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I don't see anything in it for the upper middleclass .... who incidentally is bearing the bulk of taxes necessary for these ambitious housing and healthcare plans lar dey ...  ::)


Some studies show that female doctors tend to listen more, and that their patients – both male and female – tend to fare better.

Whether your doctor is male or female could be a matter of life or death, a new study suggests. The study, of more than 580,000 heart patients admitted over two decades to emergency rooms in Florida, found that mortality rates for both women and men were lower when the treating physician was female. And women who were treated by male doctors were the least likely to survive.

Earlier research supports the findings. In 2016, a Harvard study of more than 1.5 million hospitalised Medicare patients found that when patients were treated by female physicians, they were less likely to die or be readmitted to the hospital over a 30-day period than those cared for by male doctors. The difference in mortality was slight – about half a percentage point – but when applied to the entire Medicare population, it translates to 32,000 fewer deaths.


Other studies have also found meaningful differences in how women and men practice medicine.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health analysed a number of studies that focussed on how doctors communicate. They found that female primary care doctors simply spent more time listening to patients than did their male colleagues. But listening comes with a cost. Doctors who were women spent, on average, two extra minutes, or about 10 per cent more time per visit, creating scheduling delays and putting them an hour or more behind their male colleagues by the end of the day.


BMW 7-series no. plate  SKN 1209 E

Jialat .... next time go clubbing how to get valet to avoid TP ....


To add insult to injury he wants to "legalise," it

Helloooooo .... this is public space .... as an MP he doesn't know the HDB by-laws governing such spaces? ???


In an operation that spanned 23 days, 162 people - 157 women and five men aged between 19 and 48 - were arrested for their suspected involvement in vice-related activities.

The police said in a statement on Saturday (Aug 11) that the operation ended on Tuesday. Officers from the Criminal Investigation Department and six Police Land Divisions carried out coordinated raids on online vice syndicates at multiple locations across Singapore.

These included condominiums, hotels and residential units in Geylang, Jalan Sultan, Cavenagh Road as well as Balestier Road.

Laptops and mobile phones were seized during the operation and investigations are currently ongoing.
The police added in their statement that the use of Housing Board flats for vice purposes is strictly prohibited and flat owners may face financial penalties or compulsory acquisition of their flat if they were found to be involved in the flat's misuse.

On flat owners who rent out their units, the police said: "Flat owners play an important role in preventing vice in heartlands, and are reminded to conduct regular checks on their tenants to prevent vice activities from proliferating in residential estates."

"Tenants who are found to be involved in the misuse of the flat will not be allowed to rent an HDB flat for five years."

Flat owners who knowingly rent their places for vice-related activities can be jailed for up to three years' or face a fine of up to $3,000, or face both punishments. Repeat offenders can be sentenced to jail for up to five years, fined up to $5,000 or both.

I don't see how they are going to ban transients for their past transgressions?!!! ::)


Did he give her tickets a miss because she refused to date him?

That’s what this girl from ITE Central is claiming.

Yu Ting, a serial promoter of tickets for party events, says that a man had agreed to buy tickets to an event from her and meet with her to pay for the tickets.

But because she wouldn’t go further than ticket sales, he backed out of the deal.

“He got my number from Insta (Instagram), coz I’m promoting tickets, and he took it and straightway call me at the middle of the night. Then he say he want tickets, now he like that. F*cking pervert also, keep want to meet me ask me stay his house accompany him have dinner all that.”

She said that the man told her that he was feeling lazy and skipped their arranged meetup.

“He say he lazy go down my house area. I so kind I go down he dua me last min say cannot make it today”

Yu Ting had agreed to meet the man at 4pm at Hougang, but he never showed up.

Several calls and messages to him also went unanswered.

That was pretty much a blow to Yu Ting, considering that she reportedly stays in Pasir Ris, and had to travel to Hougang to meet the buyer.

Looks like in this incident, it isn’t so much buyers beware, but sellers beware.

And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

..... woah ..... sibeh despo leh this guy if this were true  ::)


An elderly village witch doctor in Indonesia entrapped a 12-year-old girl and tricked her into having sex with him for the next 15 years by claiming to be possessed by the "jin", or spirit, of a young boy, police said on Tuesday.

The woman, an identified by police as "H", was rescued on Sunday in Tolitoli regency, in Central Sulawesi province.

Acting on a tip-off, police said they had found the woman, who was now aged 28, in a rocky crevice in a jungle near Bajugan village, where she had been held during the day since her disappearance in 2003.

At night, police said she stayed in a hut near the house of the 83-year old man, identified by police as JG.

Central Sulawesi Police Chief Muhammad Iqbal Alqudusy said the man had shown the girl a picture of a boy named Amrin "who she thought was her boyfriend".

"She was led to believe that Amrin's spirit had entered (the elderly man's) body," Iqbal said on Tuesday at a news conference that was posted online. "It is obvious that he was satisfying his lust."

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country but old beliefs about spirits and other paranormal activity are still held by some.

Iqbal later told Reuters the woman said she had been having intercourse with "Jin Amrin" since 2003 "but she was really having sex with JG".

The man, he said, admitted to sexual relations since 2008.

Police said they found the woman after her sister alerted neighbours she was nearby.

According to the Jakarta Post, the sister was married to the son of the shaman, known for his traditional healing methods and abilities to channel spirits.

The man explained the victim's disappearance to her parents by saying she had gone to Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, to work, the newspaper reported.

The man has been charged with offences under Indonesia's child protection laws, which carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison.

so for 15 years the sister knew she was nearby? ???

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