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Ermmmm ....  YOLO gen bothers with Budget 2018? ???

That faith must be sorely misplaced or its another cockamamy idea to waste tax-payers money ... ::)  .... again ....


Mob lynching EDMWers stirs saga till it reaches Wanbao

Trust Wanbao to stoop to this level of salacious and gutter news  ::)  ::)  ::)

Well, all is not lost ... at least i learnt some new ah-tiong vocab ... 投诉王 aka "complaint king" ....


A patron near Tan then called the police, saying that he saw that Tan had a “sword” on the table, and that she was behaving aggressively. When the police arrived, they discovered that the “sword” was a toy with an LED light – an item Tan had been planning to sell.

Why was she trying to sell her magic wand?  ???


I mean seriously?!!! ..... there are many flights back to Canada but he has to choose one that transits in Heathrow ?!!!! .... :o .... unbeknownst to him that UK has an extradition treaty with Singapore?  .... not very smart robber right?


the point is that existing material don't have references to Faisal, Muthusamy and Joanne Rosario mah ....... how to build an inclusive society yo .....


Couple who ran vice website: Wife pleads for leniency, says she was molested as a teen.

WLE !!!! Can come up with a less pathetic excuse or not?!!!  ::) .... lawyer allow her to make this mitigation plea? .... judge not stupid de horrrr ... pfttttt


nvestigations revealed that Ms Fan had drunk at least two bottles of spirits with the group and downed another pint of beer by herself.

Ms Fan who was drunk at this point, was unsteady in her steps and had to lean on Mr Cai.

She told him that she wanted to swim in the hotel's pool,

When she reached the pool, she jumped in and even wandered to the deep end, measuring between 2.5m and 3.35m in depth.

Ms Fan attempted to swim but later drowned.

Ermmmmmm ..... why go swimming with strangers? ???

These old pools are hazardous .... glad they make pools with 1.3 - 1.5m depth these days ....


Wow .... sugarbabes outnumber sugardaddies .... good time to be filthy rich n have a smorgasboard of choices  :-*


silly loansharks .... use this type of runner how to recover money? ???

the indebted will run far far and fast fast away lorrrrr


wow ..... huatness is coming .... no wonder the Din Tai Fung queue is very long still ......


Good to have a more central funeral-parlour complex that is convenient and accessible for singaporeans. Mandai is just too far for guests at your funeral

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