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*haiz* last time unker drive 220kph along TPE ..... unfortunately gotch no influencer back then .... *sadded*


Those in custody included the hostel manger and her tour guide, who told police he found her on the floor hours after they had consensual sex, another investigator said.

She said the woman was being treated in hospital for a drug overdose and minor injuries, with efforts being made to record her statement.

 >:( >:( >:( >:(  >:(


Directors have filed notice of intention to appoint administrators for the business, which is owned by the private equity firm Equistone.

"Until such time as the administrator has been appointed and agreed plans with management, it is business as usual," its statement said.

Cau, described by Equistone as an "aspirational casual dining chain", was launched in 2010 and has 22 restaurants.

Gaucho, which specialises in Argentinean steaks and fine wine, has 12 restaurants in London, with others in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dubai and Hong Kong.


.... i mean .... seriously idiotic ....

Even if you have money to blow ... rather impress and charm a gal out of her pants ....

This is totally abhorrent ...  :o >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

These beasts should be hung by theirs balls and quartered ...


come on larrrrrrr ....... I think the real reason is because SMPS is moving from a high-SES neighbourhood to a low-SES neighbourhood ......

Food Glorious Food / What is this Isaac Toast huh?
« on: July 17, 2018, 06:58:45 pm »

I saw people queueing just nao at PS ..... when i went to buy my Amy Yip Big Bao ....


really shocking to see these kind of lapses .....

we need to have lean government and ministries .....

processes and controls needs to be put in place


these are serious breaches and non-conform for a ministry !

please get your act together ....

tax-payers money should be better looked after >:(

The overpayments were mainly due to overstatements of grass-cutting areas, and were not detected by the ministry’s facilities management agent (FMA) and contract manager Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), AGO said.

“The repeated failures to detect the errors made by the contractor cast doubts on whether the FMA and DSTA had carried out their duties diligently," the report said.

so these people sitting the FMA and DSTA is really cho-boh-lan one izziiiiit ? ???


these are serious breaches and lapses .....

grassroots organization should be leading by example .....

I hope they investigate those persons involved without fear nor favour ....


AGO's checks also revealed that a PA officer's reimbursement claims for overseas purchases and payments for costumes and accessories worth S$142,200 for Chingay Parade 2017, were supported by some supporting documents with "tell-tale signs" that cast doubt on their authenticity. 

The officer paid for the purchases in cash or through a remittance agent and claimed for reimbursement using cash sales receipts. 

There was no assurance that the reimbursement claimed by the officer was the actual amount he paid for the items, AGO said.

It added that while he was accompanied by at least one other staff during the sourcing and purchasing trips, he had made two additional personal overseas trips at his own expense to make purchases, settle final payments for earlier purchases and obtain cash sales receipts. This exposed PA to the risk of duplicated and inflated claims, according to AGO. 

PA had also posted Invitations to Quote for the items in the Government's electronic procurement system, GeBIZ. It subsequently posted "no award" announcements in GeBIZ even though it had awarded the contracts to overseas vendors not registered under the system separately through manual quotations. 

woah .... KNN .... I read liao sibeh hot ......

they really need to investigate this PA officer and expose him ..... maybe go overseas got "entertainment" by vendor in KTV and massage palour

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