three of them continued with their class. After the lesson, the ustaz told the victim not to tell her family about what had happened.

The victim later went to a homeopathic clinic where a practitioner told her that "there was nothing wrong with her" and black magic had not been used on her to stop her from conceiving.

Realising what had happened, the victim filed a police report.

The ustaz, who arrived in court on Thursday in a wheelchair and with a walking stick, had initially claimed trial. Two days before the start of the trial, however, he pleaded guilty to a single charge of using criminal force to outrage the woman's modesty.


His lawyer Gino Hardial Singh had asked for a sentence of 11 months' jail, while the prosecution asked for 16 months' jail.

Mr Singh said his client is turning 74 in June and is in poor health, suffering a variety of illnesses including coronary artery disease, diabetes and a degenerative spinal condition.

"He is extremely remorseful. He is unable to explain what came over him and regrets any harm he may have caused to the victim," said the lawyer. "He has had a stellar past within the Muslim community. His plea of guilt and offer of compensation of S$5,000 is indicative of his deep and sincere remorse."

He added that the ustaz has no previous convictions and has made "valuable contributions to his religious community, leading haj courses and trips".

The prosecutor accepted that the ustaz suffers from a number of illnesses and takes "a buffet of pills", but pointed out that he "was not in a wheelchair at the time the offences were committed".

He said he had also checked with the prisons on whether they could handle an inmate with the ustaz's medical history, and was given written confirmation that they could.

The prosecutor said the victim regarded the ustaz as a grandfather figure, and that there was premeditation.

The prosecution did not ask for an additional sentence in lieu of caning.

The judge said she noted the ustaz's plea of guilt but did not consider his ill health in mitigating. She granted his request to defer sentence to May 15, after Ramadan and after his daughter gives birth.


Looking for a sugar daddy, the 16-year-old girl promoted her sexual services using an online classified advertisement network application.

Her posts attracted the attention of contractor Andy Kow Yong Wen, 42, who asked her to have sex with him, but she refused.

In August 2017, he drove her to the basement carpark of Ikea at Alexandra Road and digitally penetrated her.

Yesterday, Kow became the first person to be convicted for attempting to obtain commercial sex from a minor and was jailed three months.

According to court documents, the victim had downloaded the app onto her mobile phone and created posts offering certain sexual services to gain customers.

On Aug 1, 2017, Kow, who is single, sent messages to the victim's account, saying he was keen on her services, and was willing to be her sugar daddy.

Kow and the victim then communicated via WeChat.

The victim told Kow her age and sent a picture of herself, via the classified advertisement app, after he asked for it.

Kow also asked if she was willing to have sex with him for $500, but she refused.

Kow asked to meet the victim to discuss the sexual services she was providing.

They agreed that Kow would pick her up near her home and take her to Alexandra Road, where she was taking tuition.

But when they reached Ikea Alexandra, Kow drove into the basement carpark instead of dropping her off.

There, Kow kissed her, and also digitally penetrated her.

The victim told Kow she was late for tuition, and Kow asked her if she had money to eat.

She said she did, but he still handed her $50, which she took and left.

On Aug 25, 2017, the victim's mother discovered messages on her mobile phone of her providing sexual services to men.

Her parents lodged a police report that day. Kow claimed trial, during which he made several defences.

These included how he wanted her to meet her to verify that she was "real", that he was just "passing time" by talking to her on the app, and that he had met her to invite her for a meal or movie in exchange for $500.

During sentencing, District Judge John Ng noted the six-month jail term proposed by the prosecution was too high.

But he noted the sentence could not be a slap on the wrist either.

It had to be sufficiently deterrent to discourage people from trying to gain the trust of immature girls for the purpose of commercial sex.

He added: "Regardless of whether these girls had actively attracted the attention of the men, the law is there to prohibit, without exceptions, such attempts and propositions."


The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has launched a fleet of drone-equipped vehicles it plans to use for pre-planned security events, search missions and situations requiring aerial surveillance.

The one-year pilot programme is one of the high-tech law enforcement measures SPF is rolling out to enhance its operational effectiveness and become a “smart force”, it said in a briefing on Wednesday (Apr 10) for this year’s Police Workplan Seminar.

These vehicles, called the Sky Aerial Response Command (Sky ARC), will each carry up to three drones.

Other incidents in which the drones could be used include tracking suspects across a large area, such as a forest. The drones are equipped with thermal imaging and can detect human presence.

The drones, which can fly to an altitude of a few hundred metres, will feed information and transmit images back to an integrated command and control system, said SPF.

Cannot hei-sho hei-sho at Pierce Reservoir and East Coast Park liao ....  :-[

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