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A lot of many otaku dunno what is dating "non-exclusively" de .... go out 1 date means boyfren-galfren liao and will go apesh!t if he catches you dating another man ....   :o


Speaking during the lunch, Dr Mahathir said that Singapore and Malaysia are "like twins" who are able to live together in harmony.

"Malaysia and Singapore are like twins in a way, excepting that perhaps the elder twin is a little bit bigger than the younger twin, and a little bit older," said Dr Mahathir. "But we have been able to live together in reasonably harmonious terms."

The two countries work together and help each other out, added Dr Mahathir.

"It is not often that you see countries which come together and then separated and still be able to work together and help each other," he said.

"With regard to the help extended by Singapore, I wish to record here our appreciation for the help extended by Singapore during the present currency crisis we had recently," he added. "If there is any way we can return the hospitality, we will try do so."

There will always be competition between two countries, said Dr Mahathir, but the most important thing is to continue the good relations. "As between two countries there will be some differences, there will also be competition, as between two countries, but the competition is always healthy.

"It helps us to really make every effort to win in any competition, and this really helps us to grow even faster."

Tun M , we are a nation of equals. Not Abang-Adik relation yah? .... we're not subservient to Malaysia okay ....



As bizarre as it sounds, young Indonesians have found another affordable way to get tipsy — boiling sanitary pads and drinking the water.

Police in Jakarta; Bekasi, West Java; and Kudus, Central Java, have arrested several teenagers caught while experimenting with unusual methods of getting intoxicated. Most used menstrual pads to make the formula.

WTF  :o :o :o  :o :o did i just read?!!!  :o :o


I mean seriously?!!!  ::)

He knew she was a porn actress before he married her what!!!!

Really lame excuse for a man.

Went into a marriage contract with eyes wide open .... cockbrain fella ....  >:(


LGBTQ lifestyles are all about promiscuity and drugs .... 

Say "No" to the promulgation of such values.  Help safeguard Singapore for your children and future generations.

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This guy name Toh Tian En Caesar owe me $4400 . He start using my money since july 2017 , when he know that im pregnant to his child but he just spend my money on.scooter and dont even let me use a single cents . Even i when for my check up he dont even give me money to pay for my check up he just say he no money when all my money was with him till i give birth he still dont let me use a single cent .

After i give birth he dont even take any responsible to the child still betray me when i just finish my confinement , he got together with another girl when i found out he still wanna lie to me that he and the girl is nothing , nothing can kiss can hug and still stay over at the girl house . I told him that i wanna leave he asked me to stay and say that he love me not her haha he still came back and take money from me and he even take the money that actually is for the child , he break up with the girl and came back to me and tell me how much he love me all that .

When i started to work he asked me to give him money to buy dualtron so i work for 8hr 5-6 days a week to get hime a dualtron after he get the dualtron he went back to the girl and still continue taking money from me . He even still owing someone else money i also helped him pay abit to the person, till his birthday i bought a wallet that cost $160 for him as a birthday present but he even ask me to get a dualtron ultra battery for him also .

He dose not feel xiasuay for doing all this , i just wanna get back all my money from him . I dose not have any prove to show that he took my money cause he break my phone le i will try to get all the prove back . He like to tell others that things that im saying is lie , he dont even work how he got money . His fb name Caesar Ng .

I did nothing why am I always get involved in all your f**king poot you want do lanjiao thing don’t f**king pull me in. All I wanted was my money that all , those ss can prove that is he the one wanna come back to me
Why you pulling me into your f**king life again?
Since you like to tell others Aden is not your son then not your son La no one even asked you to say that it your son. You all want to know about his biological father right Okay I tell you his biological father is a chao ah gua that only use zharbor money, play with zharbor feeling, like to f**k around with girls.
He stay Bedok north ave 2 blk 409 s(460409) #04-04

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