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Huh!   :o  21 year old girl so easy to cheat de meh?  :o
Not xmm oredi wor ...  :-[

Police full-time national serviceman Lee Yan Han, 22, was a patrolman at Tuas Checkpoint.

But to trick a friend into posing for him in her bra, he told her he was investigating fake mirrors in changing rooms that had hidden cameras.

Claiming he had nabbed three of six such culprits, he persuaded her to let him take screenshots of her during a video call last year. For cheating the victim, 21, Lee was yesterday jailed for three months.

Intending to appeal, he is out on $15,000 bail and must surrender to the courts on Oct 21.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Zhou Yang told District Judge Samuel Chuathe victim felt betrayed and fearful after she learnt that Lee had deceived her.

Investigations revealed Lee was not deployed to perform investigative duties. Found on his phone were four screenshots of the victim, who cannot be named to protect her identity. Her face is seen in two of them.

The court heard a friend added Lee, attached to Jurong Police Division, to a chat group that included the victim.

On July 2 last year, Lee sent her a private message and they started chatting. He said he was serving his national service with the police and warned her about fake mirrors.

Claiming he was investigating such cases, he asked her about the bra she wore and asked to call her. During the call, Lee said he intended to use screenshots of her in her bra as bait, posting them on an online forum and luring alleged culprits.

Initially unwilling, the victim felt pity as Lee said he was left to work alone on the cases. He also said other female friends were helping him in the same way.

Making sure she was alone at home, Lee made two WhatsApp video calls to her. She had changed into a bright pink bra and a slightly translucent shirt for the second call.

She then exposed parts of her bra according to Lee's instructions. At one point, he asked her to remove her bra but she refused.Feeling uncomfortable afterwards, she confided in a friend who told her to make a police report.

In his submissions, DPP Zhou said the victim had to live with the effect of Lee's acts for the rest of her life.

Objecting to the defence counsel's call for a probation report, he said the credibility and public standing of the police force was diminished by such offences.

"If (Lee) was not a police officer, the victim would not have submitted to his demands," the DPP added.


..... spot those with insidious agenda such as the ideas spouted by some in the LGBTQ community and their western libertarian ilk ....


 :o :o :o :o :o

How many lives are put at risk because of pink dot movement.... what is the government doing to protect our lives!??  >:( >:( >:( >:(  ...


Exactly why we need the Fake News law in Singapore.

This guy was asking for it by deliberately targeting those riot police.  Never believe one-sided story  >:(


Good to see the "live and let live" approach prevailing  instead of the toxic mud-slinging from that retard  preetipls  ....


Sales of Singapore apartments worth at least $10 million have hit an 11-year high, fuelled by demand from Chinese millionaires seeking safe-haven assets, say property consultants OrangeTee & Tie.

In the first eight months of this year, 68 condominium units here were sold for $10 million and more, the highest tally since the corresponding period of 2008.

Sales of such apartments also exceeded the numbers racked up for each full year from 2011 to 2018, the consultants' analysis of transaction data shows.

Some buyers may have sought an alternative to rival financial hub Hong Kong, hit by protests, while others may have shifted funds from China after the yuan was devalued in a trade war with the United States, an OrangeTee expert said.

"This may explain why we have observed more foreign buyers, especially mainland Chinese, coming into Singapore lately," said head of research and consultancy Christine Sun.

Mainland Chinese are the biggest group of foreign buyers of Singapore luxury homes.

In Singapore's prime districts, Chinese citizens bought 76 apartments worth more than $5 million each in the period from January to August, versus 75 purchases by Singaporeans.

Expensive apartments in premium neighbourhoods are mainly bought by foreigners, because at such high prices Singaporeans have the option to buy landed property.

Singapore does not allow foreigners to buy landed homes, except on the resort island of Sentosa.

"We do see that even though the stamp duties have increased... we are still seeing people putting big money on these apartments. Predominantly it is more for stability than anything else," said Mr Boon Hoe Leong, chief operating officer of high-end realtor List Sotheby's International Realty.

He was referring to measures Singapore adopted last year to cool its real estate market, such as hiking additional stamp duties for foreign buyers to 20 per cent from 15 per cent.

"They are parking their money here - they know that the Sing dollar won't depreciate overnight," he added. - REUTERS

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