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The Bui Bui Forever Alone (BBFA) Profile

The bui bui forever alone is an urban Singapore concept popularized by Hardwarezone for a segment of Singaporeans who are not thin, socially awkward and tends to be single.

Rumors have it that a large proportion of hardwarezone forum EDMW belongs to this group.

As their requirements is low, they tend to have low expenses, since they stay with their parents.

While some earned better wages and some earn lower wages, we can deduce a group of them would take home $50,000/yr and spend less than $20,000/yr.

While this is not within’s Zacks, grid, if a BBFA falls into that profile, a BBFA can reach retirement potential in 12.5 years.]

There still hope for EDMWers BBFAs !

News, Current Affairs Discussions / Immigration Key to US beating China
« on: August 19, 2017, 09:43:10 am »

in remarks familiar to Singaporeans,  Dallas Fed's Chief Kaplan urges Americans not to screw up USA's distinctive competencies by keeping America open and welcoming to immigrants.

News, Current Affairs Discussions / Singapore - Life Between Frames
« on: August 17, 2017, 06:36:19 pm »


Notwithstanding Huang Jing's exposure as agent provocateur,  ties seems to be on the mend  post Terrex saga? ???

All petalbyters want to know is where Minister Wang Yi goes for PS or botox !


... the power of stomp to save the world from robbers, molesters, rapists, ugly drivers, lousy teachers, abusive parents, unfilial sons/daughters, litter-bugs, aggressive drivers, unlicensed heartland hookers ....

active citizenry at its best!

Orwellian utopia is here! Put a camera in every pocket and an upload button to the Internet!

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