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Chit Chat Corner / Just for Laughs
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I'd wish the government will stop pandering to the voice of the myopic singaporeans with xenophobic views  .... these young students and pre-youths are the best catch and our best chance at addressing our declining birth-rates .... encourage rather than to deter them from sinking roots in singapore ....

With the increasing numbers of aged singles,  this will put a strain on resources .... population dividend need to be calibrated with more immigrants rather than less ....

The alternative would be higher taxes .... who wants to pay higher taxes ???!!!  ::) ::) ::)

MOE please stop sharpening the distinction between citizens and PRs and foreign students ....

Another stupid policy formulated reactively without deeper thought ....


@kyith - thanks for an interesting piece on Bernard Tong's thesis

though I wished that some analysis was done on prices of HDB flats being the back-stop of condo prices and whether condo prices pull up HDB prices or the other way round;  HDB prices have been falling btw ....  so this might also be a drag and anchor expectations for exuberance .... HDB upgraders "hostage" syndrome

your parting shot ....

My parting comment is that for the property market to be sustainable, we require a conducive environment where business can be developed and average income can gradually go up over time. Cost of living needs to be controlled as well so that above average income earners can channel excess cash flow to private properties.

.... next to housing .... car purchases are the next biggest ticket for aspiring singaporeans .... remove that "need" and you will have more income and cash flow for private properties .... with the mindset of millennials and the sharing economy,  I would imagine that this is not too far from reality .... imagine "free-ing" up that $1000 - $2000 /month from take-home pay that would otherwise go into paying the monthly installment on a car .....

is it a wonder why property developers are so bullish? .... hmmmmm


wow .... got such a drastic change that even their mothers cannot recognize them!

booking air-fare to Korea now !


too cheap to pay GST on a Tiffany engagement ring?

I think ATB wife quite demanding de right?  probably stretch his finances too thin

I think the bigger question would be whether he also faked his research papers at A*Star too?

or if his educational credentials are real?


The drugs carry names like India Flirting Powder and Super Magic Man, and according to one of the sellers, they promise power and enjoyment during sex.

India Flirting Powder?!!! ermmmmm ..... consume liao will attract Indian foreign workers? ...... WLE .... those bian tai shu shu really damn bian tai lei .....



The couple had a troubled marriage, an inquiry into the couple’s deaths heard on Thursday (Sep 28).

In September last year, Cheung was convicted of several charges, including for assaulting Mdm Ly after he trespassed into her home at 5am.

Mdm Ly’s ordeal that day lasted two hours, during which her husband restrained her in the apartment.

She later applied for a Personal Protection Order against him in October 2016 and filed for divorce in February this year after nine years of marriage.

The couple met in Singapore in 2005, while Mdm Ly, who is Vietnamese, was here studying.

They married in 2007, and their sons were born in 2008 and 2015. However, Cheung suspected that the second child was not his.

Throughout their tumultuous marriage, he believed Mdm Ly had been unfaithful and secretly worked as a masseuse, State Coroner Marvin Bay heard.


Ermmmm .... hello ... he stole a post a poster in North Korea  ... he didn't think there would be repurcussions?  ::) ::) ::) ....


Next to abstinence, i think safe is better than sorry ....

Raw is War!

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